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Has the name Lucas Credit Services cropped up in your correspondence, and now you need clarification on how to handle it? Feeling anxious? You’re not alone. Lucas Credit Services is a notable name in the debt collection industry, and their approaches may sometimes be daunting. 

But worry not! This insightful article will give you the information you need to interact with them confidently. It’s time to turn the tables, unveil their operations, and make informed decisions. Buckle up as we dive deep into the world of Lucas Credit Services Ltd!

Jane Rohan
Last updated on 04 September 2023
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Table of Contents

1. Why You May Not Need to Pay Lucas Credit Services Debt Collectors!
2. Who Are Lucas Credit Services Ltd Debt Collectors?
3. Why Are Lucas Credit Services Ltd Debt Collectors Contacting You?
4. Find Out If the Debt Is Yours
5. Can Pay but Won’t Pay?
6. How Can Debt Collectors Affect Your Life?
7. Lucas Credit Services Ltd Debt Collectors and What the Law States
8. How Do Lucas Credit Services Ltd Debt Collectors Operate?
9. Would They Lie to You?
10. Staying Strong Against Debt Collectors
11. Do You Need Help with Your Debt?
12. How to Write Off Your Debt
13. To Conclude
14. Lucas Credit Services Contact Details
15. Other Debt Collectors
16. Key Points
17. FAQ


Why You May Not Need to Pay Lucas Credit Services Debt Collectors!

Lucas Credit Services, also called Lucas Credit, is a company that might contact you regarding an alleged unpaid debt. However, it’s critical to note that you’re not legally required to settle in some situations. 

Before reaching into your pocket, you should verify the debt claim’s authenticity and legality. Do not succumb to the initial pressure and make a rash decision, which could result in an unnecessary financial loss.

Who Are Lucas Credit Services Ltd Debt Collectors?

Lucas  Credit Services is a debt collection agency based in the United Kingdom. The company has its headquarters in Bradford, West Yorkshire, and has been operational since 2010. According to their website, the organisation is firmly established at the vanguard of a rapidly changing debt collection industry.

Their modus operandi involves purchasing debts from various organisations at discounted rates. This often happens when the original creditor deems the debt collection process too arduous or not cost-effective. 

After taking the ownership of these bad debts, Lucas Credit Services aims to recover the full amount, seeking to profit from the difference. As a reminder, in the present, Lucas is reintroduced from a new identity called ‘Overdales Legal Limited

Who Are Lucas Credit Services Ltd Debt Collectors?

Why Are Lucas Credit Services Ltd Debt Collectors Contacting You?

 In essence, Lucas Credit Services would only contact you if they believe you owe a debt. Acting for various companies from different sectors, Lucas Credit strives to collect overdue amounts. 

Therefore, if you receive any communication from them, it’s likely due to an unpaid debt. However, you must tread carefully. Ensure the deficit they’re pursuing is yours before you make any commitments or payments.

Find Out If the Debt Is Yours

At this point, you might ask yourself whether the debt in question is yours because it’s not uncommon for debt collectors to pursue individuals based on erroneous information. 

Therefore, most debtors experience confusion when they get a debt notification. They may ask many questions and need answers to every one of them.

So, you should request a written copy of the alleged debt agreement as proof for verification. This step is vital to avoid paying a debt you’re not liable for. Also,  If you believe you have a debt but are unsure if it’s the debt reference by Lucas Credit Services,  here are some additional tips;

  • Review your financial records
  • Contact the creditor and ask for detailed information 
  • Check Your Credit Reports
  • Dispute Incorrect Information with the credit reporting agencies
  • Maintain thorough records of your communications with creditors and debt collectors
  • Seek Legal Assistance 

However, the main reason for this uncertainty coming from that side is that you might not even be conscious of the initial debt’s amount because of the interest and other fees that have been added to it.

On this occasion, when you request verification from the cas Credit Services Ltd Debt Collectors, you don’t have to repay them if they tell you that they cannot provide this for you. You may be qualified to get a refund in specific circumstances.

Can Pay but Won’t Pay?

If you do owe the money, then the road of least resistance is to repay the debt if you can.

If you can’t afford to repay it, or if doing so would prevent you from servicing more important credit such as your rent or mortgage, try to make some arrangements with Lucas Credit Services Ltd Debt Collectors and offer them a temporary repayment plan. 

Otherwise, if you try to ignore all the repayments even after they verify your debt, it will worsen your situation. 

However, you should only pay some of the amounts in a rush; first, you have to understand your current financial situation because there is a distinct difference between having the financial ability to pay and having the legal obligation to do so.

1. Financial Ability to Pay – the capability of an individual or organisation to make a payment or settle a debt
2. Legal Obligation to Pay – a legal necessity or obligation that forces an individual or organisation to pay payments

You can always seek professional legal support by understanding debtors’ rights to achieve your goals correctly.

How Can Debt Collectors Affect Your Life?

The actions of debt collectors, including Lucas Credit Services, can significantly influence various aspects of your life, both financially and emotionally. Let’s check what tricks they follow to affect your life in this negative way. 

Their methods may include 

1. Relentless phone calls, letters, Emails
2. Inappropriate visits to your home in extreme cases where they are unable to contact you through other normal communication methods.
3. Misrepresentation of their authority, the amount owed, or the potential consequences of not paying the debt.
4. Contacting Third Parties like the debtor’s family, spouse, or attorney
5. Continuous contact at the place of employment
6. Use of Abusive Language
7. Threatening Legal action, They Cannot Take

Therefore, such tactics can induce high levels of stress and anxiety. Additionally, their involvement could give you some unpleasant experiences, such as

  • Tarnish your credit score, potentially hampering your ability to secure loans or mortgages in the future.
  • Emotional stress and risks related to Mental Health
  • Privacy Invasion leads to embarrassment and distressed situations
  • Disruption of Daily Life
  • Financial Instability
  • Long-Term Psychological Effects including  self-esteem, confidence, and overall well-being

Furthermore, the percentage of committing suicide due to debts is increasing daily. As we all know, with the global pandemic of the corona, the researchers stated that “the risk of people becoming suicidal increased with the level of debt. 58% of those with debts over £30k said they considered or attempted suicide during the pandemic.” 

Lucas Credit Services Ltd Debt Collectors and What the Law States

The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) regulates debt collection agencies, including Lucas Credit Services, in the UK. These firms must adhere to set rules and guidelines during their operations. Lucas Credit Services Ltd is also authorised and regulated by this organisation under reference number 691793

 Also, The Office for Fair Trading (OFT, 2012)  is another entity which provides proper guidelines to all kinds of debt-collecting agencies. 

In general, these are some basic guidelines these officers will provide to debt collectors, including. 

1. Treating consumers Fairly is one of the most important rules
2. They should not engage in aggressive or unfair practices
3. Also, they are  prohibited from using aggressive or harassing behaviour when contacting debtors
4. Debt collectors should be aware that they must consider vulnerable customers especially.
5. Also, debt-collecting agencies should ensure transparency and provide borrowers with clear information that should always be clear and clear.

Any violation of these guidelines is unacceptable and could lead to legal consequences for the firm.

In these situations, you can complain about Lucas Credit Services Ltd Debt Collectors to the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS) if you feel intimidated by them or if they are generally not following these rules. Online complaint forms are easy to complain about.

Lucas Credit Services Ltd Debt Collectors and What the Law States

How Do Lucas Credit Services Ltd Debt Collectors Operate?

As we delve deeper into the operational world of Lucas Credit Services Ltd Debt Collectors, it’s essential to grasp their strategies and tactics. Let’s shed some light on how they conduct their business and, more importantly, how they affect you.

The Bonus Game

Have they ever wondered why you’re inundated with calls from Lucas Credit Services Ltd Debt Collectors? The answer lies in their incentive structure. The debt collectors working with Lucas Credit Services are often highly incentivised. 

They are expected to meet specific collection targets each hour, and their bonuses hinge on their success. Furthermore, this monetary incentive fuels their determination to get you to pay, which can sometimes lead to aggressive tactics. On this occasion, their overall bonus will depend on the total amount they cover in a specific period. 

The Role of Automated Technology

Ignoring phone calls from debt collectors like Lucas Credit Services Ltd might seem easy, but with the rise of automated technology, evasion is only sometimes possible. Also, ignoring these communications will lead your life into a more terrible situation in future. Sounds scary, right? But that will be the truth in the end.

This process mainly applies to pursuing overdue payments from individuals or businesses who owe money to relevant creditors. Agencies often use automated call technology to ensure constant contact until you pick up. Additionally, sometimes the calls are silent upon answering, designed to intimidate you into action.

What can be the advantages of using this kind of procedure for their companies? Well, they hope it will offer 

1. Efficiency
2. Scalability
3. Improved customer interactions
4. Focus on Complex Cases by allocating specific time slots
5. 24/7 Availability, and the list go further.

Overall, you should always be prepared for these calls and making payments on the due date will make your daily lifestyle more comfortable and easier.

Bad Cop, Good Cop Tactic

Lucas Credit Services Ltd Debt Collectors often resort to a familiar psychological tactic, the ‘bad cop, good cop’ strategy. 

Have you heard of such a tactic in this journey? Well, if not, do not worry. Let’s check the real meaning of it.

Following this, one moment, your debt collector might be polite and amicable, but this can quickly flip to abusive and harassing behaviour if you fail to make a payment. This is an effective method, even though it is unfair to say it like that. 

Moreover, this will trigger your emotional status and lead you to a scary situation where you pay your debt no matter how hard the time is.

In addition, they might bombard you with threatening letters designed to wear you down. Standing your ground can often be the best course of action despite the pressure. Also, many legal experts will help you act more wisely in such a scenario.

Is It Acceptable for a Third Party to Discuss Your Debt?

The simple answer is no. However, some debt collectors might breach this rule to embarrass you into paying. They could discuss your debt situation with a family member or colleague at your workplace. The main goal behind this action is to make you feel embarrassed intentionally and make you pay quickly.

This action breaches the guidelines set by the Office of Fair Trading (OFT) and infringes upon privacy laws. Also, you can always report those actions to the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS) on 0800 023 4567 or 0300 123 9123.

Reporting Unethical Practices

Suppose you find Lucas Credit Services Ltd overstepping its boundaries; as I mentioned before, reporting such behaviour to the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS) is crucial. Armed with the power to investigate these complaints, the FOS can penalise and even sanction Lucas Credit Services Ltd if they breach regulations. Further, online complaint forms will make this much easier.

Remember that it’s crucial to keep calm and be respectful when discussing these issues. If you are prepared and follow the correct procedures, the chances of resolving the issue and bringing the debt collector to justice for unethical tactics will rise.

Reporting Unethical Practices

The Bigger Picture

Lucas Credit Services Ltd employs various strategies to recover the debt, from the incentive structure to automated technology and psychological tactics. However, they must operate within the confines of legal and ethical guidelines.

As someone dealing with them, your strength lies in understanding these tactics and your rights. By standing firm, you can ensure your financial situation is manageable.

Are you ready to dive deeper? Please find the next section to learn more about Lucas Credit Services Ltd and how to handle their tactics.

Would They Lie to You?

Yes, there is a possibility for Lusca Credit Service debt collection agents to lie to you. While it’s expected that debt collectors maintain honesty and integrity throughout their interactions, it’s important to note that, as usual, some agencies might resort to questionable tactics to accomplish their goals. 

Because the long-term stability of their company will always depend on your potential to make payments on time, in fact, with time, they try to fulfil their goal from your side no matter what. Then, it leads to some unacceptable behaviours. Well, what can some of the lies or deceptive tactics they will use which are not legally allowed ;

Always stay alert and verify the information provided to you by debt collectors.

  • False Identity
  • Threats of Legal Action
  • Misrepresentation of Debt Amount
  • False Statements about Consequences
  • Impersonation of a Court or Government Authority
  • Incorrect Time Limits and so on.
  • Act like bailiffs to visit your home to remove your goods.

Following this, always stay alert and verify the information provided to you by debt collectors. It will lead you to a secure financial future. What’s more, I will give you some more tips to protect yourself from these actions ; 

  • Keep Records
  • Request Written Communication
  • Know Your Rights
  • Seek Legal Advice
  • Discuss with debt collectors properly

Staying Strong Against Debt Collectors

Standing your ground against debt collectors like Lucas Credit Services requires knowledge of your rights as a debtor. As I’ve mentioned, a debtor’s lifestyle can be significantly impacted by a debt collector’s actions. You’ll be better able to defend yourself against unfair or unethical practices if you know what debt collectors can and cannot do.

In this situation, No matter how difficult your situation may seem, you should know that assistance is out there even if your problem may seem difficult. Completing debt is necessary, but you should do it step by step using a method that causes you the lowest stress level possible.

Staying Strong Against Debt Collectors

Do You Need Help with Your Debt?

If your debt is too much, reaching out for professional help is advisable. Several debt advice agencies or not-for-profit agencies can guide you in handling your situation. 

Furthermore, these entities can negotiate with debt-collecting agencies on your behalf to get a repayment schedule that fits your monthly budget. I’ll give a few examples to demonstrate how to walk away from your current issue. It would be best to reach into free-of-charge options before getting commercial support.

1. Citizens Advice Bureau (CAB) – it is a network of independent charities that provides free, confidential, and impartial advice to individuals on a wide range of issues, including
  • Legal rights
  • Money management
  • Housing
  • Employment
  • Consumer rights etc.
2. Christians Against Poverty (CAP) – a UK-based charity organisation that focuses on helping people in financial distress, particularly those struggling with debt and poverty. 
3. StepChange –  a UK-based organisation providing free debt advice and debt management solutions to individuals struggling financially.

How to Write Off Your Debt

This is a really important topic to discuss among debtors. Because most people need a clear idea about the term “write off your debt. ” Let’s take a quick look into this.

In brief, It is a legal agreement, and you must pay the debt collectors the maximum amount you can, either in a single payment or over the duration of a payback schedule with regular instalments.

Under certain conditions, it might be possible to write off your debt. The Limitation Act 1980 stipulates that debt collectors have a maximum of 6 years to pursue a debt. After this period, the debt becomes ‘statute barred’, and they can no longer take legal action to retrieve it.

In addition to statute-barred excuses, you also have some other debt solution options. Some of them are as follows. We have created dedicated articles for each solution, as there many unique conditions you need to know and fulfil before even thinking to apply for one of them. We strongly suggest you take legal assistance if you thinking of applying for a debt solution.

To Conclude

Dealing with debt collectors like Lucas Credit Services can take time and effort. However, with the right knowledge and understanding of your rights, you can confidently navigate through the process and ensure your interests are protected.

Lucas Credit Services Contact Details

Lucas Credit Services can be reached via their website or through their phone number (03331 110 800). However, remember that you must only communicate once you’ve confirmed the debt claim’s legitimacy.

Company Name:  Lucas Credit Services Ltd

Ordales (their new name)

Post: PO Box 1399, Bradford, BD5 5GA
Phone:  03331 110 800

Monday – Thursday: 8:30 am – 7:30 pm

Friday: 8:30 am – 6:00 pm

Saturday: 9:00 am – 2:00 pm

Sunday and Bank Holiday: Closed

Text: 07860 020977
Website:  https://www.overdales.com/
Email:  help@overdales.com
Numbers they call from: 01274957060



Other Debt Collectors

Aside from Lucas Credit, numerous other debt collectors operate within the United Kingdom. Also, you will be more familiar with most of those names when you journey to a financially stable future. But, no matter who you engage with as a debt collector, you should be knowledgeable and make your decisions more wisely.

1. Look for further defaults on your credit file.
2. A reminder or an overdue notification may be posted or checked in your email.
3. Also, analyse your court history for any CCJs.
4. See whether there are any additional debt collectors listed on your bank statements. 

It’s vital to diligently monitor your financial statements and communications to identify potential claims from such agencies.

key points

  • The Role of Lucas Credit Services Ltd Debt Collectors: Lucas Credit Services Ltd are debt collectors. Their primary role is to contact you and collect debts that you owe.
  • Legalities of Debt Repayment: You might not need to repay Lucas Credit Services Ltd Debt Collectors if the debt is not legally acknowledged. Moreover, many people in the UK have honestly written off some of their debt.
  • Verifying Debt Ownership: You can ask Lucas Credit Services for a copy of your original credit agreement to verify that the debt is yours. In fact, you are only required to pay if they can deliver it.
  • Managing Repayment: If repayment is beyond your means, you can arrange a temporary repayment plan with Lucas Credit Services. As a result, this approach could alleviate your financial burden to a certain extent.
  • Tactics Employed by Debt Collectors: Lucas Credit Services Ltd Debt Collectors may resort to questionable tactics such as frequent phone calls and bullying threats. If they breach OFT guidelines, you have the right to report them.
  • Getting Help: If you are struggling with debt, you can seek help from not-for-profit agencies such as the Citizens Advice Bureau or Christians Against Poverty. These agencies provide free advice and support to people in debt.
  • Consequences of Non-Repayment: Non-repayment of debt could affect various aspects of your life, including your credit score, employment prospects, and mental health. Hence, it’s important to address the issue as soon as possible.


Yes, I understand your requirements. Here’s the FAQ section for your article, adhering to all the rules and instructions you provided:

Who owns Lucas Credit?

   Lucas Credit is part of Lucas Credit Services Ltd. trades as Lucas Legal Services, Lucas Services, LCSL, and LCL. As of 17th December 2019, Metis Bidco Limited has significant control over Lucas Credit Services Ltd.

Are Lucas Credit financially regulated?

   Yes, Lucas Credit Services Ltd. is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority under the name Roger William Lucas in Bradford, West Yorkshire. Following this, the registration number is 691793.

Do HMRC use Lucas Credit?

   As of 2020, Lucas Credit is not one of the 11 debt collection agencies that HMRC uses to collect debts, according to the list on the HMRC website.

Does Lucas Credit buy debt?

   Yes, Lucas Credit does buy debts from other organisations. They purchase these debts at low costs once the original organisations deem it cost-ineffective to continue the collection process. Lucas Credit then tries to recover the full obligation to make a profit.

Can Lucas Credit take you to court?

   Yes, Lucas Credit can take you to court to claim the money owed. Also, if you had been taken to court, you would have received a County Court Judgement letter.

Are Lucas Credit bailiffs?

   No, Lucas Credit is not a bailiff. However, they could request a County Court Judgement(CCJ), which might lead to the courts sending bailiffs. You would have received several warning letters if this were about to happen.

Can Lucas Credit come to your house?

   Lucas Credit has been known to send people to debtors’ homes. However, they have no legal powers, so you can ignore them or ask them to leave. If you have received a County Court Judgement, the courts could instruct bailiffs to visit your house and seize your belongings to sell in an auction and recover total debt and all bailiffs’ charges.

Can Lucas Credit force entry?

  No, Lucas Credit cannot force entry as they have no legal powers over you. However, the courts could instruct bailiffs to come to your house if you have received a County Court Judgement.

Will Lucas Credit give up?

   Lucas Credit will only give up chasing you for the debt once they’ve exhausted all their legal options. This usually implies being pursued for up to 6 years. 

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