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MIL collection can be annoying sometimes. Not all of us are destined to hand over our hard-earned cash to MIL Collections Debt Collectors. However, neglecting their calls and letters might lead you down a treacherous path. 

The question now is, what can you make as your next move? I’ll guide you through the labyrinth of choices, but brace yourself because it’s not as simple as you think.

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Last updated on 02 August 2023
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Table of Contents

1. Who Do MIL Collections Debt Collectors Work For?
2. Beating MIL Debt Collectors
3. Why Are MIL Collections Debt Collectors Chasing Me?
4. Is MIL Collections Ltd a Legitimate Debt Collection Agency?
5. Get MIL Collections to Prove the Debt
6. Statute Barred: You Might Not Have to Pay!
7. Should I Pay MIL Collections Ltd or Ignore Them?
8. Can MIL Collections Debt Collectors Take My Home?
9. Why MIL Collections Ltd Sometimes Make Mistakes
10. I Can’t Afford to Pay MIL Collections Today. What Should I Do?
11. Debt Solutions that I can have
12. MIL Collections Debt Collectors Contact information
13. MIL Collections Debt Collectors Are Harassing Me
14. Further Support for Dealing with MIL Collections Debt Collectors
15. Checking for Other Debt Collectors
16. Key Points
17. FAQ


Who Do MIL Collections Debt Collectors Work For?

The operation of MIL Collections lies in their contractual ties with businesses struggling to retrieve debts owed to them. These businesses engage MIL Collections Ltd to recover the money you owe them. Typically, the businesses range from 

  • Banks
  • Utility companies
  • Landlords.

Beating MIL Debt Collectors

You may wonder how you can outsmart MIL Collections. Indeed, there are a few avenues you can explore. These include 

Whichever solution you choose, ensure it suits your financial situation. You may avoid MIL debt collectors by paying off part of your unmanageable debt. There are various debt solutions available in the UK. 

The proper one might eliminate part of your excessive debt, but the wrong one could be costly and time-consuming. It all comes down to what is best for your specific situation. 

Why Are MIL Collections Debt Collectors Chasing Me?

It typically stems from a debt you might not remember or have overlooked. The chase by MIL Collections often leaves many in shock. As MIL Collections Ltd specialises in collecting these types of debts, they will persistently contact you until the debt is settled. 

If you’re in this situation, verifying the debt is important. It is a debt collection service that works with businesses to collect overdue bills. Businesses may minimise in-house production and focus on operating their business. The debt is collected by outsourcing debt collection to a debt collection firm. 

When a debt is returned, most debt collection firms charge a fee or take a commission. If you get a letter from MIL Collections asking for payment, you most certainly owe money to a company for whom MIL Collections works. However, an error in the procedure is possible.

Is MIL Collections Ltd a Legitimate Debt Collection Agency?

Yes, MIL Collections is a reputable debt collection firm with over two decades of expertise that is governed by the FCA and the CSA. They are, indeed, a legitimate debt collection agency registered in the UK. 

They’re registered at the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) under the reference number 705809. Their activities are regulated under the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). Don’t confuse their persistence with illegal practice. Verifying the legality of MIL Collections is an important step that many individuals ignore. 

MIL Collections is also registered as a Private Limited Company at Palace Building, Quay Street, Truro, Cornwall, TR1 2HE, from 8 May 2003 under the company number 04757416.

Get MIL Collections to Prove the Debt

Doubting the debt that MIL Collections claims you owe? That’s a natural response, especially if you believe there’s an error or if you’re unaware of any outstanding debts. Don’t worry; you can take steps to address this. 

MIL Collections sends the borrower an initial Letter Before Action (LBA) seeking payment or the issuance of a CCJ. These letters are intended to intimidate the borrower into paying the loan, particularly if the borrower lacks legal rights. They can only issue a CCJ if the debt is proven. 

It is critical to obtain documentation of the debt, such as a signed utility or lease contract, to prevent paying a bill they were not legally compelled to pay. If the company is unable to verify the debt, the borrower may not be required to pay. 

However, MIL Collections and their client may not have considerable proof of the debt because of a lack of major evidence.

Step 1: Know Your Rights

Remember that you have rights when it comes to the process of debt collection. One of these rights is to request proof of the debt from MIL Collections Ltd. This is a fundamental aspect of debt collection. The agency is legally obligated to comply with its regulations.

Step 2: Draft a Formal Request

Begin the process by drafting a formal letter of request for debt verification. Your letter should clearly state that you are seeking proof of the debt in question and not admitting to any liability. Ensure to keep a copy for your records.

Step 3: Send Your Request

Send your request to MIL Collections. Make sure you use a method that allows for proof of delivery. This evidence can be vital if there are further disputes about your request.

Step 4: Await MIL Collections Ltd’s Response

Once MIL Collections Ltd receives your request, they are required to provide you with detailed information about your debt. This information should include the original creditor’s name, the amount owed to them, and the date the debt was incurred.

Step 5: Review the Proof

When you receive the proof, review it thoroughly. Is it accurate? Do you recognise the debt? Remember, errors can occur, so take your time to verify the information.

Step 6: Dispute Incorrect Debt

If you find that the debt isn’t yours or if the information is incorrect, you can dispute it. Write to MIL Collections Ltd detailing why you believe the debt is erroneous. They are legally bound to investigate your claims.

Step 7: Seek Legal Advice

Dealing with debt collectors may be a difficult task. If you ever feel overwhelmed or unclear, remember that you may always seek legal counsel. MIL Collections is one of several resources that may give help and advice on how to deal with debt collectors.

Statute Barred: You Might Not Have to Pay!

Interestingly, there’s a possibility that you don’t need to pay the debt. If MIL Collections chases a debt more than six years old and you haven’t acknowledged it within this period, it may be ‘statute barred’. 

This indicates that the debt is technically enforceable but cannot be enforced. HMRC debts, for example, remain collectable for decades after they become statute-barred. Debts with a County Court Judgement (CCJ) during the 5- or 6-year term, on the other hand, will be enforceable throughout the duration of the CCJ. 

You can explain the circumstance using a letter if your debt is statute-barred. If you are confused about the status of your debt, you can seek guidance from a debt charity such as 

  • National Debtline.
  • Citizens Advice. 
  • PayPlan.
  • StepChange Debt Charity.
  • MoneyPlus Advice.
  • Money Wellness.
  • Debt Advice Foundation.

Their consultants can review the debt and advise you on your next step.

Should I Pay MIL Collections Ltd or Ignore Them?

This is subjective and largely depends on your financial situation. It is essential to verify the debt and seek professional advice before deciding. You can seek professional advice from many of the charities mentioned earlier as well. 

However, ignoring MIL Collections Ltd is not advised, as it could lead to more serious consequences. They may send you debt letters, which you should not disregard. Numerous reaction alternatives are available to assist you in ceasing communication with them and avoiding debt payment.

 It is critical to react to MIL Collections initially since you may be able to disregard them in the future. In such instances, you may file a claim against MIL Collections and take action against them.

Can MIL Collections Debt Collectors Take My Home?

The possibility of losing your home to MIL Collections is rare and only arises in extreme cases. Most of the time, the company will resort to court orders to secure the repayment rather than claiming your property. 

MIL Collections Ltd is a company that collects debts but lacks the legal authority to enforce them. They have the ability to seize money or properties, but they do not have superior legal talents to their customers. 

Businesses employ them because they can devote time and money to collecting down debts while not taking things, automobiles, or residences. Repossessions can only be carried out by a law enforcement team when a CCJ has been granted. This may only occur if you disregard MIL Collections’ debt notices.

Why MIL Collections Ltd Sometimes Make Mistakes

They may occasionally chase incorrect debts either due to administrative errors or misinformation. That’s why it’s crucial to verify the debt when first contacted by MIL Collections Ltd. MIL Collections frequently sends debt letters to persons who are aware that they owe money. 

However, MIL Collections occasionally makes errors, leading those who have no debt to get them. They send many letters to places with similar names or addresses where the debtor used to reside in order to locate the debtor. 

If you get a MIL Collections debt letter and believe there was an error, you must take action. You can contact the company at the phone listed or send a proof of debt letter.

I Can’t Afford to Pay MIL Collections Today. What Should I Do?

Suddenly you may find yourself unable to pay MIL Collections today. It’s a nerve-racking experience, for sure. But before you surrender to panic, here are some steps you can take. They may send you into panic mode if you cannot afford to pay the debt they are asking for. 

However, there are solutions, even if you are unemployed or a low-earner. If you cannot afford to pay the debt, you can agree on a payment plan with MIL Collections. Before negotiating a payment plan, calculate your monthly budget. 

Request written communication only if you feel pressured when speaking to debt collectors or creditors on the phone. Writing via letter should give you enough breathing space to consider any payment plans and compare them to what you are likely to be able to afford.

If you cannot afford to pay for any of the payment plans suggested by them, consider a debt solution. Several different debt solutions are available in the UK, and it is recommended to speak to a debt charity as soon as possible. 

The experts may examine your finances in depth and assist you in determining which debt solution is appropriate for you. It is critical to understand how various debt solutions may affect your credit score and other aspects of your life.

Speaking to a debt charity will help ensure you are well-informed before starting your debt solution process.

Step 1: Keep Calm

Stress can cloud judgement. So, the first step in dealing with any crisis, including a debt problem with MIL Collections, is to keep calm. Breathe. Know that there are ways out, and many have walked this path before.

Step 2: Analyse Your Situation

Look at your finances. Is it a temporary issue, or does it look like a long-term problem? Have you lost a job or faced an unexpected expense? Sometimes, by understanding the root cause, you can find ways to address the issue at hand.

Step 3: Reach Out to MIL Collections Ltd

Don’t hide. Reach out to MIL Collections Ltd. You might dread that call, but remember; they are there to recover the money, not make your life miserable. Expressing your situation to them might bring unexpected relief.

Step 4: Discuss Payment Options

MIL Collections might offer you a lifeline. It might come in the form of a repayment plan. This plan would take into account your current financial situation and offer a way for you to pay back your debt over a more extended period.

Step 5: Don’t Accept Immediately

You’re struggling to pay, and here you have a plan in your hands. But wait! It’s important to understand the procedure thoroughly. Can you afford these new terms? Does it make your life easier or harder? Never agree to a plan that would push you deeper into financial trouble.

Step 6: Seek Professional Advice

At any point, if things get overwhelming, or if you’re unsure about your course of action, remember, help is always available. There are several professional debt advice services, like Citizens Advice Bureau or StepChange, that can guide you through this.

Step 7: Communicate Regularly

Stay in touch with MIL Collections Ltd. If your situation changes or if you’re struggling to stick to your repayment plan, inform them. Communication helps maintain a healthy relationship and shows your intent to repay.

Debt Solutions that I can have

Debt solutions can be beneficial for you if you are struggling to manage unsecured debts or MIL Collections payment plans. You can find any possible solution that suits you and work on it to cover your debt.

Debt Management Plans (DMP) 

These informal debt solutions allow for single monthly payments without being legally binding. You can make your payment without falling into any trouble.

Individual Voluntary Arrangements (IVAs)

An IVA is a formal arrangement between a borrower and creditors that requires a monthly payment to be divided among debtors. The agreement normally lasts 5-6 years, and any outstanding obligation is discharged at the end. 

However, IVAs are not for everyone since applicants must owe thousands of pounds to several creditors and establish discretionary income.

Trust Deeds

Because IVAs are not accessible in Scotland, a Trust Deed is the preferable solution. This entails paying a certain amount each month, divided among creditors, and any remaining debt is wiped off at the period’s conclusion.

Debt Relief Order (DRO)

A Debt Relief Order is a realistic alternative for those suffering financial difficulties who have limited assets and income. It entails a 12-month period of no payments, interest freezing, and no communication from creditors. Unsecured debts may be wiped off if finances improve.


 Individuals who have debts but do not have any practical way of repaying them may need to file for bankruptcy. It is a severe financial problem that should not be treated lightly. It is because it may be the only way to start again. 


Sequestration is the Scottish equivalent of bankruptcy, providing a simple and quick solution for persons with little income and significant possessions. MAP is a less expensive and more easy method.

These debt solutions can help individuals overcome financial challenges and achieve financial stability.

MIL Collections Debt Collectors Contact information

Website: www.milcollections.co.uk
Phone number: 01872 266120, 01872 266920

Monday to Friday: 8:30 AM – 5.30 PM

Saturday: 9.00 AM – 1.00 PM

Sunday: closed

Fax: 0845 3620091
Pay online: www.milcollections.co.uk/pay
Mail: MIL Collections Ltd., Palace Building, Quay Street, Truro, TR1 2HE

MIL Collections Debt Collectors Are Harassing Me

You may not experience harassment from MIL. The FCA has strict guidelines about how debt collection agencies like they should conduct themselves. Harassment is a breach of these regulations. It’s crucial to report such behaviour immediately. Some behaviour that goes against the guidelines include:

  • Frequently visiting your home
  • Calling repeatedly
  • Calling you at unreasonable hours
  • Not giving you time to consider your options
  • Contacting you at your workplace

Further Support for Dealing with MIL Collections Debt Collectors

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by MIL Collections, remember you’re not alone. There are many organisations, like Citizens Advice Bureau and StepChange, offering free advice on handling them and other debt collectors.

Checking for Other Debt Collectors

In addition to MIL Collections, there may be other debt collectors reaching out to you. It’s vital to handle each separately and correctly. Remember to verify the debts, understand your rights, and seek professional advice if necessary. 

Key Points

  • MIL Collections Debt Collectors may contact individuals for unpaid debts owed to various companies, including household utilities, councils, mobile phone providers, and government departments.
  • You can get guidance on dealing with MIL Collections, understanding their legitimacy, and responding to their debt letters.
  • Learn about their options for handling MIL debt collectors, including negotiating payment plans and considering different debt solutions.
  • The importance of verifying debts, requesting proof of the debt, and handling situations where mistakes or errors may occur.
  • Information about the concept of statute-barred debt, where debts become unenforceable after a certain period of time.
  • The ways to handle harassment from MIL Collections, including making complaints and seeking further support from debt charities.
  • The importance of regularly checking credit reports and bank statements to stay on top of debts and avoid missing any outstanding payments.


I don’t recognise the debt MIL Collections claims I owe. What should I do?

You can request proof of the debt from MIL Collections Ltd. They are legally required to provide detailed information about the debt, including the original creditor’s name, the amount owed to them, and the date the debt was incurred.

Can MIL Collections Ltd take legal action against me?

Yes, if the debt is legitimate and remains unpaid, MIL Collections Ltd can take legal action. However, they must first provide proof of the debt and give you an opportunity to repay.

How can I stop MIL Collections from contacting me?

You will need to make arrangements to pay it if the debt is valid. You can dispute it if you believe the debt is incorrect. If the contact amounts to harassment, you can report them to the appropriate regulatory body.

What should I do if I can’t afford to pay the MIL Collections debt?

If you are unable to pay, contact them to discuss your situation. They may be able to arrange a payment plan. You can also seek advice from a debt advisor.

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