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Moriarty Law (ML) debt collection notices, are they forcing you? You might not have to pay them anything at all. However, converting a deaf ear to their please may trigger a chain reaction. You’d rather avoid that if you are vigilant. 

So, what are your options? Hold on tight as we reveal your alternatives, and believe me, Moriarty Law will blow your mind than in a way you think.

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Last updated on 26 June 2023
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Table of Contents

1. Understanding the Nature of Moriarty Law Firm
2. Turning a Blind Eye to Debt Notices from Moriarty Law
3. Understanding the Powers of Moriarty Law
4. Could you Forfeit My Home due to Debts from Moriarty Law Limited?
5. What happens if you ignore Moriarty Law Debt Letters?
6. Comprehensive Guide to Handling Moriarty Law Debt
7. Maintaining Control Over Your Financial Obligations
8. Moriarty Law Debt Collection Contact Details
9. Key Points
10. FAQ
11. References


Understanding the Nature of Moriarty Law Firm

“Moriarty Law” isn’t just an average law firm. Acting as a debt collection agency, they pursue debts across sectors. This includes sectors such as, 

1. Council tax,
2. Utilities,
3. Mobile phone bills,
4. And catalogues.

The firm purchases debts at a fraction of the original value, aiming to profit from acquiring total repayments from its debtors. If you find yourself dealing with “Moriarty Law debt”, ignoring them isn’t advisable, as it could escalate to serious consequences. 

Let’s dive into the details!

Turning a Blind Eye to Debt Notices from Moriarty Law

Avoiding ML might seem tempting, but beware: such inaction can lead to more significant issues. 

Once you get your debt notice, do not panic. Read your notice carefully and be vigilant about the deadlines. When dealing with legitimate debts, it has every right to pursue repayment. Despite the stress, it’s essential to tackle your debt head-on. 

Act now to prevent future complications!

Understanding the Powers of Moriarty Law

Despite its name, it is a debt collection agency rather than a traditional law firm. They can’t send bailiffs or garnish your wages without first taking you to court. 

Although receiving a threatening email from them might cause worry, remember they must follow due process. What does this mean for you? Read on to find out!

Can I Lose My House Because of Moriarty Law Limited Debt?

Losing your home due to Moriarty Law debt? It is highly Unlikely. It primarily deals with unsecured debts, which aren’t tied to valuable assets like your home, vehicle or any other properties you own. 

In exceptional cases where you’ve severely fallen behind on repayments, they might secure the debt against your home through a Charging Order. 

But fear not; there’s a way out. Let’s explore how!

What happens if you ignore Moriarty Law Debt Letters?

If you owe the amount to Moriarty Law, you must take action, as tempting as it may be, to toss the letter away. Dealing with debtors may be unpleasant, but ignoring letters is much more irritating. 

If the debt is valid, you owe it, and Moriarty Law has the authority to pursue you for it. You can, however, request that they cease phoning you and instead contact you via another channel, such as email or letter.

Comprehensive Guide to Handling Moriarty Law Debt

Are you currently dealing with Moriarty Law debt? You might feel lost, but remember. Every problem has a solution. Let’s uncover the steps you can take to navigate this situation.

ML Debt buys debts from various organisations and works to collect the unpaid sums on their client’s behalf. If you have ever received a debt collection notice from them, you may be wondering how to proceed and what your alternatives are.

If you get a letter from them or any debt collection agency, you must confirm the debt and its veracity before making any payments. Debt collection companies may seek debts that are invalid or include mistakes. As a result, it is critical to check the material and confirm that you do, in fact, owe the sum they are alleging.

Validating Your Debt

Did you know debt collectors, including Moriarty Law, are legally required to validate your debt? 

Yes, that’s right! So, ask for a written validation letter detailing the source and amount of your debt. The debt might not be yours sometimes. So it is a must that you go into a written validation. Without verification, you might not get a decent idea of your debt. 

You might be thinking, “What if I don’t owe this debt?” Great question. Here’s what you need to do!

Disputing Incorrect Debt

Sometimes, the debt claimed by Moriarty Law may not be yours. It could be a case of mistaken identity or a clerical error. If so, don’t worry. You can dispute it. Send a formal letter stating your claim, and they’re required to investigate. 

What if they continue to pursue this incorrect debt? You can wait and watch what they going to do if you have enough proof to show that you surely don’t owe them a penny.

You won’t believe what happens next.

Dealing with Unaffordable Debt

Perhaps you recognise the debt, but the repayments are too high. If so, you can negotiate with Moriarty Law to arrange a feasible repayment plan according to your income. 

Many are surprised by their willingness to negotiate. But you should initiate the negotiation unless they won’t go into it without a reason. 

So, how do you start this negotiation process? Keep reading to find out.

Starting Negotiations with Moriarty Law

Start by reviewing your income and expenses. Determine the amount of money you can realistically afford to repay each month. Once you have this figured out how much you can pay, propose it to Moriarty Law. They may accept, negotiate, or decline. 

The next steps are crucial. Want to know what they are? Let’s delve deeper!

Making Consistent Payments

Upon reaching an agreement with Moriarty Law, it’s important to stick to it. Regular, consistent payments not only decrease your debt but also rebuild your credit rating. If not, your credit rating and debt will affect your financial status without thought. 

But what if it doesn’t agree with your proposal? There’s another approach you can follow by seeking professional help.

Seeking Professional Help

Finally, if Moriarty Law declines your proposal or the debt becomes too much to handle, you may want to consider seeking professional help. 

Debt advisors can help you 

  • Negotiate,  
  • Manage your debt,  
  • And provide the best course of action.  

Now you’re equipped with a comprehensive guide to handling their debt. Remember, the key is not to panic and take things step by step. 

You might be wondering, “What’s the next step?” Are you ready to tackle your debt head-on?

Maintaining Control Over Your Financial Obligations

Debt collection can often feel like a maze, but maintaining control over your financial obligations is your compass. With Moriarty Law involved, it’s essential to stay informed and take proactive steps to manage your debt. 

Feeling overwhelmed? Hang on, let’s break it down step-by-step.

Understand Your Financial Situation

You need a crystal clear image of your financial situation to maintain control. 

  • What are the modes that generate your income?  
  • On what do you have to spend monthly?  
  • And, importantly, what is the amount of your debt that is pending?  

Understand these, and you’re ready for the next step. Wondering what it is? Let’s dive in.

Create a Budget

A structured budget can be your guiding light in the dark. 

Allocate your income towards 

1. Essential expenses,
2. Savings,
3. And debt repayments.

Then stick to your budget so that you might not need to worry later when you need to pay your debt instalment. 

Does it sound like a lot of work? It is, but it’s worth it. And remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day.

Prioritise Your Debts

Not all debts are created equal. Some carry higher interest rates. You should prioritise high-interest debts over low-interest ones. So you can repay them in a short time period, that won’t create a more significant repayment on you. 

Some have more severe consequences for non-payment. With Moriarty Law involved, it’s crucial to prioritise your debts wisely. 

How to do this? Hold on tight. We’re getting there right away.

Negotiate with Moriarty Law

Remember. You have the power to negotiate the terms of your debt repayment with Moriarty Law. 

Discuss a feasible plan, keeping in mind your income and expenses. While paying your debts, you have a life to live. So income and expenses are essential to consider. 

Are they bound to agree? Not always. But it’s worth the effort.

Maintain Consistent Payments

Agreeing to a repayment plan is one thing, while sticking to it is another. Consistent payments not only reduce your debt but also gradually rebuild your credit score. 

This might seem daunting now, but with time, it will become second nature. The habit of consistent payment won’t let you down anyway.

Seek Professional Advice

Professional advice is the most crucial aspect of one’s career and life. If the debt becomes too cumbersome, seeking professional help is a good idea. 

Professional advice can save you a lot without unnecessary payments. Debt advisors can negotiate with Moriarty Law on your behalf and suggest a course of action tailored to your circumstances. 

How do you find a reliable advisor? We’re about to reveal that later in another article dedicated to trustworthy advisors.

Choosing a Debt Advisor

Consider their experience, qualifications, and reviews from other clients. They should be able to handle Moriarty Law and help you regain control over your finances. Seems like a tall order? Perhaps. But remember, every step you take brings you closer to financial freedom.

Controlling your financial obligations while dealing with ML may seem like a daunting task. But remember, even the longest journey begins with a single step. So, are you ready to take that step today?

Moriarty Law Debt Collection Contact Details

Phone: 0203 126 4544

Monday to Thursday (9.00 am – 5.30 pm),
Friday (9.00 am – 5.00 pm),
Saturday (9.00 am – 1.00 pm).

Mail: Moriarty Law Debt Collection 20 Old Bailey, London EC4M 7AN
Website: moriartylaw.co.uk
Email: customerportal@moriartylaw.co.uk

Key Points

  • Moriarty Law is a debt collection agency that buys debts from various organisations and aims to profit from repayments. 
  • If you receive a letter from ML debt, it’s important to verify the debt and its accuracy before making any payments. 
  • Moriarty Law cannot send bailiffs or garnish wages without taking you to court first. 
  • They primarily deal with unsecured debts, which are not tied to valuable assets like your home. 
  • If you have severely fallen behind on repayments, ML debt might secure the debt against your home through a Charging Order. 
  • There are steps you can take to handle ML debt, including validating your debt, disputing the incorrect debt, negotiating repayment plans, making consistent payments, and seeking professional help if needed. 
  • Maintaining control over your financial obligations is essential when dealing with debt collection, and creating a budget and prioritising debts can help. 
  • Moriarty Law can be contacted through phone, email, or post. 


Who does Moriarty’s law collect for?

Moriarty Law collects for various companies, including 

1. Banks,
2. Mobile network operators,
3. And utility firms.

They also handle debt collection for government agencies.

How Do I Complain About Moriarty Law?

If you have a complaint against Moriarty Law, you can contact the Financial Ombudsman Service. But make sure to raise your complaint with them first and then proceed.

What if I Can’t Stick to my Repayment Plan with Moriarty Law?

Communication is key. If you are having any issues regarding keeping up with your repayment plan, reach out to ML Debt. They may be able to provide an alternative to your plan to better fit your circumstances.

Will My Debt with Moriarty Law Affect My Credit Rating?

Yes, it can. Unpaid debts or late payments reported by ML can negatively affect your credit rating. But don’t lose heart. It can be improved over time.

How Can I Improve My Credit Rating?

Consistent payments, reducing the total amount of debt, and using credit responsibly can all contribute to improving your credit rating. You got this!

How Do I Negotiate a Repayment Plan?

Initiate a conversation with ML debt, discuss your financial situation, and propose a realistic plan. Remember, it’s all about finding common ground.

What is a Full and Final Settlement Offer?

It’s a one-off payment offer to Moriarty Law, which is less than the total debt you owe. If accepted, the remainder of your debt will be written off. Exciting, isn’t it?

How Should I Contact Moriarty Law?

You can contact Moriarty Law through phone, email, or post. Always keep a record of your communication. It can come in handy.


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