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It is not a wise decision to ignore NCO Europe Debt Collection agency reach outs from the start. Yes, there can be an instant where you might not have to pay a penny to them. However, brushing them off could lead to an unexpected twist. 

Now you might be asking yourself what could really happen if you ignore NCO Europe’s request. Don’t panic yet. We are here to help you with these questions popping into your mind. So, Let me guide you through the maze of possibilities involving NCO Europe.

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Last updated on 03 August 2023
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Table of Contents

1. Who is NCO Europe Debt Collection Agency?
2. How Does NCO Europe Do their Debt Collection operations?
3. Who Are the Clients of NCO Europe Debt Collectors?
4. Do You Owe Money to NCO Europe?
5. Verifying Your Debt: How to Check Whether You Really Owe NCO Europe?
6. Is My Debt Statute-Barred?
7. Facing Challenges in Paying: What if you Can’t Afford to Pay NCO Debt Collectors
8. What Legal Regulations Does NCO Europe Debt Collection Need to Follow?
9. How Do I Complain About NCO Europe Debt Collectors?
10. Free Assistance and Support for Debt Issues!
11. How Can I get in touch with NCO Europe Ltd?
12. Will They Give Up Chasing?
13. Key Points
14. FAQ


You might feel surprised if you are hearing from a debt collection agency like NCO Europe for the first time. Keep in mind you are not the only one who got a surprising letter from debt collection agencies claiming you owe them. 

We advise you not to reach a conclusion in a rush where you decide to pay them off just because you receive a debt letter. It’s because you might regret later not knowing all your available options before deciding whether to pay them or not.

Therefore, don’t settle the debt yet and keep reading the below guide to find out all options you can use to deal with NCO Europe to resolve this debt issue.

Who is NCO Europe Debt Collection Agency?

NCO Europe agency is a debt collection agency that collects debts on behalf of other individuals, financial organisations and institutes. They provide these debt-related services for businesses not only in the UK but also across Europe.

They charge a fixed fee or a percentage of the recovered total debt from the company they work on behalf to collect debts. Banks, Credit Card Companies, and other financial services providing institutes are their main customers.

Below are some of the legal facts about NCO Europe company that will help you to verify their legitimacy.

  • They have registered their business in the Companies House of the UK under the company name NCO EUROPE LIMITED since 1995.
  • Their company registered address – New City House, 57-63 Ringway, Preston, Lancs, PR1 1AF
  • Company registration number – 03122581
  • NCO Europe debt collection agency is authorised and regulated by Financial Conduct Authority(FCA) under reference number 662151.

Next, Let’s discuss how NCO Europe do their operations.

How Does NCO Europe Do their Debt Collection operations?

Below are some steps that NCO Europe generally follows to chase and recover debts on behalf of their clients.

1. NCO Europe will let you know by a letter about their involvement in your unpaid debt. This will include all the legal details regarding how your original creditor hired NCO Europe to collect the debt on behalf of them.
2. Plus, they will request you to get in touch with them to discuss about ways you could use to resolve this debt issue. These discussions include settling the debt with a one-time purchase or agreeing to a payment plan to clear your debt over time without making your financial situation vulnerable.
a. Keep in mind that plenty of other options are available in the UK to settle or write off some of your debt in addition to agreeing to a payment plan with NCO Europe. 
b. I thought of mentioning this fact here because sometimes the payment plan you get agreed upon with them could not be the fairest or most beneficial option for you.
3. They will keep trying to reach out to you with various communication methods. These communications methods include:
a. Emails
b. Phone calls
c. Letters
d. Possible home visits in extreme situations where they find hardships in reaching out to you using other normal communication methods.
4. They will send you one last letter titled Letter Before Action (LBA). This letter will notify you that they will take legal action against you to recover their debt if you do not get in touch with them before the due date.
Special Note  

Keep in mind NCO Europe collection agents are not bailiffs. Thus they do not have legal powers like bailiffs do. It means they are not allowed to enter your home or possess your belongings.

You can ask them to leave, and they are legally bound to honour that request. Or else you can call the police to make them leave if they aren’t leaving according to your request. 

What happens if you ignore NCO Europe’s Letter Before Action (LBA) letter?

NCO Europe will surely go to court to take a County Court Judgement (CCJ) against you if you ignore their LBA. 

  • CCJ will make you legally responsible for the debt if proven in court you owe them. And it will last in your credit history for six years if you do not settle the debt within 30 days of CCJ conjugation.
  • Getting a CCJ will negatively impact your credit history, causing hardships in getting new loans and credit cards in the future.

Next, they will return to court to take a warrant or a writ of conduct to use enforcement agents (bailiffs) to visit your home and seize your belongings if you ignore the CCJ.

The bailiffs will store your valuable items in a warehouse and eventually sell them in an auction to recover total debt and all bailiff’s charges.

As you can see, it’s not wise to wait until things get escalate to this extent. Plus, there is plenty of time in between all these procedures. Therefore use that time to find a reliable solution to overcome this debt. Keep reading to find out other ways you could use to resolve this issue.

Who Are the Clients of NCO Europe Debt Collectors?

NCO Europe does not have any specific industry they focus on when it comes to debt collection. As a result, they have worked with a number of clients from various industries. 

But the majority of the clients are from the financial service industry, such as

1. Loan creditors,
2. Bank,
3. Credit card providers,
4. Parking Companies..

Do You Owe Money to NCO Europe?

No, You do not owe money to NCO Europe directly. This confusion happens because your original creditor is tired of chasing after you for asking to settle the debt. Thus they have hired NCO Europe company to chase after you to collect the debt on behalf of them. 

Simply, it means now you have to deal with the NCO debt company instead of your original creditor to resolve the debt issue.

The first thing you should do is check your credit history records and documents to verify whether you owe the Original Credit company that NCO debt says you do owe.

Plus, There are other ways to find out whether you owe them. Curious? Keep reading to find out more!

Verifying Your Debt: How to Check Whether You Really Owe NCO Europe?

First, you should check back your credit history documents to compare them with the debt letter sent by NCO Europe. 

Then, Check whether the debts are older than six years and have the possibility of not becoming enforceable in court. These types of debts are sorted under the statute-barred category. And we have discussed further about this in a separate section below.

The next thing you should do is to contact NCO Europe and ask them to provide you with a written document proving you really owe their client if your debts cannot be sorted under the Statute-Barred category.

We strongly suggest you ask them for proof via a written request titled “Prove the debt.” Plus, keep in mind to keep a photocopy of the request letter you send to them as well. It’s because this photocopy comes in handy if things escalate to court action without providing you with any proof of the debt.

NCO Europe is bound by law to provide you with provable proof documents if requested by you as the accused debtor. Therefore you are not legally bound to make any payment if they fail to provide provable documents as proof.

Is My Debt Statute-Barred?

There are three main conditions to fulfil your debts to receive statute barred excuse by the court. 

1. Your debt must be older than six years from the day you made a payment for the last time and had a communication with them.
2. You should not have any communication with your original creditor or the NCO Europe debt collection agency within that six years.
3. They have not taken your debt issue to court within that six-year period.

The court will not make you legally responsible for paying the debt if the above three conditions are fulfilled at the same time. This means you don’t need to pay them.

But this Statute-Barred excuse will not clear your credit history. Thus you may find hardship in getting new loans and credit cards in the future if the debt does not settle properly.

Keep in mind that not all debts are sorted under Statute-Barred Category

For example, a debt like HMRC will not be sorted under the statute-barred category. They last decades with active ability to enforce if not paid.

Facing Challenges in Paying: What if you Can’t Afford to Pay NCO Debt Collectors

It’s not a major issue if you cannot afford a single payment to settle the debt with NCO Europe company. On these occasions, reach out to them and discuss with them in a way they get convinced about the hardships you are facing daily to fulfil daily expenses. Surely they will introduce you to an agreement to pay the debt via a payment plan.

There are a number of debt solutions available to try out if you are facing one of the below difficulties in life financially.

1. There are some instances where you might find difficulties in keeping up with the payment instalments you agree on.
2. Also, there are instances where you cannot afford the payment plans suggested by them at all.

But there are certain conditions you need to full fill to get an acceptance to each debt solution they provide. Let’s find out what are your options to try on.

Debt Management Plan (DMP)

A Debt Management Plan (DMP) is an informal strategy for managing your debts by making a consolidated monthly payment. Since it lacks legal obligations, you are not required to commit to a specific minimum number of payments within a DMP.

Individual Voluntary Arrangement (IVA)

An Individual Voluntary Arrangement (IVA) is a legal agreement you sign between you and your creditors with the help of an Insolvency Practitioner. Here, the insolvency practitioner collects a single monthly payment from you. Then he divides that payment among all your creditors.

In return, your creditors undertake to refrain from contacting you throughout the duration of the IVA.

The usual duration of an IVA spans around 5 to 6 years, and the rest of the debt will be written off if there is any outstanding debt upon its conclusion.

It’s important to note that IVAs may not be suitable for every individual. You could get acceptance to this program if you owe servals thousands of pounds to various creditors(more than one creditor) in the UK.

In addition to the above conditions, you must be able to show them you have a certain level of disposable extra income. And that disposable amount must be enough to pay the payment each month.

Trust Deed

You will need to opt for a Trust Deed agreement as if you live in Scotland. It’s because IVAs are not available in Scotland.

Trust Deeds work in the same way as an IVA. Here, You pay an agreed monthly instalment each month. And it is shared amongst your creditors. 

Plus, they can’t contact you within this period, and any leftover debt at the end of your Trust Deed term is written off.

Debt Relief Order (DRO)

A Debt Relief Order (DRO) is a suitable choice for people who are experiencing financial difficulties that include no income source and the absence of assets.

For a time period of 12 months, you are not required to make any payment. Plus, your creditor is not allowed by law to add up interest or contact you within this period.

Plus, there is the possibility of having your unsecured debts written off if your financial situation remains unchanged by the end of this one-year period.


You can declare bankruptcy if your debts are real and you cannot afford to settle them ever. You will lose everything if you choose this option. This includes selling high-value assets such as your house and car. 

Hence this must be your last resort. Otherwise, we strongly suggest you find out a better option.


Sequestration is the Scottish equivalent of bankruptcy.

Similar to bankruptcy, this debt solution option is applicable to individuals who are unable to find or get acceptance to alternative methods of repaying their debts.

What Legal Regulations Does NCO Europe Debt Collection Need to Follow?

Including NCO Europe, all other debt collection agencies in the UK are bound by a number of laws to conduct their debt collection practice fairly. Otherwise, there is a possibility of losing their license to operate or even facing huge fines by the court if those laws are broken.

Plus, NCO Europe needs to follow certain guidelines when dealing with debtors as a registered member of the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). Below are some of the general guidelines their agents need to follow when conducting debt collection procedures.

1. They must honour your specified communication preferences (provide this in written form!). They cannot call you or visit you if you prefer to do communication by mail.
2. They are not allowed to pretend like they possess legal powers or authority that they do not actually have.
3. They are prohibited from making frequent and harassing phone calls to you.
4. They are forbidden from attempting unauthorised entry into your residence.
5. They are not allowed to provide false information, deceive, or use confusing technical terms within communications.
6. They are required to exhibit empathy towards your situation. 
7. They are not allowed to propose repayment plans that are beyond your means.
8. They cannot withdraw payments without obtaining your consent.

You can make a complaint if you feel like their agents have broken any of these guidelines. Let us find out how you can make a complaint about it next.

How Do I Complain About NCO Europe Debt Collectors?

You can make a complaint to related authorities if you feel like NCO Europe has broken any law or FCA guideline mentioned above. But always keep in mind to make the complaint with provable proof in hand. Otherwise, making a complaint will be a waste of time.

We strongly suggest you make the first complaint to the headquarters of NCO Europe to sort out the matter themselves. It’s a humanoid thing to give them a chance to sort out the issue from the inside.

As the next step, you can make a complaint to Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS) if the NCO debt company does not solve your issue even after you provide them with enough proof. There is a possibility that NCO Europe might get fined or even grant you compensation depending on the seriousness of the law break they did.

Free Assistance and Support for Debt Issues!

There are a number of debt-related counselling providing organisations that operate within the UK as paid or as free-of-charge services. As a start, reach out to a charity debt organisation if you find hardship in dealing with NCO Europe regarding a particular debt issue. 

They have well-experienced advisors who could guide you through all your options. Below are some of the famous charity institutes that provide debt services free of charge.

  • StepChange 
  • National Debtline 
  • Citizens Advice 
  • Debt Advice Foundation.

How Can I get in touch with NCO Europe Ltd?

The below table shows some of the important contact details of NCO Europe Ltd.

Company name: NCO Europe Ltd 
Other names: NCO Europe Debt Collection
Company number: 03122581
Website: www.ncoeurope.com
Phone number: 0330 060 1500

Mon – Thurs: 8 am to 8 pm

Friday 8 am to 7 pm

Saturday: 8:30 am to 1 pm

Sunday: Closed

Email address: enquiries@​ncoeurope.com
Registered office: New City House, 57-63 Ringway, Preston, Lancashire, PR1 1AF

Will They Give Up Chasing?

No. Debt collection agencies generate revenues from chasing after their debtors. Thus they will not stop chasing after you until they recover at least a penny from you. 

Plus, building up a practice to check your credit history at least once a month will let you know if your debts have been purchased by another debt collection company. Below are some of the giant key players who are accused of purchasing and pursuing debts even that are sorted under the statute-barred category.

1. Lowell Group,
2. Portfolio Recovery 
3. and Cabot Financial

Key Points

  • NCO Europe Ltd is a debt collection agency. They provides its services to various businesses and creditors across Europe, notably in the UK. And they are registered and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).
  • NCO Europe Debt Collection employs different tactics. This includes sending debt letters and negotiating repayment plans. They may apply for a court order to legally enforce payment if debts are not settled.
  • The NCO Europe works for various clients. Primarily they are within the financial services industry, such as banks, credit card providers, and loan creditors. Additionally, they also chase debts relating to parking fines.
  • NCO Europe Debt Collection must follow specific regulations despite their assertive collection tactics. Violation of these rules could result in fines or the loss of their operating license.
  • Those who receive threatening debt letters from NCO Europe should not panic. Many people in the UK could legally write off some of their unaffordable debts.
  • UK residents have multiple debt solutions available that might write off some debt or offer better repayment terms. NCO Europe’s repayment plan might not be the most advantageous option.
  • Free debt advice and support are available through charities like StepChange UK and Citizens Advice Bureau. These organisations can help individuals like you understand their options and assist with complaints against NCO Europe Debt Collection.
  • There are several options, such as Individual Voluntary Arrangements (IVAs), Debt Relief Orders (DROs), Bankruptcy, and Settlement offers that could potentially wipe out some debt, while NCO Europe does not have the power to write off debts.


Who Does NCO Europe Collect For?

NCO Europe collects debts for various companies, including credit card and loan providers, banks, and utility service providers. Interestingly, they also collect HRMC and council tax. 

What Does NCO Europe Do?

NCO Europe is a debt collection company registered with the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), authorising them to collect debts within the UK on behalf of other businesses. 

Why is NCO Europe Contacting Me?

NCO Europe are debt collectors, and they usually contact individuals like you to collect overdue payments. Usually, field agents might visit your home to discuss your outstanding amounts owed to NCO Europe. 

Is NCO Financial Legit?

Yes, NCO Europe is a legitimate debt collection agency. They have multiple profile pages with the Better Business Bureau (BBB), confirming their authenticity. Plus, they are a registered company of UK companies house. And they are authorised and regulated by Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

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