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It is critical to recognise that Newlyn PLC does not have the legal authority to engage in harassment. But there may be occasions when you believe they are not adhering to the severe code of behaviour they should. What should one do in such a case? 

Making a formal complaint comes into play here. So, are you ready to unravel the steps to combat Newlyn PLC Harassment? Let’s set the stage for a compelling journey to reclaim your peace.

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Last updated on 16 August 2023
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Table of Contents

1. What is Newlyn PLC?
2. Is Newlyn High Court Enforcement?
3. Can Newlyn Bailiffs Force Entry?
4. What Happens If I Don’t Pay Newlyn?
5. Newlyn PLC Harassment
6. Tips on Handling Harassment from Newlyn PLC
7. How Do I Get Rid of Newlyn?
8. Has Your Newlyn Debt Become Too Old to Be Enforced?
9. Ask Newlyn to Prove You Owe the Money
10. Keep Up To Date With Your Debts
11. Newlyn PLC Contact Details
12. Discover More Help Dealing With Newlyn PLC
13. Key Points
14. FAQ


What is Newlyn PLC?

Newlyn PLC is one of the leading debt enforcement agencies based in the UK. It has a set of a wide client base, including local authorities and businesses. This agency focuses on collecting debts from individuals who have defaulted on their payments. But remember, despite their authority, knowing your rights is crucial when dealing with them. 

Newlyn PLC has been registered as a Public Limited Company since 14th May 1999 at the address Century House, Wargrave Road, Henley-On-Thames, Oxfordshire, England, RG9 2LT, under the Company number 03770985. Also, they are registered at Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) in the Reference number 512913

Newlyn PLC provides bailiff services to local governments and commercial businesses. It is aiding in the recovery of outstanding debts and arrears. As a debt collection service, they track down debtors (like you) and demand payment before going to court. Newlyn PLC’s activities also involve debt collection, ensuring clients are paid before the court.

Is Newlyn High Court Enforcement?

No, Newlyn bailiffs are not High Court Enforcement agents. It’s a common misconception that Newlyn PLC acts as a High Court enforcement agency. In reality, they are a separate entity, although they do collaborate closely with High Court enforcement officers. But keep in Is Newlyn High Court Enforcementmind they are certified Bailiffs in the UK.

These officers have been granted authority to carry out certain actions to enforce County Court Judgments (CCJs) and other types of High Court orders. 

They are known for giving their bailiff’s services to both government and private institutes. Below are some of the ways they get hired to do work.

  • Local governments and government agencies may hire them to collect outstanding council tax arrears and overpayments of housing benefits 
  • or by private enterprises to recover commercial debts pursuant to a court judgement.

Can Newlyn Bailiffs Force Entry?

No, Newlyn bailiffs, or any bailiffs company for that matter, cannot forcefully enter your home to collect standard consumer debts. They can only enter your home if you invite them in or if they find an unlocked door or window (although this is very rare).

Bailiffs from Newlyn PLC have particular privileges that allow them to force entrance into houses with open gateways and unlocked doors. They have the authority to confiscate items included in a Controlled items Agreement if the debtor fails to comply with it. 

When negotiating a payment plan in Newlyn, bailiffs must utilise a locksmith and sign a Controlled Goods Agreement since they have the authority to take particular assets if payments are missed.

What Happens If I Don’t Pay Newlyn?

Ignoring the debts doesn’t make them go away. Instead, it may result in accumulated interest, extra fees, and perhaps legal action. As a result, it’s critical to handle any financial problem as soon as possible and seek expert help if you’re unable to pay. 

Neglecting your Newlyn PLC debt can have serious implications, such as 

1. Future enforcement officers visiting you,
2. Raising the amount of your debt,
3. And threatening legal action if you do not pay. 

They may continue to contact you and demand payment if your debt is not subject to a court order. 

If you ignore these communications, they may even threaten legal action, which may result in a default being lodged against you. This might damage your credit history and will face  difficulties in obtaining credit until the County Court Judgement (CCJ) expires.

Thus it is critical to manage your debt as soon as possible in order to avoid more complexities and financial problems.

Newlyn PLC Harassment

Are you dealing with harassment from Newlyn PLC? Understand that debt collectors must respect your rights and must treat you properly. If you believe you are being harassed, it is critical that you address the matter and take necessary action, including reporting to the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS) and Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

Tips on Handling Harassment from Newlyn PLC

Living under the cloud of Newlyn PLC Harassment can be a stressful experience, no doubt. But here’s some good news. You have the power to navigate this situation effectively. Let’s dive into some practical strategies to handle the pressure. 

Newlyn PLC is a corporation that manages harassment and noncompliance with its code of conduct complaints. 

Customers should first contact Newlyn PLC to report harassment. They can escalate the complaint to the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS) if they do not react or continue to harass. This procedure can also be utilised by debt collectors in Newlyn. 

Debtors like you should indicate your contact preferences (Most likely the best way is to communicate through the mail) and maintain copies of any emails or letters to avoid frequent contact and particular call times. The Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS) is a free, unbiased organisation that can help you get your money back. 

Customers should first utilise their complaints checker to see if they may file a complaint before reporting harassment.

Maintain Written Communication

We cannot stress this enough. Always keep the communication written. Emails and letters leave a paper trail, which can be your safety net if the situation escalates. Wondering why? These written exchanges serve as tangible evidence of your interaction, providing clear references to what has been discussed and agreed upon.

Set Communication Boundaries

Remember that catchy phrase “I’m in control”? That’s right, you are! As someone dealing with Newlyn PLC, you have every right to define the when and how of communication. Not comfortable with late-night calls? You can set the hours for contact. Feel overwhelmed with daily emails? You can limit their frequency. Go ahead and notify them via a written letter about your communication preferences, exercise your right.

Know Your Rights

Newlyn PLC Harassment is more than an annoyance. It can feel like an invasion of your peace. But did you know you have rights as a debtor? In fact, these rights are put in place to protect you from harassment and unfair treatment. Research these rights and arm yourself with knowledge, the most effective defence you can have.

Don’t Ignore the Situation

Ignoring the situation is the very worst thing you can do. While it may be attractive to bury your head in the sand, doing so is not going to make your responsibilities go away. On the contrary, it may aggravate the situation. Face the problem directly on, even if it involves having difficult talks or getting expert assistance.

Seek Professional Advice

Dealing with Newlyn PLC Harassment doesn’t have to be a solitary battle. Many professionals are equipped with the knowledge and resources to help you navigate this terrain. So don’t hesitate to seek advice from debt charities or financial advisors. They can provide valuable insights and offer effective strategies to manage your situation.

Keep Records of Everything

Did we mention how important it is to maintain records of your communication with Newlyn PLC? Well, it’s worth repeating. From email exchanges to phone call records, keep everything. These records could prove essential if you decide to take formal action against harassment.

Self-Care is Crucial

Finally, pay attention to the need for self-care. Debt-related stress can have a negative impact on your mental health. It is critical to emphasise self-care. If it is necessary, seek emotional help. Remember that you are not alone in this game. It is OK to seek assistance.

So there you have it, folks! Seven actionable tips for handling harassment from Newlyn PLC. But don’t just stop here. Are you ready to dive deeper and take the reins of your financial situation? If yes, let’s embark on this journey together. Stay tuned for more practical advice on dealing with debts and regaining financial control.

How Do I Get Rid of Newlyn?

The best way to get rid of Newlyn is by paying them off and getting done with it. Or managing your debts effectively can also keep their agents away too. 

To discontinue communication with Newlyn PLC, you must pay the debt in full, agree on a payment plan with Newlyn, which may include a Controlled Items Agreement, and enable them to seize items equivalent to the amount owed (plus costs). These solutions assist you in repaying a court-ordered obligation. 

Sometimes there can be instances where you might find hardship in paying according to the payment plan which you agree on with Newlyn. Dont worry. Inside UK, You have more Debt Solutions other than the payment plan suggested by Newlyn. But you need to fulfil certain unique conditions in order to get approval for each of them separately.

Depending on your situation, solutions can range from Debt Management Plans (DMP) and Debt Relief Orders (DRO) to Individual Voluntary Arrangements (IVA). Each has its advantages and disadvantages, so it’s wise to seek advice from debt experts to identify the best fit for you. 

If you are dealing with Newlyn as a debt collection agency in the early phases of recovery, there may be methods to prevent them from contacting you and maybe avoid paying.

Has Your Newlyn Debt Become Too Old to Be Enforced?

Did you know some debts can become “Statute Barred“? This means they are too old to be enforced. Your debts usually come into this state usually after,

1. Debts are older than six years from the last day of payment and communication.
2. You have not been in communication with them within that six-year period mentioned in the above first point.
3. You have not received any court order for this particular debt within the last six years mentioned in the above two points. 

Your debts become Sattute-Barred If all the above three conditions fulfil the same time. This means the debt is unenforceable. But it still exists and cannot be recovered. Creditors can take other actions against a debtor. 

These actions can depend on the type of debt and specific criteria. Thus you may find difficulties in getting new loans and credit cards in the future as this statute-Barred excuse records in credit history reports.

And there are some debts which do not sort under Statute Barred category and are last decades enforceable. HMRC debts are an example of these debts.

However, there are nuances to this law. So we would like to advise you to consult with a debt advisor if you think this applies to you. 

In Scotland, debts five years old are considered ‘prescribed’. It means they no longer exist and cannot be repaid. Understanding these laws can help determine whether you have to pay or not.

Ask Newlyn to Prove You Owe the Money

Don’t hesitate to ask Newlyn to prove you owe the money if you doubt the validity of the debt orif your debt isn’t statute-barred. They should provide a detailed breakdown of the debt. Their reply should at least include the following:

1. The original copy of the credit agreement,
2. Any added fees or interest,
3. And payments made. 

And remember to keep a copy of your request since you might not have to pay if they don’t send proof.

You have the right to request proof from Newlyn, and if their client takes you to court, you can show the judge the copy of the letter sent to them asking for proof. The judge will surely make decisions more favourably to you.

Keep Up To Date With Your Debts

One of the key strategies in avoiding problems with Newlyn PLC is to stay updated with your debts. This means keeping an eye on your financial situation and ensuring your payments are made on time. This proactive approach can prevent complications and keep your financial health in check. It is easy to lose track of bills because the debt-collecting industry is opaque.

Bill collectors may determine that a bill isn’t worth pursuing., Therefore, they sell it to another agency. So, it’s critical to keep an eye out for debts being handed to other collectors. PRA Group Inc sold the debt to Moorcroft Debt Recovery, whereas the industry’s top names include 

  • Lowell UK
  • Cabot Finance
  • PRA Group Inc

It is critical to keep an eye out for any hint of debt transfer in your mail and emails since it is easy to overlook.

Newlyn PLC Contact Details

Need to get in touch with Newlyn PLC? You can find their contact information on their official website. Remember to keep a record of all your communications. This information could be helpful to prove in any disputes or complaints.

Website: www.newlynplc.co.uk
Phone: 01604 633001 
Email: contact@newlynplc.co.uk
Post: Newlyn PLC, PO Box 933, Northampton, NN1 9DX

Discover More Help Dealing With Newlyn PLC

For more comprehensive support in dealing with Newlyn PLC, consider reaching out to a debt advisor. They can provide practical advice tailored to your situation and guide you through the process of regaining control of your financial situation. Speak with a major UK charity debt organisation, some of which I’ve included below for extra assistance dealing with bailiffs and debt collection staff:

  • Citizens Advice
  • StepChange
  • National Debtline

Free debt counselling is available from UK organisations, which may assist you in dealing with financial difficulties. It may also help you in dealing with debt collectors when they contact you.

Key Points

  • Newlyn PLC is an enforcement agent business and a debt collection agency assisting in the recovery of unpaid debts and arrears for councils and private companies.
  • Though not a High Court enforcement agent, Newlyn PLC can be employed by local authorities and government departments to collect unpaid council tax debts and housing benefit overpayments.
  • Complaints about harassment can be lodged with Newlyn PLC and, if unresolved, can be escalated to the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS).
  • Newlyn PLC cannot force entry into your property except in cases of a Controlled Goods Agreement violation.
  • If an agreement isn’t kept, Newlyn bailiffs can force entry with the assistance of a locksmith to seize goods listed in the agreement.
  • Ignoring Newlyn PLC can lead to more charges and potential legal action.
  • Debts not subject to a court order could lead to court action if ignored, causing credit damage.
  • If Newlyn PLC harassment persists, first complain to Newlyn PLC.
  • If no satisfactory response is received, escalate the issue to the Financial Ombudsman Service.
  • To stop contact with Newlyn PLC, debtors can either pay off the debt in full, agree on a payment plan, or let Newlyn seize goods of equal value.
  • It might not have to be paid if the debt is old enough to be statute-barred (six years old in England, Wales and Scotland, five years in Scotland).
  • Newlyn PLC can be asked to prove the existence of the debt, failing which the debtor might not be obligated to pay.
  •  Debts can be transferred to other debt collectors.
  • It’s essential to stay updated with your debts and keep track of any changes.
  • Free advice for dealing with Newlyn PLC Harassment and debt collection is available from UK charities such as Citizens Advice, StepChange, and National Debtline.


How can I deal with harassment from Newlyn PLC?

There are several strategies you can adopt. Maintain written communication, set communication boundaries, know your rights as a debtor, don’t ignore the situation, seek professional advice, keep records of all communications, and make sure to take care of your mental health.

Are there professionals who can help me deal with Newlyn PLC Harassment?

Yes, several professionals, such as debt advisors and lawyers, have the expertise to help you navigate this situation. They can provide guidance and help you devise effective strategies to manage and resolve the harassment.

Can I restrict the times and methods Newlyn PLC contacts me?

Yes, You have the right to define the means and frequency of communication. If you’re uncomfortable with late-night calls or frequent emails, you can restrict these accordingly. You can request them via a letter stating your preferred communicational method. The best is to communicate with them is through the mail.

Is it necessary to keep a record of all communication with Newlyn PLC?

Yes! Keeping records of all your communications with Newlyn PLC can provide valuable evidence if you decide to take formal action against the harassment. This includes emails, letters, and records of phone calls.

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