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You may feel overwhelmed when faced with a debt collector like Ophelos. Indeed, not every individual finds themselves obligated to pay. The crucial part, however, is not to turn a blind eye towards them. 

Disregarding them could turn a manageable situation into a serious predicament. But worry not, for there are options, and the choices you have may surprise you.

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Last updated on 16 August 2023
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Table of Contents

1. What is Ophelos?
2. Is Ophelos a Bailiff Company?
3. Who are Ophelos Collecting Debt For?
4. Is Ophelos a Good Debt Collector?
5. Ophelos Reviews Online
6. Have You Been Contacted by Ophelos?
7. What Happens if You Ignore Ophelos?
8. So, Should You Pay Your Ophelos Debt?
9. You Can Check the Debt is Enforceable First
10. You Can Ask Ophelos to Prove the Debt Too
11. Ophelos Proved Your Debt – Should You Pay Now?
12. What is The Best Way to Clear My Debt Through Ophelos?
13. What If I Can’t Afford to Pay?
14. Should You Check For Other Debt Collectors?
15. Ophelos Contact Information
16. How Can I Discover More About Debt Collectors?
17. Key Points
18. FAQ


What is Ophelos?

They are a London-based debt collection agency known for its fairness and empathy towards debtors. They aren’t your typical debt collection firm. 

This company works to bridge the gap between creditors and debtors, facilitating smooth transactions. And their debt collection processes are in line with established financial regulations such as the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and Credit Services Association (CSA).

Is Ophelos a Bailiff Company?

No, Ophelos debt collection service is not bailiffs company. While Ophelos specialises in the early stages of debt recovery, they do not possess the authority to seize your property or goods. 

But a bailiff company, on the other hand, has the legal jurisdiction to take these actions. So while this debt collection agency can help you reconcile your debts, they can’t take the same actions as a bailiff.

A bailiff can come to your house only to repossess your property or valuable items. And usually, this only happens after you lose in court because you did not pay off the debt. 

But if Ophelos pretends to be a bailiff or if they say they have similar rights, then you should report them to the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS) because it is against the rules of the FCA. 

Who are Ophelos Collecting Debt For?

They don’t collect debts for just one single industry. In fact, they provide their services to multiple sectors varying from banking to telecommunications. Well, the answer isn’t restricted to a single industry. But some of the main areas they provide their services for include:

1. Banks
2. Utilities
3. Telecommunications
4. Insurance companies
5. Energy companies
6. Phone providers

Because they provide services for many industries, they could chase you for different types of arrears and debts. But when they initially contact you, they always say who they are working for and the amount that you owe. 

Is Ophelos a Good Debt Collector?

Yes. Ophelos is well known the debt collection industry for their ethical and humanoid practice while conducting debt collection operations. It’s noteworthy that they are appreciated for their fair and considerate approach to debt collection. As evidenced by its high score on Trustpilot, the firm is perceived as an efficient and responsible player in the debt collection industry. 

Hence, they have gained a reputation for being a good debt collector, keeping a fine balance between their clients and debtors.

Ophelos Reviews Online

An examination of Ophelos’s online reviews can provide valuable insights into their practices. With an impressive Trustpilot score of 4.4/5 and glowing testimonials, they have secured its standing as a reputable debt collection agency. 

Many reviews compliment their professional yet empathetic approach to handling debts, an attribute often absent in other firms in the industry. Some of their reviews are as follows:

All debt companies should be this understanding. I had a debt I didn’t realise I owed. Asked to spread it out over two years, and they accepted immediately. No trying to bully into higher repayments. If people are polite over the phone, that helps tremendously…read more

Jod (Trust Pilot)

The best thing I found with this company was I didn’t feel judged at all they were very helpful although we have come up with a payment plan I can change the amount at any time if I am struggling. Brilliant company 5 stars from me… read more

Irene Quick (Trust Pilot)

I found myself in a tricky situation trying to resolve issues for my daughter who had been evicted. The staff at Ophelos were sensitive and understanding. They listened when Bulb would not. … read more

Mrs.Gallagher (Trust Pilot)

Have You Been Contacted by Ophelos?

Has Ophelos reached out to you via phone, email, or a formal letter? It’s critical not to dismiss these communications. Ignoring Ophelos reach outs can potentially escalate the situation, leading to severe financial and legal implications.

The mode of communication they use to contact you differ depending on what contact information they have about you. But typically, they contact either through:

  • Letter
  • Text
  • Email
  • Phone

But what makes this company stand out is the fact that they don’t try to flood you with calls or emails, which feels like harassment. Similar to their reviews, they are very understanding and polite. So they usually wait till they get a response from you after a couple calls, emails, or letters. 

But they will send a Letter Before Action (LBA) if you don’t corporate or respond. These letters are written in a way that would make you feel intimidated or even worried. So it’s best you contact them and settle the debt before the situation gets worse. 

What Happens if You Ignore Ophelos?

If you ignore Ophelos, it will lead to persistent follow-ups, legal repercussions, and in extreme cases, court proceedings. The wise approach is to handle the situation proactively by communicating with them and exploring potential solutions. But three of the main things that happen if you ignore them are:

1. Their client will go to court against you, and the judge will warn you to pay. You might even receive a County Court Judgement (CCJ), which will scar your credit score for six years.
2. Because of this you might also have to deal with bailiffs and pay even more fees or face other forms of debt enforcement action. Bailiffs will visit your home and seize your belongings to sell them in an auction to cover their expenses and recover total debt.
3. Or their client will not take legal action, but they will continue to contact you. But in some instances, they might stop.

Either way, if you ignore them, there’s no guarantee what will happen. But it’s best to assume that they will take you to court and respond to them as soon as you can. 

So, Should You Pay Your Ophelos Debt?

It’s best to pay Ophelos because paying it off can not only prevent further complications but also improve your credit score. If you’re unable to directly pay them because the amount is too large for you to handle, you can ask them for a payment plan. 

However, you are entitled to confirm the legitimacy of the debt. This is because they might be contacting you, assuming that you’re someone else. So make sure to confirm if it’s actually yours or not. 

You Can Check the Debt is Enforceable First

Suspicious about your debt? Well, you can verify whether it’s enforceable. An enforceable debt is a one that’s legally valid and collectable. In the UK, after six years, most debts become statute-barred. So this means that you no longer have to pay them. But for a debt to be statute-barred, it should meet these three criteria:

1. You haven’t made any payments in the last six years
2. You haven’t acknowledged that you owe the debt in the last six years
3. You haven’t received a County Court Judgement for this debt

You Can Ask Ophelos to Prove the Debt Too

If you’re still sceptical about the debt, you can ask Ophelos to provide concrete proof. These proofs can include legally binding agreement or contract that you’ve failed to honour. If they fail to present this, you may not be legally required to pay the debt.

You can request proof even if you recognise the debt. This is because it will give you some time to think and decide on what you should do next. If they don’t show you proof, then don’t pay them. You can show the judge the “Prove the Debt” letter that you sent them, which they refused to answer.

Ophelos Proved Your Debt – Should You Pay Now?

The advisable step is to settle the debt. By doing so, you can avoid potential legal consequences and move towards financial stability. Moreover, this can also positively impact your credit score. If you don’t pay, it will result in legal action. 

What is The Best Way to Clear My Debt Through Ophelos?

Ophelos aim to make the lives of debtors easier by providing the option to choose different payment options that work best for them. Some of their options include:

1. Pay in full- You can directly pay the full amount if you’re able to
2. Schedule now, and pay in full later- You can schedule to make the payments later up to 30 days in the future.
3. Payment plan- You can divide your total debt into affordable monthly payments. With this option, you get to choose when your payments start. 
4. Provide a payment amount that you’re comfortable with- You can tell them the amount that you can afford to pay, and they will provide you with a payment plan. 

What If I Can’t Afford to Pay?

If you cannot pay, there are debt solutions where you can write off some or all of your debt. But to be eligible, you should meet certain criteria. However, below are some of the debt solutions that are available in the UK:

Should You Check For Other Debt Collectors?

Yes, because in today’s financial climate, it’s prudent to ensure you don’t have other debts looming. So make sure to always check your post, email, and bank statements. Some of the well-known debt collection agencies include:

  • Cabot Financial
  • Lowell Financial
  • PRA Group

Ophelos Contact Information

Address: 9 Appold StLondonEC2A 2APUnited Kingdom
Phone: 020 3318 2823
Email: support@ophelos.com
Website: https://ophelos.com/

How Can I Discover More About Debt Collectors?

For additional information and advice on handling debt collectors, you can turn to resources like debt charities. They can provide valuable insights and professional guidance in dealing with your debts. 

There are many debt charities in the UK that help debtors solve their issues free of charge. Some institutes that provide debt advice for free include:

  • National Debtline 
  • Citizens Advice 
  • Debt Advice Foundation
  • StepChange

Key Points

  • Ophelos is a renowned debt collection agency based in London, known for its professionalism and fair practices.
  • The agency collects debts for various sectors, including banks, insurance companies, telecommunications, and utilities, playing a vital role in UK’s financial landscape.
  • Despite its debt collection activities, Ophelos is not a bailiff company. They focus on debt recovery rather than the repossession of goods.
  • When Ophelos contacts a debtor, it’s crucial to verify the authenticity and enforceability of the debt. Only after these checks should one consider payment.
  • Ignoring Ophelos debt collection efforts can lead to serious repercussions, including potential legal actions. Thus, it’s advisable to address the debt issue head-on.
  • Payment solutions with Ophelos can vary from a one-time settlement to an agreed-upon payment plan. In some cases, debtors may even be eligible to write off part of their debt legally.
  • It’s essential to remain alert to the potential outreach of other debt collectors, ensuring no unattended debts cause future problems.


Who does Ophelos collect debts for?

Ophelos collects debts for a variety of industries, including banks, insurance companies, telecommunications, and utility companies. 

Is Ophelos a bailiff company?

No, Ophelos is not a bailiff company. They cannot seize goods but focus solely on recovering unpaid debts. But they can go to court and ask for permission to use bailiffs to visit your home and seize your belongings if the debts are true and you refused to corporate in settling it.

How does Ophelos approach debt collection?

Ophelos is known for its empathetic approach towards debt collection, placing the focus on understanding the debtor’s situation and working towards a mutually beneficial solution.

What should I do if I am contacted by Ophelos?

If you are contacted by Ophelos, the first step is to verify the debt and check if it’s enforceable. This can involve asking them to provide proof of the debt.

What happens if I ignore Ophelos?

 Ignoring Ophelos, or any debt collection agency, can lead to escalated actions, potentially involving legal proceedings. It is always recommended to address the issue directly.

What should I do if Ophelos proves my debt?

 If Ophelos has proved your debt and it’s enforceable, you should consider payment options. This can include full payment, a payment plan, or a debt settlement offer, depending on your circumstances. Or atleast take charity debt help to use other debt solutions like IVA.

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