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Who is the Orbit Debt Collection?

Orbit Debt Collection is a debt-collecting firm based in the United Kingdom. Let me walk you through the Debt Collection process here. Consider the scenario where you’re sitting at home and you are receiving a letter in the mail. When you open it, you realise it’s from the Orbit Debt Collection. 

Isn’t the phrase “debt collection” enough to make anyone’s heart race?

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Table of Contents

1. What exactly does Orbit Debt Collection do?
2. Working with Major UK Water Suppliers
3. What happens when Orbit Debt Collection contacts you?
4. How do they work?
5. Don’t panic! They’re here to help.
6. Should You Pay Orbit Debt Immediately?
7. Does Orbit Debt Collection Need to Prove the Debt?
8. How to Ask Orbit Debt Collection to Verify the Debt
9. The Impact of Asking for Verification
10. Only Pay for a Debt That Is Rightfully Yours
11. Can You Negotiate with Orbit Debt?
12. The Power of Statute-Barred Debt
13. What If You Have a Complaint About Orbit Debt Collection?
14. Is Your Orbit Debt Being Passed On?
15. Orbit Debt Collectors Information
16. FAQs


As you start to read the letter, you realise that this isn’t a random company. They specialise in household debts, primarily ones associated with water suppliers. Maybe the name of your water supplier rings a bell: Yorkshire Water, Essex and Suffolk Water, or perhaps another renowned UK water supplier.

What exactly does Orbit Debt Collection do?

Remember those bills piling up in your drawer? Those letters about late water payments you thought you could ignore for a while? Well, Orbit Debt Collection is a company that water suppliers in the UK call upon when customers’ bills have been overdue for some time.

Debt relief is a general word that refers to many debt reduction or debt restructuring methods.

Among the most well-liked choices are:
  • Debt consolidation: entails getting a new loan or moving your credit card balances to one that has a more extended repayment method or a lower interest rate. This might make your payments easier and save you money on interest.
  • Credit counselling: This is a service that instructs you on managing your finances and your debt. A credit counsellor can also assist you in developing a budget and negotiating reduced payments or interest rates with your creditors.
  • Debt management: You may sign up for this program through a credit counselling business. You will make a monthly deposit to the agency, which will then divide among your creditors after working with your creditors to reduce your interest rates and costs.
  • Debt settlement: In this procedure, you or a firm working on your behalf bargains with your creditors to accept a partial settlement that is less than the entire amount you owe. This can dramatically lower your debt, but it can also harm your credit and put you in danger legally.
  • Debt Forgiveness: When your creditor agrees to forgive all or a portion of your debt without expecting payment from you, this is known as debt forgiveness. This is uncommon and often only occurs in situations of severe hardship or bankruptcy.

Working with Major UK Water Suppliers

Have you ever wondered how many water suppliers there are in the UK? It turns out there are several. Among the big names are companies like Anglian Water, Northumbrian Water, Southern Water, and the list goes on.

Orbit Debt works with all these companies and more, chasing up overdue payments. When you’re facing a debt problem related to your water supplier, the odds are high that Orbit Debt Collection could be the firm reaching out to you for your help.

They claim to collect debts for:
  • Anglian Water
  • Essex and Suffolk Water
  • Hartlepool Water
  • Northumbrian Water
  • Southern Water
  • United Utilities
  • Yorkshire Water
  • South West Water
Orbit Debt Collection – Should You Pay? Essential 2023 Guide Orbit Debt Collection

What happens when Orbit Debt Collection contacts you?

Have you received a letter from Orbit Debt requesting that you settle one of these water debts? They write debt letters occasionally to terrify you and make you pay the debt without any hesitation.

It’s crucial to understand that when Orbit Debt gets in touch, it’s not the end of the world. They’re doing their job, which is to recover the unpaid debts that people owe to their water suppliers.

Every debt collection firm, including Orbit Debt Collections, must be able to demonstrate that the debt it claims to be collecting on your behalf is indeed yours. They must designate the obligation as satisfied if they are unable to provide proof.

Here is an example letter that you may use to make sure that Orbit Debt Collections has the proof necessary to connect you to the debt:

Orbit Debt Collection Orbit Debt Collection – Should You Pay? Essential 2023 Guide

There are mainly two things you should do after receiving a debt letter from Orbit Debt Collection:

1. Avoid ignoring Orbit Debt Collection at all costs to avoid worsening.
2. Don’t pay them right away (read on for what you should do first)!

How do they work?

When Orbit Debt comes knocking, they aren’t doing it out of the blue. They’ve been instructed by your water supplier to recover the debt you owe. And let’s be honest: their job is not an easy one.

Debt recovery can be a complex and delicate process, especially when it comes to household debts. Orbit Debt Collection, however, has developed strategies and practices that enable them to handle these situations with the utmost professionalism and efficiency.

Fortunately, assistance is accessible. You might be able to eliminate a part of your debt. Or else you might be able to work with a professional to create a strategy to deal with your debt. So might need to go through this thoroughly.

Don’t Panic! They’re here to help.

Here’s something unexpected, isn’t it? The idea of a debt collection agency actually wanting to help you might seem like a plot twist. But that’s the thing about Orbit Debt Collection.

They aren’t just here to hound you for money. They’re also here to help you find solutions to manage and eventually clear your debts. They even offer repayment plans tailored to individual needs and circumstances.

Should You Pay Orbit Debt Immediately?

Once you receive a letter or a call from Orbit Debt Collection, your first instinct might be to pay off the debt immediately. But wait. Before you act, it’s crucial to understand your rights and options. Paying instantly isn’t always the best course of action.

Does Orbit Debt Collection Need to Prove the Debt?

Now that you have a clear and general understanding of who Orbit Debt Collection is, the critical question you’re probably asking is, “Do they need to prove the debt?” The short and direct answer is yes. They indeed do. But why is this necessary, and how does it impact you? Let’s break it down in simpler terms.

Why prove the Orbit Debt?

You may be wondering why there’s an urge for debt proof. Picture this: you receive a call from Orbit Debt Collection about a debt you supposedly owe. Your first reaction is panic, but then you think, “Do I really owe this debt?”

That’s where the requirement for proof comes into play. It’s essential to ensure that you’re not paying for a debt that isn’t yours or one that’s already been paid.

How to Ask Orbit Debt Collection to Verify the Debt

How does one go about this? It’s simpler than you might think. The first step is to ask Orbit Debt Collection to verify the debt.

By asking for verification, you’re not only protecting yourself but also making sure that Orbit Debt Collection is pursuing the right person for the right debt. Remember, this step is crucial to avoid any potential misunderstandings or conflicts.

The Impact of Asking for Verification

Perhaps you’re questioning if asking for debt verification will cause you more trouble. The reality is quite the contrary. Requesting verification from Orbit Debt Collection actually buys you time. How so?

Well, during the period when they are working on verifying the debt, they are not allowed to continue their collection activities. This gives you breathing room to plan your next steps carefully.

Only Pay for a Debt That Is Rightfully Yours

The ultimate goal of asking for verification is to ensure you only pay for a debt that is rightfully yours. After all, none of us need to pay for something we don’t owe, right?

To sum it up, Orbit Debt Collection is legally obliged to prove any debt they claim you owe. So, in the next round, if you find yourself holding a collection notice, don’t be afraid to ask for proof.

Can You Negotiate with Orbit Debt?

Definitely, if you’re struggling financially, you’ll be relieved to know that Orbit Debt Collection is known for being sensitive to your circumstances. They could be eager to work with you to bring up a repayment plan that works for your financial condition. Remember, communication is key.

The Power of Statute-Barred Debt

Did you know that your debt could potentially become ‘statute barred’ if it’s over six years old? That means Orbit Debt can no longer legally enforce the payment, freeing you from the obligation to pay. Quite the plot twist, isn’t it?

What If You Have a Complaint About Orbit Debt Collection?

You have rights. If you believe Orbit Debt Collection has acted unfairly or aggressively, you can file a complaint. It’s vital to know you’re never alone in this journey. Debt charities in the UK can provide invaluable support.

Is Your Orbit Debt Being Passed On?

Sometimes, debt collection agencies pass on debts they deem unworthy of pursuit. This might happen with your Orbit Debt too. If this is the instance, you have to be vigilant and must be prepared and know what to do. It’s a surprising shift, but with the appropriate information, it’s workable.

Orbit Debt Collectors Information

Website: https://www.orbitservices.co.uk/
Post: PO Box 92 Malton YO17 1BN

Mon – Thu 9 am-8 pm
Fri 9 am-6 pm
Sat 9 am-1 pm


In this section, we’ll tackle some of the most common queries related to Orbit Debt Collection. These questions will shed more light on their operations and help clarify some of the misconceptions surrounding debt collection.

Are Orbit Bailiffs?

No, Orbit Debt is not a bailiff company. They are a debt collection agency. While they work to recover debts, their authority and methods are different from those of bailiffs. A bailiff is an enforcement agent who has the legal power to collect certain debts,
while Orbit simply facilitates the collection process between the debtor and their creditor.

Who does Orbit Collect for?

Orbit Debt Collection primarily collects debts on behalf of various UK water suppliers. This includes but is not limited to, Yorkshire Water, Essex and Suffolk Water, and many others.
The aim is to ensure that these companies regain the money owed to them by their customers.

Can Debt Collectors Take Your House?

Orbit Debt, like any other debt collection agency, does not have the potential to compel you to trade your house in order to satisfy the debt. However, if a court order is issued and the debt remains unpaid, it could escalate to involve bailiffs or even a charging order on your property.
This is why it’s vital to deal with debts promptly and seek legal advice if necessary.
Remember, it’s always best to communicate openly with debt collectors if you’re struggling with payments. They’re often willing to negotiate repayment plans and could provide you with useful advice.

Major Key Points

  • For UK water suppliers, Orbit Debt Collection specialises in recovering outstanding consumer debt.
  • Orbit Debt can implement more enforcement measures if payment demands are honoured.
  • Orbit Debt Collection can be understanding of your financial difficulties, and they agree to repayment options that suit them.
  • If a debt is open for at least six years, you may not be required to pay it because of the statute of limitations.
  • Orbit Debt is unable to turn off your household’s water supply owing to unpaid water bills.
  • You can ask Orbit Debt for documentation to support the debt before making a payment.

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