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Some may avoid paying Overdales. But rather than disregarding them, let me assist you in determining the best course of action

Last updated on 26 May 2023
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Table of Contents

1. Don’t panic if you get a notice from Overdales Solicitors; here’s what to do!
2. Who is Overdales Solicitors Legal?
3. Who is the CEO of Overdales Solicitors?
4. Who do Overdales Solicitors work for?
5. Have you received an Overdales debt letter?
6. Will I be taken to court for an Overdales debt?
7. Do I have to pay my Overdales debt?
8. Ask Overdales to prove you owe the debt
9. What if Overdales don’t reply?
10. What if Overdales Legal proves I owe the money?
11. Overdales Solicitors Contact Details
12. Some loopholes in the law that you could use to evade paying debts
13. Know your rights when facing debt collection companies
14. Key points


Don’t panic if you get a notice from Overdales Solicitors; here’s what to do!

You can write off some of your unaffordable debts to Overdales Solicitors. 

Inside UK, they offer various types of debt-relieving solutions for its citizens. Using those solutions, you can get aid to relieve a partial or even full amount of unaffordable debt you owe to them. 

But there is a catch, you have to choose wisely to avoid high costs.

Who is Overdales Solicitors Legal?

Overdales Solicitors or Overdales Debt Recovery is legally known as Overdales Legal Limited. It is a law firm that specialized in debt collection. They were known as Lucas Credit Services Limited before march of March 2021. And they are based in Leeds, in the UK.

They’re authorized and regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority and Financial Conduct Authority of the UK. 

Their debt collection services begin with pre-litigation tracing and communications. These initial steps include sending payment requests and legal notices(/legal threats) if the supposed debtor doesn’t willing to pay. Also, they provide legal advice and representation in court if the client seeks to take legal action against the debtor.

In the end, If the client wins in court they can help in debt enforcement arrangements. They do not claim to take your items to pay off your arrears as they are not bailiffs themselves.

Who is the CEO of Overdales Solicitors?

Overdales Solicitors company operations run mainly under four directors. They are namely James Riley, Elaine Robinson, Sarah Jane Perry, and Fiona Claire Barker. Click here to see more 

Who do Overdales Solicitors work for?

There are no exceptions for business type when it comes to providing debt recovery service by Overdales Solicitors company. They have kept providing debt recovery services to all types of businesses in the UK and tend to do the same in the future as well.

Among those businesses, industries in finance, energy, telecommunications, and many others are also included. 

Additionally, there are online shreds of evidence suggesting that they assist in chasing unpaid mobile contract arrears. Check it out here:

Have you received an Overdales debt letter?

Overdales Solicitors may try to reach out to you using any contact info they have on you. But they cannot talk about your debts to anyone else. They cannot discuss these issues not even with family members of yours or an employer you work for. 

Be careful and pay attention to written communications. Written communication is one of the most crucial ways of reaching out to debtors. They may send you a debt letter called “Letter Before Action” (LBA). It says you must pay your debt by a deadline or face court. This could mean more charges.

Will I be taken to court for an Overdales debt?

Overdales Solicitors cannot make a decision on their own about getting you to court. They always have to discuss with their client(debt owner) first about taking the case to court or not. This means the client has the final decision-making power regarding going forward with the case. 

But due to the revenue model of the Overdales Solicitors, they might threaten to take you to court even if their client doesn’t want to. This is an often-used tactic in the debt collection industry that is used to trick you into paying. 

It’s hard to tell if the threats are a trick that is used to make you pay or genuine at the beginning. Therefore better to be careful in making decisions assuming they will take legal action.

Do I have to pay my Overdales debt?

No. You do not have to pay for Overdales Solicitors just because of receiving a letter notifying payback debt. But If you truly owe some money to their client, only then you might get end up paying the debt.

If the debts are real and you owe them money there are ways to get out of it or get an agreement to buy some time to make the payment fully or portion-wise. 

Plus, there are legal loopholes that might mean helping you to not pay at all. Thus you need to do good research before even trying to reach out to Overdales Solicitors company about the case you are in trouble with. 

We have attached some of the loopholes we found to the end of our post and we will keep updating if we found new ones in the future.

Ask Overdales to prove you owe the debt

You can ask the Overdales Solicitors legal team for proof that shows whether you owe money to their client. This can be done simply by replying to their LBA (letter before action) another letter or email asking for proof. 

You can use a formal letter template from the internet If you are unable to create your self a letter asking for proof. In the context of the letter remember to include you are not willing to pay until they provide enough proof that shows you owe money to their client. 

They must provide proof, typically in the form of a signed agreement. 

If you think there has been a mistake or they have contacted the wrong person, replying with a prove-the-debt letter is a useful approach. Once they ask their client for proof, they will likely realize their error.

What if Overdales don’t reply?

Overdales Solicitors are bound by law to reply to you with the necessary proof documents that show you owe money to their client. You can choose to disregard their letters if they fail to respond or cannot provide the necessary proof to confront you owe them.

And if they did not reply to you with proof and still pursued legal action, you can inform the judge that your request for proof was dismissed. For this to work it is essential to keep copies of your prove-the-debt letters in case you need them later.

What if Overdales Legal proves I owe the money?

It is better to consider paying if Overdales Solicitors have enough proof to confront you that you owe their client money. By doing so you can evade legal actions taken by them. 

You can discuss with them to agree on a payment plan if the amount you owe them is considerably unbearable and would cause financial instability. 

Don’t think for a second that you don’t need to pay assuming they will not take legal action against you. Nevertheless, with the correct instances in play, there is a possibility that you may not have to pay.

Overdales Solicitors Contact Details

Website: https://www.overdales.com/
Email: help@overdales.com
Text: 07860 020977
Phone: 03331 110 800
Post: PO Box 1399, Bradford, BD5 5GA

Some loopholes in the law that you could use to evade paying debts

  • Check whether the debts are so old that they cannot be enforceable in court.

Make sure to check if the debt is still enforceable before requesting proof from Overdales Solicitors Legal. Some older debts may be considered statute-barred. Which means a judge cannot legally order you to pay. Therefore it’s essential to investigate if Overdales is pursuing payment on old account arrears.

  • Check whether other debt collectors also have purchased your debt

There are a considerable number of debt-collecting law firms doing operations on behalf of various companies in the UK. Thus it is easy to miss if they are after you. 
Therefore it is better to go through your bank statements regularly. Because it will show up on your credit report if a debt collector buys your debt. Cabot, PRA Group, and Lowell are some major debt collectors to watch out for compared to other firms. If you come across any references to these companies, you should do further research and reach out to them before they file any legal cases against you.

Know your rights when facing debt collection companies

Empower yourself to stand up against Overdale Debt Collection by understanding and exercising your rights. By arming yourself with the correct knowledge and information, you can push back effectively against debt collectors. With this post, we have covered all the information you need to know when dealing with them.

Key points

  • Overdales Solicitors is a law firm that helps to recover unpaid debts of various industries in the UK. 
  • People living in the UK can legally write off some of their debts if they match particular law descriptions. 
  • If you get a debt letter, you have the right to ask Overdales for proof that shows you owe them money(debt) before making any payments.
  • Court action may happen if the client wants it, but some legal threats may not be real as they sound to be. 
  • If the debt is too old to enforce, then they are sorted under the statute-barred category and cannot be taken to court. 
  • Remember your rights when dealing with debt collectors and push back with knowledge.

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