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Don’t allow yourself to be swept away by Resolvecall Debt Collectors. It’s crucial that you face them head-on, not retreat into silence, as that could escalate into a predicament you’d rather avoid. But here’s the twist – you may not have to pay. 

So, what could be your lifeline amidst this? Hang tight as I reveal your options in the next section…

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Last updated on 14 July 2023
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Table of Contents

1. Getting to Know Resolvecall
2. Why is Resolvecall contacting me?
3. Is Resolvecall legitimate?: Are Resolvecall legitimate?
4. Communication Methods Employed by Resolvecall
5. Navigating through Resolvecall Correspondence: How to Deal with Resolvecall Letters
6. How to Put a Stop to ALL contact from Resolvecall?
7. What powers do Resolvecall have?
8. What If You Owe the Resolvecall Debt?
9. What will happen if you keep Ignoring Resolvecall reach outs?
10. Exploring the Top Five Debt Solutions
11. Can I Make a Complaint Against Resolvecall?
12. Handling Phone Conversations with Resolvecall Debt Collectors
13. What to Do if Resolvecall Visits Your Home?
14. Finding Assistance Amidst Resolvecall Debts
15. Should Other Debt Collectors Be On Your Radar?
16. Contact detail of Resolvecall Debts
17. Key Points
18. FAQ


Getting to Know Resolvecall

Resolvecall is a debt collection agency that provides debt recovery services for individuals and companies who are struggling to collect outstanding payments on their own. They have not kept their focus on a single industry from the beginning of their business. 

Thus they have a good experience in debt collection for a diverse range of industries. These industries majorly come from business sectors shown below, 

1. Banks – Loans and Mortgages
2. Financial Services – Loans
3. Utilities – Energy, water

Resolvecall mainly focuses on chasing after debts that are categorised under “Bad debt.” Bad debt is a term used to identify debts that the original creditors do not have enough time or resources to chase after their borrowers.

Why is Resolvecall contacting me?

Surely you will get surprised if you hear from the Resolvecall debt collection agency for the first time. There are mainly 2 instances where Resolvecall may contact you.

1. Your original creditors have hired Resolvecall to chase after you to recover their debts on behalf of them.
2. Or simply, it’s a mistake. We all are humans. So mistakes can happen due to various reasons such as system glitches, wrong addresses, wrong person and etc.

Below are some of the well-known companies that operate inside the UK that take debt recovery services from Resolvecall Ltd.

1. First Utility
2. Scottish Power
3. British Gas
4. Regional water suppliers
5. N Power

Your overdue payments may be piling up due to your inability to pay or keep avoiding paying carelessly for years. No matter the reason, at some point in time, your original creditors from companies like the above will surely hire a debt collection agency like Resolvecall to recover their money.

Is Resolvecall legitimate?: Are Resolvecall legitimate?

Yes, Resolvecall is a legitimate business. Below are some facts that will help you to verify their legitimacy yourself.

  • They have registered in the Companies House in the UK under the company name “RESOLVECALL LIMITED” since 1990. 
  • Their registered address – 1 Smithhills Street, Paisley, Scotland, PA1 1EB.
  • Company Registration Number – SC127277
  • Resolvecall is authorised and regulated by Financial Conduct Authority(FCA) under reference number 713946. This means they have to operate at all times according to the guidelines and legal regulations stated by FCA when it comes to pursuing unpaid debts.

While your initial encounter with Resolvecall might be a letter or phone call, it’s crucial to verify before you respond. This could mean anything from a simple name mix-up to a case of mistaken identity. 

So, what happens if a ‘Resolve call came to my house’? Don’t fret, as this is part of their usual process.

Communication Methods Employed by Resolvecall

At first, they will send you a letter notifying you that your original creditor has hired Resolvecall to recover chase after you to recover their debts. From that point onwards starts the torturing. Resolvecall will use all types of communication channels that they have on you. 

These channels include;

1. Letters,
2. Phone calls,
3. Emails,
4. Or even house visits in extreme cases.

While it may seem daunting, remember that it’s your right to control the communication medium. For instance, if you prefer correspondence via letters, you can request them to stop calling. Simply send a request to them via a letter notifying your preferred communication medium.

Initially, these letters may just suggest you get in touch with them to find a solution to pay the debt. 

But with time passing on;

1. The new letters may contain phrases that imply they will come to visit your home,
2. Offer an out-of-court settlement plan due date before bringing this case to court, etc.

As you can see, it’s not wise to keep ignoring these reach outs as if you know the debts are true for sure. Don’t worry if your feel intrigued. Keep reading to find out what to do on these occasions.

Navigating through Resolvecall Correspondence: How to Deal with Resolvecall Letters

The first letter of Resolvecall will contain all the information you need to know about why they are after you instead of your original creditor. Plus, they will notify you what will happen if you ignore their requests.

Therefore, Let’s discuss How to Deal with Resolvecall Letters in four main steps as if your debts are true,

  • Don’t get panicked. Check out your credit history to find the whereabouts of the origin of this debt.

The first thing you should do is not get panicked just because you received a debt collection notice from an agency like Resolvecall. Be calm and check out all your credit history documents to find out how the debt originated in the first place and with whom.

Having these credit history documents in your hand comes in handy when checking the validity of debt with Rosolvecall.

  • Check whether the debts are older to make responsible via court.

We strongly advise you to check the below facts before getting in touch with Resolvecall or your original creditor.

1. Check whether the debts are older than 6 years(5 years in Scotland) from the date of last communication with your creditor or debt collection agency.
2. Check whether your creditor or Resolvecall had not been in contact with you within that period.
3. And you have not received any court order within that period.

The debts that fulfil all three facts mentioned above sorts under the statute-barred debt category by law. This means these types of debts cannot make you responsible for paying by the court. Thus you will not have to pay them.

However, this does not mean it will clear your credit history as well. Therefore taking this statute-barred opportunity will impact your credit history negatively. As a result, you may find difficulty in getting a new credit card or loan in the future.

Let’s talk about what to do If your debts are true and they cannot sort under the statute-barred category.

3. Request Resolvecall to validate the debt via written document

You can request Resolvecall to do that by simply sending them a letter asking for written proof that shows you owe their client money. Use the subject of the letter as ‘Prove-the-Debt’. 

Plus, remember to keep a photocopy of this letter and do not sign the letter. 

  • The photocopy of the letter will come in handy if things escalate into court action without replying to you in the first place. It’s because they are legally bound to reply with proof to you.
  • We ask you not to sign this request letter as there is a risk they might forge your sign to something you did not agree upon. Thus it’s better to avoid signing the letter.

They will surely send you a letter that contains all the proof you need to verify the debt. Next, you can validate the evidence provided by cross-checking with your own credit history documents. 

Genuine evidence should be an original contract between you and the creditor, including your signature.

It’s really important to validate the debt as Resolvecall is known for using Scatturgun Method to find the real person who owns money to their client.

Here the Scattergun Method means, The Resolvecall agency sends the same debt letter to many people as possible. But the trick is these letters are addressed to the same name that has different addresses. 

People’s living whereabouts change with time. Thus they hope to catch the real person who owes their client with this approach. And they think one of them will own up to the debt and settle it. 

As you can see, there is a chance you might not be the real person who owes them money. Thus it is very important to validate the debt before taking any action to resolve it.

Varied Reactions to Debt-Proof Letters

It’s crucial not to respond unless they provide substantial proof, regardless of their reaction to your letter. Reporting their actions to FCA or to Financial Ombudsman could help hold them accountable if they attempt to circumvent your letter.

How to Put a Stop to ALL contact from Resolvecall?

You cannot put a stop to all contact from Resolvecall. It’s because they have the right to get in touch with you to discuss about repaying the debt if the debts are true.

But there are 2 options you might get full or partial relief from their constant reach outs. They are as follows.

1. You can reach out to them via a letter stating that you prefer to communicate with them through letters only. They are bound by law to honour your request. But the catch is you have to keep responding to their letters.
2. Or you have to apply for a debt solution provided by the government to get relief from these constant reach outs. But the problem is there are certain conditions that need to be true to gain acceptance into a program like that. I have discussed further about these solutions in the later part of this article.

Otherwise, they will surely find new ways to communicate with you if any of the methods mentioned above do not work out for you.

By communicating with them through letters, you can buy some time finding a feasible solution. Within that period, we strongly suggest you find a better solution before things could escalate to a bad situation. 

What powers do Resolvecall have?

It’s vital to understand that Resolvecall, just like any other debt collector should operate within the confines of legal regulations. And it does not matter whether it’s an energy supplier company or a personal loan company. This means debt collection agencies do not possess any extra-legal powers compared to the original debt owner of your debt. 

The only difference you will experience within these two entities is that you have to deal with Resolvecall instead of your original creditor. Rest all the same. Their collection agents are not enforcement agents(bailiffs). Thus they do not have the legal authority to enter your home and seize your belongings.

As I mentioned before, Resolvecall is authorised and governed by Financial Conduct Authority(FCA). Thus they have to act within FCA guidelines when chasing after debtors like you. Below are some of the most important rules you need to know while dealing with Resolvecall.

1. Resolvecall cannot harass you or your family in any form while conducting communication.
2. They are not allowed to discuss about your debts with a third party. Not even with a family member, office college or a close friend.
3. They can’t mislead you in any way. Thus Resolvecall is not allowed to lie to you, implying they will take court action while taking legal action taking possibility is highly unlikely.
4. Reslvecall is not allowed to charge you unrealistic fees compared to a realistic total.
5. They are not allowed to enter your home without bailiffs and a proven guilty court order in hand.
6. They take into consideration all circumstances that you are facing in your life when finding a solution for your debt issue.

It’s time to lodge a complaint to FCA If you feel and have proof that shows they have broken any of these guidelines.

What If You Owe the Resolvecall Debt?

It is just a matter of time before you end up paying Resolvecall Debt if they have replied to you with genuine proof that shows you owe them money.

Therefore the easiest way to make them go away is by paying off the total amount you owe to their client only if you have extra money to spend.

Or you can reach out to them and discuss getting into an agreement where you will pay off the debt through a payment plan. You can get acceptance to a better payment plan if you could discuss with Resolvecall or your original creditor in a way that convinces the hardships you are facing in the present with proof.

These payment plans can come in various forms. Weekly and monthly instalment plans are the most commonly used payment plans in the UK.

Always try to come up with payments on time if you get acceptance to a payment plan. This will help you to keep Resolvecall away from urging take any further action against you. Plus, to be in the safe zone, remember to get a copy of the payment plan you agree on before making the first payment to them. 

Let’s talk about things you could do if you were not able to get a payment plan that will not make your financial life vulnerable.

What will happen if you keep Ignoring Resolvecall reach outs?

There are four things that could happen if you keep ignoring Resolvecall reach outs. They are as follows,

1. First, they will send you one last letter titled Letter Before Action(LBA).
a. They will let you know that this case will be taken to court to solve if you are not willing to corporate to find a solution or pay the debt before the due date decided by them.
2. Next, they will suggest your original creditor to go to court to take a Country Court Judgement(CCJ) against you if proven you owe them money.
a. This court order will make you legally responsible for paying the debt. This CCJ subjugation will be recorded in the public financial registry and in your credit history. And it will affect your credit score negatively, making it difficult to take loans or credit cards in the future.
b. You can clear your credit history and remove your name from the public financial registry if you could settle the debt before the end of the first month of receiving CCJ conjugation.
c. Or else this CCJ conjugation will last six years ahead if you manage to settle the debt after the first month of CCJ conjugation.
3. Resolvecall will suggest to your original creditor to go to court again to take a warrant or a writ of conduct to use enforcement agents(Bailiffs) to visit your home and seize your valuable belongings if you keep ignoring their CCJ notice.
4. They will store your belonging in a warehouse and eventually sell them in an auction to settle their bailiff’s charges and total debt.

As you can see, it’s not a pleasant path to take by ignoring them. Thus we strongly suggest you to find a solution before things get escalate to this extent.

Exploring the Top Five Debt Solutions

Tackling with the ‘Resolvecall’ debt collection to find a solution to match your financial situation might seem daunting. But the silver lining is the existence of a myriad of debt solutions. 

Now, let’s dive deeper into the top five debt solutions you could apply for if you find difficulties in getting acceptance to a manageable payment plan with Resolvecall. Are you ready?

1. The Snowball Method

The Snowball method is good to use if you have the capability to afford the monthly minimum payments for all of your multiple debts. 

This strategy suggests paying extra money in addition to the minimum payment for the smallest debt until it gets cleared, while keep paying minimum payments for other debts as well. 

You will have to keep this cycle going on from smallest to largest debt until each one gets cleared. And keep in mind that this method helps to improve your credit score while other options do damage to it.

2. Debt Management Plan (DMP)

In a Debt Management Plan(DMP), you and your creditor agree on a repayment plan where you pay less than the minimum each month till the debt gets cleared. Here the creditor stops charging interest. Good for a short period of time. Like on an occasion when you lost your main source of income(like a Job).

But wait, isn’t there a downside? Unfortunately, yes. A DMP might negatively affect your credit rating, making it difficult to acquire credit in the future. Keep reading to find more options.

3. Individual Voluntary Arrangement (IVA)

An Individual Voluntary Arrangement (IVA) could be your go-to if the ‘Resolvecall’ alerts you to pay a large debt. With an IVA, an insolvency practitioner helps you agree to pay part of your debts over a certain period, with the rest being written off.

Now, the cliffhanger – An IVA can affect your credit rating for six years and might involve costs. Plus, your details will be public on the Insolvency Register. 

4. Debt Relief Order (DRO)

A Debt Relief Order (DRO) is designed to clear off debts for those with little to no assets and spare income. If approved, you’ll be ‘debt-free’ after a year.

But hold your horses! It’s not all rosy. The Debt Relief Order (DRO) will show up on your credit file for six years, possibly affecting your future credit chances. 


Declaring bankruptcy might be the last resort if all else fails, and ‘Resolvecall’ reminds you of paying unmanageable debt. This legal status is for those who can’t repay their debts within a reasonable time. Most of your debts will be written off, providing a fresh start.

However, it’s crucial to remember the cliffhanger – bankruptcy can have severe effects on your life. It includes losing all of your property and adverse effects on your credit rating. Do you perceive this as a dead-end or a new beginning?

You can clearly see that exploring these options has its pros and cons. But we believe now you are prepared to tackle the ‘Resolvecall’ with this newfound knowledge. 

It’s time to step into the arena, equipped with your best weapon – informed decision-making. 

Can I Make a Complaint Against Resolvecall?

Yes. You can make complaints about Resolvecall in two ways if you have proof to show their harassing conduct or unethical practices.

1. The first thing you should do is to report the issue to the head office of Resolvecall company showing proof of how their agents broke the guideline. This way, you are giving them an opportunity to solve the problem before things get worse for them.
2. Secondly, you can make a complaint to the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) or Financial Ombudsman Service(FOS) of your area about the incident if the Resolvecall fails to resolve the issue on your behalf.

It’s essential to safeguard your rights and take action against any improper conduct. Plus, Resolvecall may end up paying a fine and compensation to you if proven guilty.

Handling Phone Conversations with Resolvecall Debt Collectors

Got an unexpected call from Resolvecall? You’re not obligated to engage. You can request to be contacted via letters, and they must comply. Remember, they can’t divulge your debt details to anyone else.

What to Do if Resolvecall Visits Your Home?

If a ‘Resolve call came to my house’, it’s important to stay calm and not let them in. Politely ask them to leave any correspondence at your doorstep. 

As stated earlier, they can’t force their way in or pressure you into making immediate payments unless they are bailiffs agents with a warrant in hand from the court.

Finding Assistance Amidst Resolvecall Debts

Feeling overwhelmed? Don’t fret. There are free debt counselling services that operate inside the UK and can guide you through your debt journey. Below are some of the famous organisations that work to help overcome debt issues for people like you.

1. StepChange
2. National Debtline
3. Citizens Advice
4. Debt Advice Foundation.

It’s essential to seek help early to avoid falling into a debt spiral.

Should Other Debt Collectors Be On Your Radar?

Finally, while this article focused on Resolvecall, it’s worth noting that other debt collectors also operate in similar ways. Stay informed about your rights and keep a tab on any suspicious activities. 

Below are some of the largest debt-collection firms you need to keep a lookout for.

  • PRA Group
  • Cabot Financial 
  • Lowell Financial 

Contact detail of Resolvecall Debts

Phone numbers they might use to call you: 1412 120 520

08442 578 535

08442 578 536

Headquarters Address: Spectrum House, 55 Blythswood Street, Glasgow, G2 7AT
Mailing Address: Resolvecall Ltd, Spectrum House,

55 Blysthwood Street, Glasgow, G2 7AT

Phone: 0141 212 8500
Website: resolvecall.co.uk

Key Points

  • In the UK, certain individuals may have the legal option to eliminate a portion of their debt.
  • ResolveCall operates as a debt collection agency representing utility companies, banks, and loan providers in the recovery of outstanding debts.
  • It is advisable to request evidence of the debt before proceeding with any actions if you receive a letter from ResolveCall.
  • There are available debt solutions that can assist in managing unmanageable debts and potentially prevent further contact from ResolveCall within the UK.
  • ResolveCall must adhere to the rules set forth by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). The FCA prohibit them from imposing excessive fees, engaging in harassment, or seizing personal property.
  • It may be beneficial to consider establishing a payment arrangement with ResolveCall or exploring alternative debt resolution options if you are indeed indebted.


What Debts do Resolvecall Deal With?

Resolvecall caters to both secured and unsecured debts. They are particularly known for providing secured mortgage arrears visits for UK banks, given their status as a fully authorised FCA firm with Mortgage Administration permissions. Resolvecall also handles unsecured debts such as personal loans.

Is Resolvecall a Real Company?

Indeed, Resolvecall is a legitimate debt collection company. They have been registered under the company name RESOLVECALL LIMITED with the company number SC127277 since 1990. They are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) to collect debts in the UK under reference number 713946.

How do I Get Rid of Resolvecall?

There are several debt solutions in the UK that may help you write off some of your unaffordable debt. However, it’s important to choose wisely, as the wrong solution could lead to an expensive and prolonged process.

How did Resolvecall Get My Number?

 Resolvecall works on behalf of many clients who pass on your details for them to contact you about your outstanding balances. They might also receive your details from a reputable credit reference agency. Their contact generally comes via letters, calls, emails, and texts.

How do I contact Resolvecall Customer Service?

You can contact their customer service at 0141 212 8500. They’re ready to assist with your queries.

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