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Navigating the maze of debt can be daunting, and while it’s true that not everyone will be required to pay Reventus Enforcement Agents, burying your head in the sand is not the solution. What lies beyond if you choose to ignore them, you might ask? Strap in as we prepare to delve into your potential options with Reventus.

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Last updated on 20 August 2023
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Table of Contents

1. Who is Reventus Enforcement Agents?
2. Why are they contacting me?
3. Are they legitimate debt collectors?
4. What are Reventus reviews like?
5. Who does Reventus collect for?
6. What’s the difference between a debt collector and an enforcement agent?
7. What powers do Reventus have?
8. Should I let Reventus onto my property?
9. Do I have to pay Reventus?
10. What happens if I can’t pay?
11. What to do if you’ve been contacted by Reventus
12. Other Debt Collectors
13. Getting help dealing with Reventus Debt Collection
14. Reventus Enforcement Contact Information
15. Key Points
16. FAQ


Who is Reventus Enforcement Agents?

Reventus is a highly reputed enforcement agency based in the UK. Until 2011, this company was named Anthony Quinn Certificate Bailiffs Limited. They are renowned for their comprehensive services in the realm of debt recovery and collections. 

Reventus extend its expert services to businesses and local authorities, ensuring that debts are collected in a timely and efficient manner. They have a robust team of professionals trained to handle debt-related issues tactfully and professionally.

Despite the many changes that the company went through over the past few years, they still have power in terms of recovering money. Their current address is Suites 3 & 4 63-67 Athenaeum Place, Muswell Hill, London, England, N10 3HL. We will present their contact details at the end of this article. 

Why are they contacting me?

If you have been contacted by Reventus, it is likely because you have outstanding debts that they have been tasked to collect. These debts could range from unpaid parking fines, overdue council tax, utility bills, or any other financial obligations that have not been met

Enforcement agents like this company collect money on behalf of other businesses, so if you owe money to a company and if you start receiving calls from this enforcement agency, don’t be surprised. 

It’s crucial not to ignore these communications. The first step is to confirm the authenticity of the debt and then engage with them to understand the situation in detail. If you ignore their “Letter Before Action (LBA)”, the bailiffs will get involved. Try your best to avoid situations like this by contacting them and responding to their attempts at communication. 

In some cases, Reventus may purchase the debt from a creditor. So, in this case, the original creditor sells the debts for a much lower price. Thereafter, this enforcement agency makes money by chasing the debtor to recover the money by themselves. 

Are they legitimate debt collectors?

Yes, Reventus is indeed a legitimate and regulated debt collection agency. They are also registered under the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). This ensures that their practices are:

  • Fair
  • Transparent
  • Are obligated to provide equitable services to debtors

If you still have doubts, don’t worry. Nowadays, there are many scams that pretend to be debt collection companies to steal money from people. So it’s fair to question their legitimacy. 

But when it comes to this enforcement agency, apart from the FCA, they are also registered under the Companies House under the company number 04714602. For further assurance, they’re also members of the:

  • British Parking Association
  • Institute of Revenues Rating and Valuation
  • Civil Enforcement Association (CIVEA)

All of these are very important because it shows that they have to follow certain rules when they handle debtors. But most importantly, it guarantees the legitimacy of the company. 

What are Reventus reviews like?

As with any company operating in the debt recovery space, Reventus’ reviews can be mixed. Some customers appreciate their professional approach, while others might find their methods assertive or invasive. It’s vital to approach reviews objectively, understanding that experiences can vary based on individual circumstances and the nature of the debt involved.

On Google, they have a rating of 2.3/5. Whereas on Trust Pilot, they have a rating of 3.2/5. However, there are also multiple forum posts where people post bad experiences they have had with this agency. 

Who does Reventus collect for?

Reventus provides its debt collection services to a diverse range of organisations, encompassing local councils to private companies. Their expertise lies in recovering:

  • Civil parking enforcement, including parking tickets
  • Council Tax and NDR collection, including council tax reduction
  • Process serving, delivering legal documents
  • Sundry debt collection, including housing benefit overpayments
  • Former tenant arrears

What’s the difference between a debt collector and an enforcement agent?

While both debt collectors and enforcement agents work towards the same goal of recovering debts, their powers vary significantly. Debt collectors are generally private companies and possess limited legal authority. 

On the other hand, enforcement agents like Reventus have additional legal powers sanctioned by the court, including the authority to seize goods if necessary, providing them with greater leverage in their debt recovery process. 

Simply said, they are mainly specialised in collecting debt mandated by the law, such as CCJs and Council tax. As you can see, debt collectors have less power than enforcement agents. 

What powers do Reventus have?

Enforcement agents like Reventus have many powers. This includes:

  • Sending out formal letters of demand- this includes warnings to make the payments
  • Making phone calls to discuss debt- they can only speak to you and not family members
  • Visiting property- they can force entry if you don’t let them in. But if you’re under the age of 16, they cannot enter.
  • Seize goods or possessions through a warrant or writ of conduct issued by court- including luxury items, TVs, Antiques, Jewellery and game consoles.

Reventus might have the option to lawfully enter your residence depending on the nature of the debt and the duration of non-payment. This action is considered a final course of action and must be executed with sensible force. There are specific situations in which they are prohibited from entering your residence:

1. If you are categorised as a vulnerable individual, or if only individuals under the age of 16 are present.
2. By employing forceful methods or pushing their way through without your consent.
3. Prior to 6am or after 9pm.
4. Through any means other than your main entrance doors.

Typically, this measure is pursued in cases involving outstanding criminal fines, stamp duty, or income tax payments.

However, just like the enforcement agency, you also have rights. So it’s important to know these rights so that they will not misuse their power to collect the debt or to intimidate you. 

Should I let Reventus onto my property?

While you are under no legal obligation to let Reventus or any other enforcement agent onto your property, avoiding them does not make the debt go away. So the best option is to take it with them directly. You can do this and ask them to give you a payment plan. If you’re not sure what to do, get some advice from debt advisors or legal experts.

In a case where they try to come into your home, they should show you proper documents that give them permission to enter. They can’t come in if you don’t have unpaid magistrates court fines or unpaid tax debts. 

The first thing you should do once they arrive at your home is to remain calm and ask them to identify themselves through an ID or a certificate. Make sure to check if they’re from Reventus or not. Apart from this, they should have the necessary paperwork. Keep in mind that you don’t have to let them in to view these documents. 

If they don’t show you the documents, you have the right to tell them to leave. But keep in mind if you refuse to talk with enforcement agents from Reventus and ask them to leave, they will come back again in a few days until you corporate. 

Do I have to pay Reventus?

It is generally advisable to settle the debt or negotiate a payment plan if the debt claim that Reventus holds against you is valid and you are the rightful debtor. If you ignore them, you will have to pay extra fees, or you may have to face legal action. 

But make sure to check if the documents are accurate. It’s possible that they are mistaken or have the wrong address. Keep in mind to compare the details in the document with your own records. Confirm if they match. 

However, if your debt is statute-barred, you don’t have to pay. This is when a debt is more than six years old. But to be eligible for this, you should meet these criteria:

1. You haven’t paid in the last six years
2. You haven’t admitted that you owe the debt
3. You haven’t received a County Court Judgment for it

What happens if I can’t pay?

If you find yourself unable to pay, it is crucial to communicate this to Reventus. Debt collection agencies are often willing to work out a feasible payment plan based on your current financial situation. 

If you refuse to pay off the debt, the issue will escalate, and they may get a County Court Judgement (CCJ) against you. If you still don’t pay, bailiffs will seize your valuable goods and property. In a worst-case scenario, the creditor will petition you for bankruptcy. This will have a long-lasting effect on your credit report. 

The best option to avoid all of these is to consider a debt solution. Some of these also help you to completely write off your debt. So choose one that you believe suits your situation:

Additionally, seek advice from a debt counsellor or a charitable organisation like:

  • National Debtline
  • StepChange. 
  • Citizens Advice
  • Debt Advice Foundation

They can help you manage your debts effectively and guide you through the process.

What to do if you’ve been contacted by Reventus

It can feel alarming and daunting when you receive that unexpected call or letter from Reventus, a well-known debt collection agency. Even though this is a stressful situation to be in, there are methods that you can follow in order to navigate the situation.

Step 1: Stay Calm and Collected

First things first, keep calm. This is easier said than done, right? But remember, panic only leads to hasty decisions. Breathe, collect your thoughts, and face the situation head-on.

Step 2: Gather Your Information

Try to understand what debt they are trying to claim. Is it related to an unpaid council tax or a parking fine? Validate this information with your records. 

Step 3: Request Documentation from Reventus

Under the FCA regulations, you have the right to request full details of your debt from Reventus. Ask them for a detailed breakdown of what you owe and why. Their response can provide critical insights.

Step 4: Engage Openly with Reventus

It’s time to open lines of communication. Discuss your situation with Reventus. Are you unable to pay the full amount? In this case, you can ask them for a payment plan. But either way makes sure to engage with them openly. 

Step 5: Seek Professional Advice

If things get complicated, it might be time to seek advice. Reach out to entities like National Debtline, Citizens Advice, or a financial adviser. Their advice can be a game-changer. 

Step 6: Understand Your Rights

You have rights as a debtor, and understanding these rights can be empowering. For instance, did you know that Reventus cannot harass you or enter your home without your consent? If they do this, you can make a complaint to the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

Step 7: Plan Your Next Move

Now that you’re equipped with all this information, plan your next move. Should you agree to a payment plan with Reventus, or should you dispute the debt? However, if you’re in a position to pay, clearing off the debt is the best option as it will help to avoid a lot of issues. 

Other Debt Collectors

Reventus is one of many debt collection agencies operating in the UK. Others include agencies like:

  • CapQuest
  • Lowell Financial
  • Moorcroft
  • Cabot Financial
  • PRA Group

All of these offer similar services. Understanding how each agency operates can help you negotiate effectively and protect your rights as a debtor.

It’s important that you confirm if you have any other outstanding debts. Four steps you can take to help you with this include:

1. Checking your credit for defaults, you may have missed out on
2. Checking your post and email for overdue notices or reminders
3. Checking your court records for any CCJs against your name
4. Checking your bank statements for names of other debt collection agencies

Getting help dealing with Reventus Debt Collection

Various organisations provide advice and assistance when dealing with Reventus or other debt collection agencies. These resources will help you navigate your situation and make better decisions. Some free debt advice charities you can consider include:

  • National Debtline– This is a free service where you can get resources made specifically for people that are in debt. You can also contact them through phone or web chat. 
  • Citizens Advice– They provide a dedicated debt and money section. But if you want to get advice in person, visit one of their local branches.
  • StepChange– this debt charity provides free advice on the phone, online or in person. 

Reventus Enforcement Contact Information

Website: www.reventus.co.uk
Phone: Main Office 

T: 03301 221 221 

E: info@reventus.co.uk

Welfare Team 

T: 0203 026 9186 

E: welfareteam@reventus.co.uk

Parking Fines: 0208 125 3545
Address: Unit 9 Harforde Court, John Tate Road, Hertford, SG13 7NW

Key Points

  • Reventus Enforcement Agents is a legitimate UK-based debt collection agency known for its proficiency in recovering diverse types of debts. Engaging with them constructively is key to managing your situation effectively. 
  • Reventus possesses certain legal powers under UK laws. They can visit your home and reclaim your property to compensate for your debt. Knowing their limits can help you maintain control over the situation.
  • Reventus’ communication should never be ignored. Instead, gathering information about the issue, validating the debt, and responding promptly is the way to go.
  • Interestingly, some people in the UK might have the option to legally write off parts of their debt. Exploring this avenue could be a game-changer for some debtors.
  • If dealing with Reventus or managing your debt becomes overwhelming, seeking help from debt advice organisations like National Debtline, Citizens Advice, or Step Change can be beneficial. They can provide expert advice and possibly pave a path towards resolving your debt issues.
  • Lastly, it’s important to understand what to do if you’re contacted by Reventus. From staying calm and collecting information to seeking professional advice, several steps can help you navigate this process effectively. 


What type of agency is Reventus?

Reventus is a legitimate debt collection and enforcement agency based in the UK.

Does Reventus have legal powers to reclaim property?

Yes, Reventus can exercise certain legal powers, such as visiting your home and reclaiming property to settle your debts.

What should I do if I’m contacted by Reventus?

Don’t ignore their communication. Instead, gather information, validate your debt, and respond promptly. If necessary, seek professional advice.

How should I handle the stress of dealing with a debt collection agency like Reventus?

It’s important to stay calm, gather all relevant information, validate your debt, and engage openly with Reventus. Consider seeking professional advice if the process becomes too overwhelming.

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