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You may not be required to pay RMA Resolve Debt Collection a single penny. Still, paying attention to their correspondence is crucial – neglecting to respond could lead you down a more challenging path. But what could happen if you ignore them? And what options do you have? Stick around as we delve into the specifics of dealing with RMA Resolve…

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Last updated on 18 August 2023
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Table of Contents

1. Who are RMA Resolve Debt Collectors?
2. Why are RMA Resolve Debt Collectors Contacting You?
3. Did You Run Up the Debt?
4. What to Consider if You Can Repay
5. What if You Can’t Afford it?
6. What the Law Says About Debt Collectors
7. How does RMA Resolve Debt Collectors Work?
8. What Can You Do About Debt
9. How to Write Off Your Debt
10. Further Advice
11. RMA Resolve Debt Collection Contact Details
12. Other Debt Collectors to Look for on Your Credit Report
13. Key Points
14. FAQ


Who are RMA Resolve Debt Collectors?

RMA Resolve is a UK-based, well-established debt management company. Their primary role is to aid individuals grappling with mounting debts. They achieve this by acquiring these outstanding debts from the original lenders, subsequently assuming control over the debt collection process. RMA Resolve is a significant player in the debt recovery landscape, working with numerous sectors, including:

  • Telecommunications
  • Healthcare
  • Banking

Why are RMA Resolve Debt Collectors Contacting You?

When RMA Resolve reaches out, it is typically due to a debt they acquired from your original creditor. This debt could result from an unpaid bill, a loan, or a credit card account that has fallen into arrears. RMA Resolve’s approach is to try and establish a payment plan with you to clear this debt.

If you owe money to someone, RMA Resolve Debt Collectors may contact you to remind you about the debt and ask for payment. They are a company that collects money from people who owe it. They buy the debt and earn money when you pay them back.

Did You Run Up the Debt?

Don’t start fretting about the debt before confirming it is truly yours. Sometimes, deficits could be falsely attributed due to errors in the system. Thus, if you find yourself doubting the legitimacy of the debt, make a formal request to RMA Resolve to supply a copy of the original credit agreement. If they neglect to provide this file, withhold payment until the matter is resolved.

In situations where uncertainty clouds the debt issue, postponing payments is advisable. There is a possibility of error, coupled with the likelihood of a mistaken address.

If they persist in asserting your responsibility, you can request the original lender to provide you with a copy of the credit agreement. They must provide evidence confirming the legitimacy of the debt before considering any payments.

What to Consider if You Can Repay

Provided you have enough resources, clearing your debt rapidly is the best option. Getting rid of your debts not only terminates the collection of interest but also promotes a rise in your creditworthiness.

RMA Resolve is typically open to collaborating on a payment plan that aligns with your financial circumstances. However, it’s important to have documentation substantiating your income and expenses.

If you’re financially capable of making payments, contacting RMA Resolve Debt Collectors without delay is recommended to establish a suitable payment arrangement. They may often agree to a payment plan, provided you commit to it. They might request verification of your income and expenditures to facilitate the process. Before finalising any agreements, ensure you have sufficient funds to cover:

  • Rent
  • Mortgage
  • Groceries.

What if You Can’t Afford it?

If you are unable to meet the debt payments, it’s essential to communicate your situation to RMA Resolve. This will help them understand your financial predicament better. According to regulations, they are required to treat debtors fairly and empathetically. They may agree to a revised repayment plan suited to your financial means.

Talking to RMA Resolve Debt Collectors about your financial situation can aid in finding a solution to settle the debt. If you lack employment and require additional time to gather the funds needed, they have to be patient until you get your next pay.  

RMA Resolve should exhibit compassion and accommodating tendencies in a situation like this. Insufficient funds can substantially limit the possibilities available.

If you can’t afford to pay, you can also consider the following debt solutions:

Debt collection efforts can exacerbate an individual’s financial anxiety and stress. Being collected and composed is crucial to navigating challenges successfully. Collectors must abide by the rules and they cannot scare or annoy people. If they portray behaviour as such, inform the  Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS) about it.

If people keep calling you to collect the money you owe, here are some tips to handle these calls well.

Stay relaxed and composed.

The prospect of resolving monetary obligations with those you owe can create tension, yet vital to preserving equanimity. Allowing stress to consume you will not solve your issues; instead, stay relaxed. Converse with them in a collected and calm tone, highlighting your situation during the dialogue.

In cases where someone is causing problems or harassing  you, doing something about it is essential. In this case, speak to the Financial Ombudsman, where you can describe your issue and seek assistance. They will take the necessary action against RMA Resolve. 

Adopt a consistent approach to ensure on-time bill submission.

Interacting with debt collectors like RMA Resolve Debt Collectors is essential. They will continue until they get the payment. Paying promptly is an intelligent decision. Even if your financial resources are limited, it is crucial to maintain a consistent payment schedule. By lowering the amount owed, stress is also diminished.

What the Law Says About Debt Collectors

Isn’t it often daunting when dealing with debt, and suddenly, there’s RMA Resolve at your doorstep? Let’s examine what the law says about debt collectors like RMA Resolve.

Transparency is Key

The OFT (Office for Fair Trading) establishes detailed debt collectors’ conduct rules. The foremost rule is transparency in their dealings. RMA Resolve must furnish transparent, correct, and swift information like any other debt collector. 

This means, if a letter from RMA Resolve advises you of a considerable sum owed to them. As per the law, RMA Resolve needs to provide a complete breakdown of the amount, including how much of it is the original debt and how much is accumulated interest or charges. If anything is unclear, don’t hesitate to contact them directly. 

The Compassionate Side of Debt Collection

The resolve of RMA extends beyond mere openness to display empathy towards those grappling with financial difficulties. Yes, you heard it right. Compassion in debt collection! It may surprise you that debt collectors are not universally perceived as malevolent figures. They must grasp your circumstances and behave accordingly with fairness.

Can They Pursue You for Payment Endlessly?

As per the guidelines, RMA Resolve has to respect reasonable requests regarding when, where, and how they should contact you. Are they calling at odd hours or flooding your mailbox? You can request them to stick to a communication method and timing that suits you. Isn’t it relieving to know you have some control over this?

Are You Being Harassed by RMA Resolve?

Unbelievably, some debt collectors resort to aggressive tactics to recover debts. However, rest assured that harassment is strictly against the OFT guidelines. RMA Resolve cannot falsely threaten you with legal action or use complicated language to intimidate you. Feeling harassed? Don’t just sit back. Take action!

Your Right to Lodge a Complaint

If you feel RMA Resolve doesn’t adhere to these regulations, you have every right to complain about them to the Office for Fair Trading (OFT). Any creditor failing to follow these guidelines could be penalised or even lose their licence. 

Verification of Debt

OFT guidelines also mention that debt collectors must provide a debtor with adequate details about the debt. Has RMA Resolve contacted you regarding a debt that doesn’t ring a bell? You can ask RMA Resolve to provide you with proof of the debt. 

Debt Collection or Invasion of Privacy?

Respecting a debtor’s privacy is an important aspect of debt collection guidelines. RMA Resolve can’t disclose information about your debt to anyone but you. Concerned about your information getting into the wrong hands? You have the law on your side!

Interest, Charges and Those Hidden Extras

Last but not least, RMA Resolve or any debt collector can’t just slap on extra charges or interest arbitrarily. Any additions to your debt have to be agreed upon in your original contract or be permitted by law. 

Now you know what the law says about debt collectors like RMA Resolve. Next time RMA Resolve contacts you, you’ll be better equipped to deal with them.

How does RMA Resolve Debt Collectors Work?

Having a grasp of how debt collectors operate can be beneficial. This will help you to get an idea how you should tackle RMA Resolve. 

No Profit if You Don’t Pay

RMA Resolve buys your debt and profits only when you pay. They purchase the debt for a fraction of the original amount, so any payment you make represents their earnings. This is why they call you all the time. If you don’t pay it’s a loss for them. However, they cannot coerce or harass you into making payments.

Automated Calling System

If they keep on contacting you through calls even if you’re not answering the phone, there is a high chance they  are using an automated calling system. So in this case, they can even set the timer to contact you every 30 minutes. 

If you feel like they are harassing you with calls, don’t hesitate to make a complaint to the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS). You can contact them by calling 0800 023 4567 or 0300 123 9123.

What Can You Do About Debt

If your debts feel overwhelming, don’t lose hope. Contact non-profit organisations like:

  • Citizens Advice Bureau (CAB),
  • Christians Against Poverty (CAP)
  • StepChange
  • National Debtline

They offer free advice and support for your debt-related worries. They can help you devise a plan to manage and eventually overcome your debts.

You must know how RMA Resolve Debt Collectors work so that you can handle them correctly. Learning about individuals involved in debt collection can provide valuable insights.

How to Write Off Your Debt

In some cases, individuals are eligible to participate in an Individual Voluntary Arrangement (IVA) program. An IVA is a formal agreement you make with the people you owe money to, which helps you reduce some of the money you owe. Selecting an IVA can potentially limit credit opportunities for up to five years.

An IVA can be an attractive remedy when debt troubles become untenable. You are bound by this arrangement to make payments to the creditors concerned, and they will accept a lower price than the total amount you owe. 

For those burdened with significant debt, an IVA could be their most practical option. Understand that a debt agreement may hinder loan borrowing for approximately five years.

Further Advice

It’s important to know you have rights as someone who owes money. If RMA Resolve doesn’t follow the rules, report them. It’s important to mention that many companies have received warnings and, in some situations, have even had their licences taken away because they broke these laws.

Specialists have informed these entities about the possibility of improper conduct in their financial dealings. Offences can result in measures being taken to restrict their actions. If you think RMA Resolve Debt Collectors are not following the required rules, it is very important that you quickly report these instances without any hesitation.

RMA Resolve Debt Collection Contact Details

RMA Resolve is accessible through multiple channels to address your concerns. You can reach them via the below options.

Phone: 0330 0601 082
Email: info@rmacollections.com
Website: rmacollections.com

Other Debt Collectors to Look for on Your Credit Report

Besides RMA Resolve, you may find similar debt collectors listed on your credit report, including:

  • Cabot Financial
  • PRA Group
  • Lowell Financial

Frequent credit report examinations are imperative for maintaining control over your financial situation.

Throughout the UK, diverse debt-collecting agencies function for distinct industries. The ease with which one can overlook debts after they’ve been sent to a collections firm is quite striking.

You should schedule a moment to thoughtfully analyse your credit history. Debts owed to collectors are likely to appear on your credit file. Recognising renowned entities such as Cabot, PRA Group, and Lowell is vital. Upon finding related data regarding these areas, endeavour to analyse the details to foster a more in-depth understanding.

Key Points

  • RMA Resolve Debt Collectors is a UK-based debt management company that buys debts from original creditors and contacts individuals with outstanding debts. Their contact doesn’t necessarily imply a fault on your part.
  • Numerous people in the UK can legally write off a portion of their debt; hence, RMA Resolve’s contact does not imply immediate or full payment of debt.
  • If the debt claimed by RMA Resolve seems unfamiliar, asking for a copy of the credit agreement before making any payments is important. Lack of provision might indicate illegitimacy of the claimed debt.
  • It’s crucial to remain calm and composed when dealing with RMA Resolve or other debt collectors. If feasible, arranging for payments should be considered. 
  • Seek help from debt management companies or non-profit organisations like the Citizens Advice Bureau for free advice and support in dealing with RMA Resolve and other debt collectors.
  • Debt collection agencies, like RMA Resolve, are regulated by the Office for Fair Trading (OFT) guidelines, which include fair treatment of debtors, clarity of information, and empathy towards debtors’ difficulties.
  • If you are harassed or threatened by the debt collector or other debt collectors, you can complain to the Financial Ombudsman.
  • Remember, the debt collector will not make any profit unless you make a payment, which explains their constant contact attempts. However, automated calls every 30 minutes could be reported as harassment.
  • If you can make payments, establishing a payment plan with RMA can help alleviate the stress and contribute towards debt clearance.
  • For individuals with unmanageable debts, Individual Voluntary Arrangement (IVA) is an option that allows you to reach an agreement with debt collectors and possibly write off a part of your debt.


Can RMA Resolve add additional charges to my debt?

Any additional charges or interest added to your debt must be agreed upon in your original contract with the creditor or permitted by law. RMA Resolve cannot arbitrarily add extra fees.

RMA Resolve is harassing me. What can I do?

The OFT’s directives prohibit debt collectors from engaging in unacceptable behaviour towards individuals. If anyone harrasses you, you are entitled to inform the appropriate authorities and file a formal grievance with RMA Resolve.

Can RMA Resolve disclose my debt information to others?

Respecting a debtor’s privacy is a crucial aspect of the OFT guidelines. RMA Resolve cannot disclose information about your debt to anyone other than you, protecting your privacy.

Can I stop RMA Resolve from contacting me?

You can request that RMA Resolve adhere to specific communication methods and times that suit you. They must respect reasonable requests regarding when, where, and how they contact you.

What happens if RMA Resolve doesn’t follow the OFT guidelines?

If RMA Resolve fails to follow the OFT guidelines, you can complain about them. They could potentially face a penalty or even lose their licence.

Can I get help dealing with RMA Resolve?

You can seek help from organisations like the Citizens Advice Bureau, National Debtline, or a legal advisor. They can guide dealing with debt collectors and understanding your rights and responsibilities.

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