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You might not have to part with a single penny to Scott and Co Debt Collectors. Yet, turning a blind eye to Scott and Co is like sitting on a ticking time bomb – it could blow up into a serious mess! But here’s the kicker – you’ve got options, and they’re probably not what you are expecting. 

Scott and Co Debt Collectors - can You Ignore Them? -2023

Have Scott and Co. Debt Collectors gotten in touch with you? If so, are they requesting payment for outstanding parking fines, council taxes, or other types of debt? Even a Sheriff Officer visit may have left you feeling uneasy and concerned. 

There are steps you can do to safeguard yourself, prevent Scott & Company from taking additional action, and establish manageable repayment schedules that won’t put you deeper into debt.

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Last updated on 21 July 2023
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Table of Contents

1. Who are the Scott and Co Debt Collectors?
2. Verifying the Legitimacy of Scott and Co as Debt Collectors
3. Reasons for Receiving a Letter from Scott and Co
4. Strategies to Halt Further Actions from Scott & Co
5. Consequences of Non-Payment: The Scott and Co Perspective
6. Accessing Support to Address Issues with Scott and Co
7. Will Scott and Co be able to Come into my Home?
8. Should you Pay the Full Balance or Instalments?
9. Bankruptcy
10. How do I receive support?
11. The Procedure for Filing a Complaint Against Scott and Co
12. How to Reach Out: Scott and Co’s Contact Details
13. Key Points
14. FAQ


So, what’s next? Fasten your seatbelt, because I’m about to take you on a wild ride through your choices…

By canceling a portion of your debt, you might get rid of Scott & Co Debt Collectors. There are several debt relief solutions available in the UK. Selecting the ideal option might help you reduce some of your overwhelming debt.

But selecting the incorrect one could be expensive and time-consuming. What matters most is what is suitable for your own circumstance. 

Who are the Scott and Co Debt Collectors?

Who are the Debt Collectors at Scott and Co?

Scott and Co are renowned debt collectors in the UK. They usually work on behalf of local authorities and businesses. 

Did you know that they mainly deal with council tax arrears and parking fines? Well, now you do! 

But wait, are they legitimate?  Let’s find out.

Verifying the Legitimacy of Scott and Co as Debt Collectors

It’s essential to verify if Scott and Co are legitimate before making any payment. The company is indeed a member of several regulatory bodies. They are members of 

1. Rating and Valuation (IRRV),
2. Institute of Revenues, 
3. Credit Services Association (CSA), 
4. Institute of Directors (IoD) and 
5. Society of Messenger-at-Arms and Sheriff Officers (SMASO).

Scott & Co professional memberships include many certifications such as:

  • ISO 22301 – Business Continuity Management
  • ISO 27001 – Information Security Management
  • ISO 14001 registered – Environmental Management
  • Collector Accreditation Initiative
  • ISO 9001 registered – Quality Management
  • ISO OHSAS 18001 registered – Occupational Health & Safety Management

Reasons for Receiving a Letter from Scott and Co

There are several reasons why Scott and Co might be contacting you. If they have been asked to recover money from you and you owe them, they will contact you. As soon as Scott & Co begins collecting debts on behalf of a customer, you’ll start getting letters in the mail.

While they cooperate with several private companies, they also operate extensively in the public sector and frequently contact you over outstanding council tax bills. If you have fallen behind on your council tax payments, you will get a letter demanding payment within seven days, with the option of making installment payments.

After that, you’ll get another notice demanding payment within 14 days without a installment option alternative. After this time, if the debt is still outstanding, the council will ask the Sheriff’s court for a summary warrant, which is where they step in. Your information will be given to Scott and Co. by the local authorities, and they will contact you. 

Strategies to Halt Further Actions from Scott & Co

The simplest course of action is to pay the debt you owe. Another way to stop them from taking further actions is to communicate with them and try to arrange a debt repayment plan. Express your financial difficulties, and they may accommodate you. 

In order to allow yourself time to make smaller payments to repay the debt, you may apply for a Time to Pay Order, which will pause the legal action. As an alternative, you can set up a Debt Arrangement Scheme (DAS), which would suspend any procedures and freeze interest to give you time to make payments.

 It’s vital to remember that warrants for council tax will get 10% of the reported debt. This is to cover the administrative expenses associated with obtaining the summary warrant. Similar fees for further debts might apply and would be made clear in your letter. 

What happens if I don’t pay? There might be consequences. Keep reading to find out what these might be.

Consequences of Non-Payment: The Scott and Co Perspective

Ignoring Scott and Co is something you don’t want to do. So, what could happen if you simply ignore those letters piling up? 

Court Summons: They’re Taking You to Court

This one’s big. Scott and Co could take you to court. What’s at stake? Properties and money owned by you and your peacefulness of mind. Can you dodge this bullet? Yes! How? By being proactive. We’ll get to that. So, hang on.

Credit Score: Down It Goes

Your credit score is like your financial report card. You need to have good grades just like you are schooling. Ignoring Scott and Co can make your credit score nosedive.Consider it not to be a huge deal? Try applying for a loan or a mortgage if your credit is terrible. Not so simple. 

So, how do we remedy this? You guessed it – taking action.

Wage Arrestment: The Money Gets Taken Before You See It

First up, let’s talk about wage arrestment. This is when Scott and Co can take money straight from your wages. Ouch! Can this get worse? Yes, it can. Because if your employer gets a notice of wage arrestment, it’s not something you can hide.

However, you will be sent an information package about debt advice 12 weeks prior to your earnings arrestment summons. This can be deterred by applying for a Time to Pay Order.  

Seizure of Property: They Can Take Your Stuff

Now, imagine you come home and find your stuff missing! They might seize your property to cover the debt. But wait, is everything up for grabs? Luckily, no. Essential items like your clothing and basic household items are safe. But what about that flashy new TV? Not so safe.

Do I have any method to stop this mess from happening? Absolutely! And it’s coming up soon.

Personal Wellbeing: The Stress Levels Skyrocket

Your health is priceless. And stress from debt can take a toll on it. The constant worry, the letters from Scott and Co, and the unknown can eat away at your peace of mind.

There might be serious psychological effects from debt. According to the Royal College of Psychiatrists 50% of people usually face mental illnesses when they are in debt. The survey also discovered that one in four patients with mental health problems had debt. As a result, having debt can:

  • Cause mental health issues
  • Mental health problems can cause people to be in debt

Debt often makes people feel:

  • Depressed
  • Hopeless
  • Guilty

 But all these burdens are not for you.

So, What Can You Do About It?

Now you know the heavy consequences of ignoring Scott and Co. But there’s hope. Here’s what you need to do:

  • Talk to Scott and Co: Sometimes, the solution is as simple as communication. Discuss your situation. Scott and Co might work with you. But what if it’s too overwhelming?
  • Seek Professional Help: There are organizations that can help. From advice to speaking with Scott and Co on your behalf, they’ve got your back.
  • Stay Informed: Know your rights. Know what Scott and Co can and cannot do. Information is power.

Accessing Support to Address Issues with Scott and Co

There are many organisations that offer support in dealing with them. Citizens Advice is one such organisation. Can they help you? Most definitely! They can offer advice and possibly even liaise with Scott and Co on your behalf.

Will Scott and Co be able to Come into my Home?

Under no circumstances may someone enter your property without your permission. If they try to enter your property, you can notify the police since they might be breaking the law. 

Debt collection firms work on behalf of the businesses you owe money to, including banks, credit card companies, and even the government. In summary, house visits by debt collectors are strictly regulated. They are not allowed to enter your premises unless they are bailiffs.

Should you Pay the Full Balance or Instalments?

Your debts should ideally all be paid off at once.However, refrain from doing it if you cannot pay your essential costs after paying your bills. Pay your rent or mortgage first before you ever consider paying off your debt. 

If you can afford to pay Scott and Company the entire sum, that will stop them from bothering you. Paying off your debt will also aid in raising your credit score.

You can make payments until the entire debt is paid if you are unable to pay it all completely at once.


If you owe more than £3,000 in debt and are unable to pay it off, your creditors have the right to declare you bankrupt or sequestrate (Scottish Bankruptcy). As a result, agencies won’t be able to seize assets with due diligence, but this might have a significant negative effect on your credit in the future. 

For six years after a bad record appears on your credit report, you may experience difficulties:

  • leasing a place
  • taking out a mortgage
  • applying for a bank loan or credit card

How do I receive support?

If Scott and Co. won’t agree to a repayment plan that you are comfortable with or if you are unable to convince them to do so, you have a few choices available to you:

  • A debt management plan – An agreement to make manageable monthly payments between you and your creditors. 
  • A debt consolidation loan – A specialized loan that can help you pay off debt with more than one creditor with one affordable monthly repayment. 
  • A minimal asset process – A type of bankruptcy available in Scotland for those on a low income or with little asset wealth. Some debt could be written off here too. 
  • A Scottish trust deed – This will get you to pay manageable amounts across 48 months, with the remaining debt forgiven. 
  • A debt arrangement scheme – Similar to a management plan, it will let you pay over a agreed upon amount of time at an affordable rate. 
  • IVA – This is a repayment scheme for those with unmanageable amounts of debt. 
  • Bankruptcy – Sequestering yourself can help to clear your debts you can’t afford but has a serious knock-on effect to your credit score. 

The Procedure for Filing a Complaint Against Scott and Co

Are you unsatisfied with how Scott and Co have handled your case? It’s possible to file a complaint. But how? First, contact them directly. What if that doesn’t work? You can escalate the complaint to a regulatory body. But remember, staying informed is key!

Phone: 0131 477 8900
Email: complaints@scottandco.uk.com 
Post: Complaints Manager, Scott & Co (Scotland) LLP, 12 Drumsheugh Gardens, Edinburgh EH3 7QG

If this is not possible, you can take your complaint to the Credit Services Association. They can be contacted via:

Post: Credit Services Association, 2 Esh Plaza, Sir Bobby Robson Way, Great Park, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE13 9BA
Email: complaints@csa-uk.com

How to Reach Out: Scott and Co’s Contact Details

Scott and Co can be contacted through phone, email, or regular mail. But remember to always keep records of your communication with them. 

Address: Head Office

9 Melville Crescent Edinburgh



16 Queen’s Road Aberdeen

AB15 4ZT


The Prudential Building, 31 Albert Square



22a East Port Dunfermline

KY12 7JB


50/52 High Street Galashiels



279 Bath Street

G2 4JL


29 Innes Street Inverness


Phone: 0333 320 6871
Email: customer.service@scottandco.uk.com
Website: https://www.scottandco.uk.com/

Key Points

  • In Scotland, Scott and Co Debt Collectors are licensed debt collectors that specialize in council tax, parking fines, and other types of debts.
  • If Scott and Co. approach you, don’t panic out; instead, take precautions by creating manageable repayment schedules or looking into debt options that could result in debt relief.
  • Pay your debt or get in touch with them  to set up a debt repayment plan, such a Time to Pay Order or a Debt Arrangement Scheme, to avoid further action.
  • They  are unable to enter your house without your consent; they are only permitted to talk to you about your debt or those you have given permission to do so.
  • If you are unable to pay the whole sum due, think about making payments in installments or negotiating with Scott & Co; if you feel that you have been treated unfairly, you can submit a complaint.


Can Scott and Co take my personal belongings?

Yes. If they have a relevant attachment order, they can remove your assets. They will need an exceptional attachment order as mentioned above to enter the home, however.Make sure you ask to see this order before they enter your property.

Who Do Scott and Co Collect For?

They collect debts for various organizations, mainly local councils. Council tax, parking fines, and housing benefits overpayments are some of the common debts they deal with. But here’s the thing – not all debt collection letters are genuine. 

Is Scott and Co a CCJ?

No, Scott and Co is not a CCJ. It is a debt collection agency. A CCJ, or County Court Judgment, is a type of court order in the UK that might be registered against you if you fail to repay a debt. They  can, however, apply for a CCJ against you. However, actions are  required.

Can Scott and Co take me to court?

Yes. If you owe them money and don’t pay, then they can sue you. If they win, you will be issued with an order to pay the debt.

Any protected property or assets cannot be taken. But you will incur court costs that you will be responsible for.

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