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Evading Sonex Financial might seem tempting, but it’s a course you want to avoid charting. Ignoring them could unravel complications you’d rather not face. But don’t despair, and there’s a way out. So, what options do you have when Sonex Financial comes knocking? Stay tuned as I reveal them to you…

Yusuf Khan
Last updated on 30 August 2023
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Table of Contents

1. What is Sonex Financial?
2. Who owns Sonex Financial?
3. Whom does Sonex Financial collect for?
4. Sonex Financial reviews
5. How does Sonex Financial Chase Debts?
6. Should you pay Sonex Financial Debt Collection?
7. “I think there has been a mistake.”
8. Sonex Financial Debt proved I owe the money
9. I Can’t Afford to Pay Sonex Financial
10. Staying On Top Of Your Debts
11. How do I complain about Sonex Financial?
12. Sonex Financial Contact Details
13. Get further help from debt charities.
14. Key Points
15. FAQ


Sonex Financial Debt – Do You Have to Pay? 2023

What is Sonex Financial?

Founded years ago, Sonex Financial has cemented its position as a major player in the debt collection industry in the UK. The firm offers a broad spectrum of services to address various financial issues, primarily debt recovery. As a liaison between creditors and debtors, Sonex Financial utilises a professional, legal, and ethical approach to ensure all parties achieve the best possible outcome.

As a unique feature, they create partnerships with clients in a vulnerable stage of this journey. What will be the hidden aim of this term called partnership? Actually, their main goal is to locate vulnerable clients as soon as feasible and offer assistance and a solution wherever possible.  

As I have mentioned before, I will give you some examples of whom they consider individuals that can become vulnerable at some point during their customer journey according to their perspectives.

The answer can be someone who ; 

  • disabled or long-term sick
  • without basic reading, writing and numeracy
  • have learning disabilities
  • experience a mental health problem in a relevant year
  • face to sight loss or hearing loss
  • suffering from cancer
  • are at pensionable age

Moreover, this is exceptional in the debt-collecting market since they seek to assist the customer who wants to recover the money while safeguarding the vulnerable person.

Who owns Sonex Financial?

Ownership details of Sonex Financial aren’t publicly disclosed, giving the company a somewhat enigmatic appeal. However, what we do know is that it falls under a large conglomerate of financial service firms, each having unique proficiencies in different economic sectors. 

Also, there was a piece of news In late 2021 that the Lantern Group acquired Sonex Financial. But finding out who its parent organisation is might require more investigation. Let’s keep exploring, shall we?

Whom does Sonex Financial collect for?

Sonex Financial services a diverse portfolio of clients, from multinational corporations to local small businesses. Their clients span multiple industries, each facing unique challenges in pursuing unpaid debts. Sonex Financial bridges the gap by stepping into the breach, working tirelessly to negotiate effective debt recovery strategies. 

Furthermore, energy companies tends to hire Sonex Financial to recover the bad debt payment  on their behalf when a vulnerable person falls behind on their energy bills. Sonex is familiar with working with those who are vulnerable. 

Sonex Financial reviews

This section is important to us when we want to engage with these debt collectors for a long time, like when negotiating a repayment plan with them.

Generally, we search for many positive reviews online before taking the next step with a debt-collecting agency. This is a really common fact we can see among every debtor. 

But, public assessments of Sonex Financial reveal a mixture of experiences. Not only for Sonex but also negative and positive reviews can be seen for every debt collector in the UK, even though they are major players in this industry. 

While some clients commend their professional approach, others express dissatisfaction with their methods. 

However, in general, what can be the advantages of going through these reviews? Here are some advantages:

  • give you an idea of the debt collector’s reputation and credibility
  • provide insights into the quality of service offered by the debt collector
  • shed light on whether the debt collector follows ethical practices. 
  • It might contain information about the debt collector’s success rate in collecting debts
  • help you avoid potential scams or unscrupulous debt collectors who may engage in aggressive or illegal tactics to collect debts
  • You can make a more informed decision about which aligns better with your needs and values.

But opinions can vary.

It is important to note, though, that the nature of the debt collection industry often results in varying reviews—more on this as we delve deeper.

How does Sonex Financial Chase Debts?

Have you ever wondered how Sonex Financial goes about recovering debts? After all, you’re not by yourself. The debtor’s rights and the creditors’ expectations are upheld because of their complete approach. But how does everything work properly?

Initial Communication

Firstly, Sonex Financial makes contact. It’s their responsibility to let you know about your debt. How can they reach you? They use several modes of communication to get in touch with you. Well, 

  • Phone Calls
  • Formal Letters
  • Email
  • Text Messages
  • In-Person Visits can be some of the ways of communication.

On this occasion, both parties must approach the issue with professionalism and within the regulations provided by the relevant laws. Meanwhile, here’s some general information that the initial communication might unfold:

  • the debt collector’s name
  • the name of the creditor they are representing
  • Debtor’s Identification of who they are dealing with (Most probably it should be your details)
  • Debt Information
  • Validation of Debt
  • Options for Payments

But it’s not just a single call or letter. They’ll keep trying until they establish a line of communication. So, what’s next after they’ve reached you?

Verifying the Legitimacy of Debt

Following the initial contact, it’s time for the all-important verification. This step ensures that the debt is legitimate. Some steps that you may take to confirm a debt’s validity are as follows:

  • Request Written Verification
  • Review your financial records to confirm whether you recognise the debt
  • Contact the Original Creditor
  • Check Your Credit Report
  • Request Proof of Ownership

Written verification is a common way to verify a debt’s legitimacy. But what can be included in such a written document? Well, there can be

1. the original creditor’s name,
2. the outstanding amount owed
3. the date debt was incurred
4. any relevant account numbers
5. Details about the Chain of Ownership

Also, this should be attached the original signed agreement, account statements, transaction history, and any other relevant paperwork as proof.

Well, Sonex Financial doesn’t want to chase after a debt that doesn’t exist, right? It’s a vital step in protecting you, the debtor. But what happens once the debt is confirmed?

Setting up Feasible Repayment Plans

Next, Sonex Financial will help you set up a repayment plan. It’s not about making you pay as quickly as possible. Rather, they work with you to find a feasible solution for you. The aim is to clear the debt without causing you further financial strain. Sounds fair, doesn’t it? But there’s more to it. 

So, when Sonex Financial contacts you, should you immediately start making payments? That’s a question many debtors have. But, the answer may surprise you. Stay tuned to find out.

Here we are providing you with general steps to  involve in a feasible repayment plan with Sonex debt collectors ;

1. Assess Your financial situation before contacting the debt collector
2. Familiarise yourself with your rights as a debtor and explain your willingness to repay the debt and your desire to set up a feasible repayment plan.
3. Clearly state your financial situation and Negotiate the Terms for a payment plan.
4. Offer a specific repayment plan that you can afford
5. Once the repayment plan is established, start making payments according to the agreed-upon schedule
6. Maintain records of all communication and expenses related to the repayment plan
7. Regularly review your progress in repaying the debt

If you find negotiating difficult, consider getting assistance from a financial counselling entity or an attorney with debt negotiation experience.

Setting up Feasible Repayment Plans

Should you pay Sonex Financial Debt Collection?

Whether to pay Sonex Financial Debt Collection depends on various factors. Firstly, confirm the validity of the debt. If the debt is yours, consider your financial situation and options for repayment. Legal advice might be prudent in complex cases, especially when large amounts of debt are involved. But what if you believe there has been a mistake?

“I think there has been a mistake.”

Don’t panic or be confused if you receive a debt notice from Sonex Financial and believe it needs to be corrected. Start by contacting them directly to clarify. Mistakes can happen, and most companies are cooperative in resolving them. 

As the first step, you can always ask for proof of a debt they have mentioned. In this case, if they have the wrong person, they will quickly recognise it once they begin looking for verification of the debt and a signed contract. Simply ask the debt collector for documentation in an appropriate letter or email. 

As I have shown before, ask for information such as 

  • the original creditor’s name
  • the account number
  • the original balance
  • any interest or fees added
  • a detailed transaction history

But, there is some fact you should be more considerate. 

Check whether your debts sorts under the statute-barred category

Your debt will not be enforceable if it sorts under the statute-barred category. But you need to fulfil 3 main conditions simultaneously.  They are as follows.

1. Your debts need to be older than six years from the last day you make a payment for it.
2. You should not have any provable communication with your original creditor or Sonex Financial Debt within that six-year period mentioned in the first point.
3. You should not have received a court order for the accused debt within that six-year period mentioned in the first point.

You are not required by law to settle this debt if each three conditions are proven at the same time. But keep in mind just because you aren’t enforceable doesn’t mean they will be wiped from your credit history as well. 

Thus your credit history report will be negatively affected if you receive this statute-barred excuse. As a result, you may find difficulties in getting new loans and credit cards in the future. You can consult an attorney if that needs to be fixed. Remember that you have legal rights as a debtor and must protect yourself.

Also, there are some debt types, like HMRC debts which will not sorts under statute-barred debts and will last enforceable for decades. 

But even if you aren’t in that difficult situation and the above-mentioned option doesn’t work, you should consider seeking legal advice. Remember that you always have rights.

Should you pay Sonex Financial Debt Collection?

Sonex Financial Debt proved I owe the money

Being notified that Sonex Financial has evidence that you owe the money can be distressing. However, it’s crucial to stay calm. You must evaluate your options, understand your rights and responsibilities, and consider the best action. 

This could be negotiating a payment plan or seeking professional advice, whether you’re permanently classified as vulnerable or temporarily vulnerable. It does not matter. Both can get reasonable payment plans from Sonex Financial. Good news, right? 

I Can’t Afford to Pay Sonex Financial

Staring at a mountain of debt owed to Sonex Financial and thinking, “I can’t pay?” Don’t panic. It’s a stressful situation, no doubt. But remember, there’s always a way out. There are a number of other debt solutions available in the UK for persons like you to take help in situations like this.

Debt Management Plan (DMP)

First, let’s talk about the Debt Management Plan or DMP. This might be a viable solution. Picture this: you’re not juggling multiple payments to different creditors. Instead, there’s just one manageable monthly payment. Doable, right? That’s what a DMP offers – a simplified way to clear your debts with Sonex Financial. But is there more to it?

As described in the term of DMP, a Debt Management Plan can be an agreement between you and your creditors to pay all your debts. You can always get assistance from a debt management company authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). In this case, some companies may charge you like 

1. a set-up fee
2. a handling fee each time you make a payment

As a special note, this method is only valid for unsecured debts not guaranteed against your property.

Individual Voluntary Arrangement (IVA)

Yes, there is. Enter the Individual Voluntary Arrangement or IVA. In essence, it’s a formal agreement between you and Sonex Financial. Sounds serious? That’s because it is. The IVA commits you to a monthly payment. In return, Sonex Financial agrees to stop the calls and letters. A win-win, isn’t it?

But who can opt for an IVA, and what does it entail? Let’s delve deeper to gain a better understanding of IVA.

On this occasion, the insolvency practitioner will play a major role in dividing money between your creditors. For that, you should provide full details about your financial situation, and your insolvency practitioner will contact your creditors after analysing your data.

As before, there are two main fees:

1. a set-up fee
2. a handling fee each time you make a payment

But always remember that your insolvency practitioner can make you bankrupt if you do not keep up your repayments. 

Trust Deed

Now, if you’re in Scotland, the game changes a bit. Instead of an IVA, you’d opt for a Trust Deed. Much like the IVA, it provides a regular monthly payment plan. Plus, it offers that same peace of mind – no more hassles from Sonex Financial while making payments. What else could one ask for?

Actually, a Trust Deed is a legally enforceable agreement between a debtor and creditors executed in Scotland to manage and settle unsecured debts. This agreement and all unsecured debts have been validated for approximately four years.

But remember that this could affect your credit rating too. Sometimes, you might have to sell your assets or be unable to pursue a personal business. These are not good signs for your future financial stability. So always be careful about your decisions.

Debt Relief Order (DRO) and Bankruptcy

But what if your financial situation seems dire? What if you need help paying Sonex Financial? That’s where options like a Debt Relief Order (DRO) or Bankruptcy come in. 

The DRO offers a payment freeze for those facing severe financial hardship. And bankruptcy? It’s the option of last resort when there’s no prospect of debt repayment. Yet, it can provide a fresh start. How can one navigate these waters?

When you hope to enter a DRO procedure, you must fulfil some kinds of criteria;

1. owe less than £30,000
2. do not have much spare income – usually less than £75 per month
3. do not own your home
4. you’ve less than £2,000 worth of assets
5. have not applied for a DRO within the last six years, and so on.

This may be a complicated process in this scenario but do not worry. Debt advisers are there for you to support you. 

When considering applying for bankruptcy, adjudicators check your applications and decide if you should be made bankrupt. For further information regarding bankruptcy, you can always contact National Debtline.

The road to financial relief may seem daunting but fear not. Remember, you’re not alone. From debt advisory services to personal finance counsellors, help is out there. They can guide you, step by step, towards the solution that suits you best. Are you ready to embark on this journey?

There are no easy answers when it comes to debt. But knowledge is power. Understanding your options can go a long way in dealing with Sonex Financial and other obligations. What’s the first step? That’s coming up.

Staying On Top Of Your Debts

It would be best if you faced many difficulties and confusion during this debt recovery journey. As we all know, the debt industry is not 100% transparent and sometimes, these debt collectors use unpleasant tactics to trap you and make you make payments immediately. 

For example, sometimes, a debt collection agency will contact you with multiple names and addresses. This makes you confused and worried. If I may give you real-life examples, Robinson Way will sometimes get you under the name Hoist Finance and Credit Style communicate as both Credit Style and CST Law. 

Therefore, managing your debts effectively requires discipline, organisation, and sound financial management. When you think about crucial strategies for this action, they can be 

1. Regular reviews of your finances
2. budgeting
3. prioritising debts
4. Set Realistic Goals
5. Cut Unnecessary Expenses
6. Track Your Progress
7. Build an Emergency Fund

Seeking help from financial advisors or debt charities can also be beneficial. However, all our actions need consistent effort and discipline. So, let’s explore this further. 

How do I complain about Sonex Financial?

Knowing how to complain effectively is important if you’ve had an unsatisfactory experience with Sonex Financial. 

Otherwise, you will suffer for no reason. Start by contacting the company directly, clearly stating your issue. In this case, maintaining proper records will be beneficial to prove your concerns. Also, you must be aware of Financial Conduct Authority’s (FCA) guidelines which are the main basis for your rights as a debtor.

If that doesn’t yield a resolution, consider escalating the complaint to a Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS). We’ll discuss this process in greater detail.

The Financial Ombudsman Service covers a wide range of financial products and services, including, 

  • Banking
  • Insurance 
  • Pensions
  • Mortgages
  • Investments

Although, if you have a complaint related to this type of service mentioned above, you may reach the Financial Ombudsman Service online or over the phone. Here, you can give this information;

1. The details about the relevant debt collector
2. Your details which are related to debt
3. The issue
4. Previous steps you had taken to solve it
5. Unethical practices caused the case for the debt collector
6. Your concerns about this issue

Sonex Financial Contact Details

To reach Sonex Financial directly, you can contact them through the details provided on their official website. They offer multiple contact methods, including phone and email, ensuring they’re accessible to address your queries or concerns.

Address: The Beacon Dafen, Llanelli Carmarthenshire, SA14 8LQ
Phone: 0330 100 3667
Email: contact@sonexfinancial.com
Website: sonexfinancial.com

Get further help from debt charities.

If you’re struggling with debt, know that you’re not alone. Numerous debt charities offer support and guidance, effectively helping you manage your finances. They provide free advice, can negotiate with creditors on your behalf, and even provide educational resources to help you stay on top of your finances. As some examples ;

  • StepChange
  • National Debtline
  • Citizens Advice
  • Debt Advice Foundation can be mentioned.

Get further help from debt charities.

Key Points

  • Sonex Financial, part of the Lantern Group since late 2021, specialises in debt collection, often collaborating with utilities and energy companies.
  • A unique feature of Sonex Financial is its focus on debt collection from vulnerable individuals. Their goal is to reach a payment solution that accommodates everyone involved.
  • The initial step in Sonex Financial’s debt collection process involves establishing communication with the debtor.
  • Once communication is established, Sonex Financial validates the debt, ensuring its legitimacy.
  • Upon debt verification, Sonex Financial works with debtors to create feasible repayment plans. The aim is to alleviate the debt without inflicting further financial strain.
  • Many people in the UK could legally write off a portion of their debt.
  • Sonex Financial takes a compassionate approach towards debt collection, resorting to letters and personalised payment plans. However, they may hint at legal action if a debtor refrains from engagement.
  • Before accepting a repayment plan, explore options like statute-barred debt or requesting proof of debt, which might help avoid repayment altogether.
  • If a debtor does owe the debt, they can examine affordable payment plans offered by Sonex Financial. They can also seek further assistance from UK debt charities and Citizens Advice.


Who is Sonex Financial?

Sonex Financial is a debt collection agency specialising in recovering debts, often collaborating with utilities and energy companies. They’ve been part of the Lantern Group since late 2021.

How does Sonex Financial approach debt collection?

Sonex Financial adopts a compassionate approach to debt collection. They establish initial communication with the debtor, verify the debt’s legitimacy, and then work to set up feasible repayment plans.

How can I avoid paying the debt to Sonex Financial?

Before committing to a repayment plan, you can look into options like statute-barred debt or ask for proof of the debt, which could help you avoid paying. However, it’s always advised to have legal assistance in these situations.

What if I can’t afford to pay my debt to Sonex Financial?

Sonex Financial works to set up affordable payment plans with debtors. If you cannot meet these, it’s advisable to consult with UK debt charities or Citizens Advice for further assistance and advice on your situation.

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