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Facing TDX Group Debt Recovery can be daunting, yet not everyone is compelled to settle the debt. Turning a blind eye to it, however, may attract harsher enforcement actions. Curious about the possibilities that lie ahead for you with the TDX Group? Read on!

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Last updated on 26 July 2023
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Table of Contents

1. I’ve Just Received a Letter from TDX Group Asking for Money. What Should I Do?
2. Who is TDX Group Debt Collection?
3. Who is Equifax?
4. Is TDX Group a Legitimate Debt Collection Agency?
5. Why is TDX Group Contacting Me?
6. Understanding Who TDX Group Represents
7. What’s Next After Settling My Debt?
8. Responding to TDX Group: How Much Time Do I Have?
9. Is It Possible to Disregard TDX Group’s Calls and Letters?
10. What Action Can TDX Group Take?
11. What Happens If I Don’t Pay My Outstanding Debt?
12. Can I Write-off Debt from TDX Group?
13. Could I Risk Losing My House If I’m Unable to Pay TDX Group?
14. Is There a Chance of Being Sent to Jail If I Don’t Clear the Debt?
15. What Happens If It’s Impossible for Me to Cover the TDX Group Debt Collection?
16. Is It Possible for TDX Group to Repeatedly Contact Me or Show Up at My Door Demanding Payment?
17. What Do Reviews Say About TDX Group?
18. Can I Make a Complaint Against TDX Group?
19. I’ve Had a Letter from TDX Group. What Do I Do Next?
20. Is My Debt Statute-Barred?
21. Will They Give Up Chasing?
22. TDX Group Ltd Contact Details
23. Should I Talk to a Debt Advisory Service?
24. Key Points
25. FAQ


I’ve Just Received a Letter from TDX Group Asking for Money. What Should I Do?

I've Just Received a Letter from TDX Group Asking for Money. What Should I Do?

If you got a letter, it means you owe money to someone. Read the letter well and understand the instructions. Ignoring the letter won’t help. They will try to contact you until you reply. But companies like this are not here to make life hard. If you contact them, they will make an agreement to help you pay what you owe. 

Step 1: Stay Calm and Read Through the Letter

Once you spot the TDX Group’s logo, you might feel a rush of anxiety. But remember, you’ve got this under control. Read the letter well and stay calm. 

Step 2: Verify the Debt Details

Don’t be hasty in accepting the debt as yours. Occasionally, mix-ups happen. Scrutinise the information provided. Do the name, address, and details of the debt seem accurate to you? The debt might not even be yours. It’s essential to confirm all these details.

Step 3: Research the TDX Group

Some people find it helpful to understand who they’re dealing with. A quick online search can provide insights about TDX. Remember, they’re a legitimate debt collection agency under the umbrella of Equifax, a global credit reporting giant.

Step 4: Seek Expert Advice

You might feel overwhelmed and unsure of the next steps. This is entirely normal. It’s okay to ask for help. Reach out to a debt advisory service. They’re familiar with situations like these and can guide you effectively.

Step 5: Respond Accordingly

After gathering all the information and seeking advice, it’s time to respond. TDX, like any professional body, would expect you to reply. This doesn’t mean you’re accepting the debt. It simply shows you’re taking the matter seriously.

Step 6: Plan for the Future

This is a good time to reflect on spending habits. Think of expenses you should cut down on and plan for the future. If you take the right steps now, you can avoid issues in the future. 

Who is TDX Group Debt Collection?

Founded in 2004, TDX, a subsidiary of the credit bureau giant Equifax, specialises in debt collection services. They work on behalf of various creditors, aiming to recover outstanding payments on their behalf. 

The company is in Nottingham and Spain. They have 400 employees. Apart from helping clients recover debts, they also buy debt from businesses and organisations. They also launched a software called CyberFinancial. This is an end-to-end recovery and collection platform, and it is powered by Equifax. 

Who is Equifax?

It is a multinational consumer credit reporting agency. Alongside TransUnion and Experian, Equifax is one of the ‘big three’. It is famous for its credit monitoring services and is the parent company of the TDX Group.

Is TDX Group a Legitimate Debt Collection Agency?

Yes, it is a fully regulated debt collection agency. Their operation is endorsed by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), adding legitimacy to their services.

Why is TDX Group Contacting Me?

If you are being contacted by TDX, it means you have unpaid debts that they have been tasked to recover. Your creditor might have sold your debt to them, or TDX might be acting on behalf of the creditor. 

They will contact you by letter and tell you that the debt was passed on to them for collection. They will tell you what you should do next and within how many days you should reply. After the letter, you will get a phone call to discuss the details. If you don’t reply, they will send a representative to your home. 

Understanding Who TDX Group Represents

TDX represents a myriad of creditors, including banks, credit card companies, and loan providers. Their role is to manage and recover any outstanding debts.

What’s Next After Settling My Debt?

Once you’ve settled your debt, they should update your record. Any future communication should cease, and your credit score should gradually improve.But if they contact you for a debt you have already paid, speak to them directly. Also, ask them to confirm that the debt has been serviced properly. 

Responding to TDX Group: How Much Time Do I Have?

After receiving the letter, you should contact them before 30 days. Take this time to decide your next steps. Respond after careful consideration. 

Is It Possible to Disregard TDX Group’s Calls and Letters?

It’s easy to ignore payment requests. But Ignoring TDX’s attempts to contact you may lead to further action. It’s advisable to respond promptly, ensuring your financial responsibility.

They won’t force you to pay a debt that you can’t afford. If you directly speak with them, they will give payment options, and you will have peace of mind. But if you don’t respond to them, it will make the situation worse as they will send court-appointed bailiffs to recover what you owe. 

What Action Can TDX Group Take?

As a debt collection agency, they can apply various measures to recover debts. They can seek court orders, appoint bailiffs, or even recommend the debtor’s bankruptcy.

But from your end, you can stipulate how they contact you. You can tell them not to phone you during working hours without your permission. You can also give them a specific time that you’re available to talk over the phone.

TDX can send officers to your property to discuss your debts. But they can’t remove you from your property. If you don’t want them there, don’t let them in. They should also leave if you ask them to.  

What Happens If I Don’t Pay My Outstanding Debt?

What Happens If I Don’t Pay My Outstanding Debt?s

Non-payment could have severe consequences. This can include legal action, worsening credit scores, and added interest and fees. If you don’t pay the debt, they can go through the courts to recover it. 

This means they will issue a County Court Judgment against you. Afterwards, Bailiffs will visit your property to recover the debt. In some cases, they will apply for an attachment of an earnings order. This is where they directly take money from your account to pay the debt. 

Can I Write-off Debt from TDX Group?

Yes, under certain circumstances, like insolvency, you may be able to write off your debt. However, this usually requires professional advice and carries its own implications.

This is specifically for people with several financial obligations they cannot meet, usually over £5,000. In England, Northern Ireland, and Wales, this is called an Individual Voluntary Arrangement (IVA). But in Scotland, it is called a Protected Trust Deed

These options take your debt and consolidate it. Thereafter, for several months (60 months in the UK, 48 months in Scotland), you pay an agreed amount. And then, the debt is written off legally.  

Could I Risk Losing My House If I’m Unable to Pay TDX Group?

If the debt is substantial and secured against your property, there’s a risk of repossession. Always seek advice before it reaches this stage. But most debts they deal with are unsecured. If that’s the case, it is unlikely that they will possess your home. If they want to do this, they will have to go to court and turn it into a secured debt.

Is There a Chance of Being Sent to Jail If I Don’t Clear the Debt?

No, you won’t go to jail for unpaid debts. However, ignoring court orders could potentially result in prison time.

What Happens If It’s Impossible for Me to Cover the TDX Group Debt Collection?

If you genuinely can’t afford to pay, you can seek help from debt advice services. They can guide you through options such as Individual Voluntary Arrangements or Debt Relief Orders.

Is It Possible for TDX Group to Repeatedly Contact Me or Show Up at My Door Demanding Payment?

It is normal to feel stressed when you first get a letter. There are some debt collection agencies that use pressure tactics to force clients to pay. But most companies follow the rules. You, too, have rights, and they should adhere to them. 

According to the Credit Services Association rules, they are not allowed to:

  • Threat you with legal action 
  • Pretend to be court-appointed bailiffs
  • Contact you during unreasonable times 
  • Discuss debts with family members, boss, or co-workers
  • Take payments you didn’t agree to

What Do Reviews Say About TDX Group?

Reviews vary, but most stress the importance of understanding your rights and seeking advice when dealing with them. Most reviews do not speak about their performance. But most people have noticed TDX on credit reports. This is likely related to debt purchasing that their company is engaged in. 

There have also been reports of TDX not supplying credit agreements for debts they have purchased from other companies. 

Can I Make a Complaint Against TDX Group?

Yes, you can lodge a complaint directly with TDX Group or through the Financial Ombudsman Service if you’re unhappy with their services. You can report them if they:

  • Behaved inappropriately
  • Was aggressive in their approach
  • Made false claims
  • Pretended to be Bailiffs

However, it’s not limited to only the above complaints. You can lodge a complaint through:

If you don’t get a response, contact the Financial Ombudsman through:

If you don’t get a response from any of the above, contact the Credit Services Association Ltd through:

  • Phone: 0191 2170 775
  • Post: 2 Esh Plaza, Sir Bobby Robson Way, Great Park, Newcastle Upon Tyne, NE13 9BA

I’ve Had a Letter from TDX Group. What Do I Do Next?

Seek advice and respond promptly. Ignoring the problem won’t make it disappear and could exacerbate the situation. First, confirm if you owe the debt. It may be a debt you already paid, or it might not be yours. Check a credit agency such as Experian to see if there is a debt under your name. 

If there is no liability, call and inform them. If they don’t respond, ask for a debt letter as proof. This will have all the details, including the credit agreement. If you do owe the debt and you can pay it, it’s best you get it out of the way soon. After you pay it, the calls and letters will stop. 

But if you can’t pay the debt, directly contact them and request other options. Thereafter, you can come to an agreement. They will put together a payment plan and give a timescale for you to pay. They will only agree to the amount you are able to pay and won’t charge high-interest rates or unreasonable charges. 

Is My Debt Statute-Barred?

Debt is typically statute-barred after six years of non-payment and no acknowledgement. However, this doesn’t mean the debt is written off. It merely restricts the action creditors can take. Some companies take a long time to hire debt collection services. It means your debt is likely statute-barred. 

According to the Limitations Act 1980, debts can be statute-barred if there are no payments for:

  • Six years (England, Northern Ireland, and Wales)
  • Five years (Scotland)

You should also have:

  • No county Court Judgment against you
  • Not admitted to the debt during the limitation period

However, most companies hire debt collection services and take action before it gets statute-barred. But it’s still best to confirm. 

Will They Give Up Chasing?

Debt collectors seldom ‘give up.’ It’s crucial to address the situation rather than wait for it to disappear.

TDX Group Ltd Contact Details

Their website provides all the necessary contact details. You can contact TDX via phone, email or post.

Website: www.tdxgroup.com
Phone number: +44 (0) 115 953 1200
Fax: +44 (0) 844 335 0795
Email: info@tdxgroup.com
Address: TDX Group 8 Fletcher Gate, Nottingham NG1 2FS

Should I Talk to a Debt Advisory Service?

Yes. Speaking to a debt advisory service can provide invaluable guidance, helping you navigate the complexity of debt recovery.

If you only have one debt for a small amount, you can manage it by coming to an agreement with TDX. If you have many debts and you’re not able to pay them, it’s best you talk to a debt advisory service. 

In some situations, putting everything into a debt consolidation loan is wise. This will help you to manage things better. Some advisory services also discuss with the debt recovery agency to negotiate terms for you.

Key Points

  • Acquired by Equifax in 2014, TDX is a legitimate recovery agency based in the UK.
  • People in the UK can write off some of their debt legally.
  • If you get a letter from them, reply to it. Discuss with them and come up with a manageable payment plan. 

With the right debt solution, you can write off unaffordable debt.

  • If you don’t recognise the debt or if you believe it’s invalid, contact the company and ask them to confirm. 


Who is the owner of TDX?

Equifax acquired TDX Group in 2014. The core technology platforms of TDX Creditor Solutions are widely used for the management and optimisation of debt collection, debt sale, and insolvencies. They serve various industries such as financial services, telecommunications, media, utilities, public sector, and healthcare.

What does TDX Group do?

TDX is proficient in supplier management and debt recovery. Their services assist clients from diverse sectors, including the government, to enhance their debt recovery returns while also protecting their customers.

Remember, TDX Group is equipped to handle matters such as:

  • Debt Recoveries Management 
  •  Insolvency Management
  •  Debt Sale
  • Archived Data

How do I contact TDX Prime?

If you need to reach TDX Group Ltd, there are several methods to do so:

  • Post: 8 Fletcher Gate, Nottingham, NG1 2FS.
  • Website: www.tdxgroup.com
  • Email: info@tdxgroup.com
  • Phone: 0115 953 1200

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