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Table of Contents

1. Who is UK Search Limited?
2. The Debt Collection Spectrum of UK Search Limited
3. UK Search Limited reviews: Deciphering UK Search Limited’s Reputation.
4. Are You On UK Search Limited’s Radar?
5. Navigating the UK Search Limited Debt Terrain
6. UK Search Limited’s Evidence of Debt: The Way Forward
7. The UK Search Limited Contact Details


Who is UK Search Limited?

UK Search Limited(UKSL) is a renowned and legitimate debt collection agency in the UK. They operate on behalf of various businesses and individuals to collect unpaid invoices and debts from their debtors.

Simply, UKSL’s job is to locate debtors and seek payment on behalf of their clients. 

Sometimes they even resort to threatening legal action. You will see most of their reviews suggest how aggressive and harassing approach. 

You can report to Financial Ombudsman If you feel like you are being threatened by UKSL.

Why are they pursuing so much after you to collect the debt?

Normally they get a commission for any kind of payment you make. But there are some cases where they charge an initial charge from the creditor for their services.

Now, hold on for a second. You might ask yourself whether they are a scam. 

  • The answer is no. UKSL is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (679773). 
  • They are indeed legitimate. But albeit often mistakenly assumed to be a scam due to their aggressive tactics.

The Debt Collection Spectrum of UK Search Limited

An Overview of UK Search Limited’s Operations

UK Search Limited (UKSL) is an influential player in the UK’s debt collection industry. 

They stand apart in their operational strategy due to their ability to handle an array of sectors without discrimination. In essence, no industry is off-limits for UKSL when it comes to collecting overdue debts.


  • How exactly does UKSL function across various industries? 
  • What sectors are they majorly involved in? 

Let’s delve a bit deeper into their operations.

UKSL: A Multifaceted Debt Collection Agency
1. Retail: 
  • UKSL has made its mark in the retail sector. 
  • They’re well-versed in recovering unpaid debts from big supermarket chains to local retailers. 
  • What’s more, they even have the capacity to handle disputes that arise from online transactions.
2. Telecommunications: 
  • This is yet another area where UKSL shines. It does not matter whether Unpaid phone bills or contracts. They’ve got you covered.
3. Household Utilities: 
  • Got overdue bills for water, gas, or electricity? 
  • Chances are, UKSL might step in to retrieve the payment.
4. Financial Services: 
  • UKSL is active in the financial services sector as well. 
  • They’re equipped to handle if you’ve defaulted on credit card payments, personal loans, or other financial services.
5. Payday Loan Companies: 
  • This is a niche sector, but UKSL has left its mark here too. 
  • It’s possible that UKSL might come knocking if you owe money to payday loan companies.
6. Insurance: 
  • UKSL could be the one to follow up if there are unsettled dues with insurance companies.
7. Local Councils: 
  • UKSL can intervene if you have unpaid council taxes or other local dues. 
8. Housing Associations: 
  • UKSL even works with housing associations to collect arrears.
Are You Within UKSL’s Scope?

It’s evident that UKSL has quite an extensive range of the sectors listed above. 

But how does this affect you? Well, You may fall within the spectrum of UKSL if you’re indebted to any of the sectors mentioned above. 

This is crucial to understand as the entity to whom you owe money can and often does change hands from the original company to a debt collection agency like UK Search Limited.

The Daunting Knock on the Door

UKSL might resort to more assertive means of communication to recover debts if they are assigned to recover your debts. 

  • Are you ready to face that? 
  • What steps should you take? 

We’ll explore this in the coming sections. Just hang tight and continue reading.

Are You Prepared?

It’s never too late to prepare for the unexpected. Now that you understand how UK Search Limited operates. 

What’s your plan of action? 

Do you know how to handle a situation if UKSL sends you an LBA?

UK Search Limited reviews: Deciphering UK Search Limited’s Reputation.

You’ll soon discover that the UKSL does not enjoy a stellar reputation while navigating through the online reviews of the company. 

Many customers paint a picture of an aggressive and less empathetic approach to debt collection. In fact, the reviews in Trustpilot show a low rating of 1.2 stars.

Trust Pilot Review Score

UK Search Limited – Should You Pay? Simplified Guide UK Search Limited

Below are some latest reviews that show how UK Search Limited practice its debt collection.

Definitely scammers.
Emailed me saying I owed money for water rates on Ltd company premises going back ten years.
Which is a pile of utter rubbish. The company was closed in 2020, and all bills were up to date and cleared before the request to be removed from the company’s House.
Also, I have all the paid receipts scam companies trying it on even though the dept is supposedly from 12 years ago.
Reported to the FCA
Date of experience: 26 May 2023

Paul — [Source – Trustpilot, click here to see yourself]

Corrupt UK Company that Abuse and commit fraud
UK Search Limited is the most corrupt company in the UK; I will report this to the police after submitting this review. They added debt to my account from another person’s account, and now they say the accounts have been closed. After numerous complaints,
zero movements. Police action is now required to stop the ongoing fraud and abuse from these vile, corrupt people.

Which is a pile of utter rubbish. The company was closed in 2020, and all bills were up to date and cleared before the request to be removed from the company’s House.
Also, I have all the paid receipts scam companies trying it on even though the dept is supposedly from 12 years ago.
Reported to the FCA
Date of experience: 22 May 2023

Johan — [Source – Trustpilot, click here to see yourself]

Can you feel your heartbeat increasing? Well, there’s more!

Are You On UK Search Limited’s Radar?

UK Search Limited will try to reach out to you with every method of contact detail they have regarding you. This includes phone calls, voice mails, emails, text messages, and letters(only if they have your address details). 


According to online reviews and forum discussions, these reach outs soon become aggressive approaches compared to other debt-collecting companies. 

The first thing they do is send you the LBA(Letter Before Action). Then starts, the torcher with the above reach-out methods.

Have you received an LBA (Letter Before Action) from UKSL? 

If so, you should not take this lightly. These letters bearing threats of legal action are UKSL’s preferred method of communication when demanding debt repayment. 

It’s a vital point to remember an LBA could be a precursor to court action. Therefore do not take that lightly. Make decisions and deal with them cautiously.

But don’t panic just yet. There’s a path forward.

Navigating the UK Search Limited Debt Terrain

Do I have to pay UK Search Limited?: Should you pay just because you’ve received an LBA from UKSL? 

The simple answer is no. 

Instead, take a deep breath and consider asking them for proof of the debt. UKSL has a legal obligation to provide substantial evidence before you’re obligated to pay. 

Your debts could qualify as a statute-barred debt in case your debts are at least six years old.

What does that mean?

  • Well, the debt might no longer be enforceable. (only if they are older than six years.)

Isn’t that Intriguing?

UK Search Limited’s Evidence of Debt: The Way Forward

Understanding UKSL’s Evidence

The primary task of UK Search Limited (UKSL) is to present compelling evidence of your debt. 

You might find yourself in a position where payment is unavoidable if they can substantiate their claims. 


  • what counts as substantial evidence?
  • What happens if they have it? 

Let’s delve deeper into this to gain a better understanding.

The Consequences of Established Debt

Substantial pieces of evidence are the documents that prove you owe them money. This includes signed agreements and documents that show you have kept missing paying.

The consequences are pretty straightforward if UKSL manages to provide solid evidence proving that you indeed owe a debt.

  • You’ll likely have to pay. 
  • Or they will use bailiffs to repossess some valuable items belonging to you. And sell them on an auction until the whole debt is covered.

However, the amount isn’t always as cut and dried as it seems. 

  • Do you have to pay it all in a single payment? 
  • Are there other options available?
Navigating Debt Repayment

One of the most critical aspects to consider here is that you still have options, no matter whether you can or cannot pay the entire amount at once. So don’t get panic yet. 

It is possible to negotiate a payment plan with UK Search Limited. This means you may be able to pay back the debt in smaller portions. More manageable amounts. 

  • But how do you go about initiating such a negotiation? 
  • And what should you expect during the negotiation process?
The Risks of Ignoring UKSL’s Communication

Ignoring UKSL’s letters after they have provided proof is not a course of action we recommend. 

Remember, failing to respond or act could escalate matters. 

It could lead to legal action. And no one wants to go down that path. Do they?

Legal Implications: A Risk Worth Taking?

Legal action could be a real possibility if you ignore the evidence provided by UKSL and fail to establish a repayment plan.

  • But what does this mean exactly? 
  • How serious could it get? 

And more importantly, are you prepared to take that risk?

Seeking a Middle Ground

Negotiating with UKSL for a feasible payment plan is the middle ground you should aim for. 

After all, it’s better to pay in manageable instalments than to face the intimidating prospect of a lawsuit. 


  • how can you ensure a successful negotiation? 

They always get agree on some point. It’s because they get the commission only if you pay their client debts. Always keep that in mind. 

Do not use an aggressive approach towards them. Instead, speak with them in the way they get convinced you are really facing financial difficulties. 

They cannot force you to pay unbearable payment instalments as it could put your life vulnerable. According to law, they are not allowed to make your life vulnerable due to excessive payment plans.

  • What steps should you take? 

It’s better to take legal assistance if you are still unable to find a solution alone.

Check out bellow website to get Get free debt advice

1. StepChange Debt Charity
2. MoneyPlus Advice
3. PayPlan

If you want more information about places where you can get free advice, Go to the Uk government website(gov.uk

The UK Search Limited Contact

Just for reference, here are the contact details of UKSL:

Website: uksearchlimited.com
Address: Unit 4 Gander Lane
Barlborough, Chesterfield Derbyshire,
England, S43 4PZ

01246 488 924
Email: enquire@uksearchlimited.com

So, there you have it! 

A comprehensive, step-by-step guide to understanding and dealing with UK Search Limited.

A seemingly intimidating journey has been simplified, and you can breathe easy now.

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