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You may not be obligated to pay Walker Love Debt Collectors, but ignoring them isn’t an option either. This could spiral into serious consequences. So, what can you do? I’m here to guide you through your available alternatives with Walker Love… but you’ll need to keep reading to find out what they are.
Walker Love Debt Collectors - Should You Pay 2023

Jane Rohan
Last updated on 02 August 2023
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Table of Contents

1. Who is Walker Love?
2. Why is Walker Love Calling Me?
3. How to Confirm a Debt Collection Request from WalkerLove
4. Council Tax Collection by Walker Love
5. Business Rates Collection by Walker Love
6. Is the Debt Too Old?
7. Understanding the Requirements for a Debt to be Statute Barred
8. What Can the Walker Love Do For Me?
9. Case study: Walker Love customer
10. How WalkerLove Supports Individuals in Debt Who Are at Risk
11. Payment Arrangements
12. What Happens If I Am Unable to Pay?
13. What If I Can’t Manage to Make Payments?
14. How Can I Lodge a Report or Complaint?
15. Other Debt Collectors
16. Getting debt help and advice
17. Key Points
18. FAQ


Who is Walker Love?

WalkerLove is a leading debt collection agency in the UK. They work with various creditors, including councils and businesses, to collect outstanding debts. 

Moreover, they select a massive range of sectors to supply their services across the UK, including:

1. Local and national government
2. Professional services firms
3. Financial services organisations
4. Utility companies
5. Social, affordable and private housing factors and landlords.

Walker Love performs the duties of both sheriff officers and messengers-at-arms. They have been operational since 1946 and serve Europe and Scotland’s six Sheriffdoms.

In addition, their years of experience have established a reputation for efficiency, professionalism, and strict adherence to the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) rules by incorporating outsourced litigation and Sheriff Officer enforcement.

In brief, the services provided by the experts are listed below.

1. Debt Collection
2. Enforcement Action
3. Field Visits
4. Litigation
5. Process Serving
6. Repossession
7. Status Enquiries
8. Company Searches
9. Tracing

Walker Love is IIP accredited, ISO 9001 and ISO27001 certified and governed by the FCA to prove their trustworthiness and expert service. They also belong to the:

  • The Association of British Investigators
  • The Scottish Federation of Housing Associations
  • ICM

Why is Walker Love Calling Me?

Have you received a call from Walker Love Debt collectors? Are you anxious about not knowing the real reason behind that specific call? Or are you ignoring their calls for days now? Let’s see how to react to situations like this appropriately. Therefore, do not pressure yourself.

What is the real reason they are contacting you? Usually, receiving a call from Walker Love Debt collectors indicates an unpaid debt. They might call on behalf of a creditor you owe money to, such as a local council, business, or credit card company. However, they may also contact you for the following reasons:

1. Account Status Update – They might contact you to let you know how the debt is currently doing, including how much is still owed and any interest or fees that have been imposed.
2. Debt Verification – Debt collectors may call to give proof or documentation to verify the debt.
3. Legal Action Notice – Debt collectors may notify debtors of prospective legal measures that may be taken to recover the debt if the charge has been unpaid for a long time.
4. Collecting Information – To ensure they are dealing with the correct person, they could call to get updated contact information or check the debtor’s identification.

How to Confirm a Debt Collection Request from Walker Love

When dealing with debt collectors, this section is crucial. Continue reading with care. Before making any payments, ensure the debt collection request is legitimate. Well, how can we obtain the legitimation? 

The first step you can take is to ask for written confirmation detailing your debt. This document should include information like

  • The original creditor
  • The amount owed
  • Additional charges  

It’s crucial to cross-verify this with your records. 

Reminder: Never reveal any financial or personal information over the phone before confirming the debt’s validity. 

It would be best to get a formal “validation notice” from the debt collector detailing the above mentioned information, mentioning your legal rights. Once you receive this notice, thoroughly analyse it to ensure it corresponds with your records for future safety.

During this process, if you encounter errors, you can always dispute them and ask for correct information according to legal perspectives. Always be cautious and proactive when dealing with debt collection requests. 

Council Tax Collection by Walker Love

One of the common debts Walker Love Debt collectors handle is council tax debts. On this occasion, They have simple and understandable procedures to deal with your council tax debts. Let’s take a look.

1. First, the council will formally remind you to settle your overdue bills.
2. Then, you will be given seven days to repay the bills or have a chance to arrange a proper plan to pay off the debt in instalments.
3. Thirdly, they send a final official reminder that you have been given another 14 days to settle. But you should pay the full amount.
4. After all the council’s actions, they will apply for a summary warrant or court order from the Sheriff’s Court to force you to settle the debt.
5. If you fail to act and pay according to the given deadlines and court order, Walker Love’s services will involve recovering the debt as requested by your local council.
6. At last, you have to pay an additional 10% penalty as a charge for your summary warrant.

In brief, this is the way they take action in the whole process of recovering the council tax bills from debtors.

Business Rates Collection by Walker Love

Another area Walker Love specialises in is the collection of business rates. If a business fails to pay its business rates, Walker Love may instruct to collect the outstanding amount according to a summary warrant from the Sheriff’s Court. So business owners should act promptly to avoid additional charges or legal action. 

Otherwise, you will be bankrupt if you owe more than £3,000  and continue ignoring the payments. Do not make worse scenarios yourself; always try to make better decisions.

Is the Debt Too Old?

Understandably, you might question if the debt is too old to collect. This is something we should discuss deeply to get secured financial stability. In any case, understand thoroughly the real situation of your debt-related issues and the background of your creditors as the first step. 

Going through this process, you will discover some terms called ‘statute barred’. What exactly does that mean? If the debt expires after a certain time, under the Limitations Act, the debt cannot be collected any more. 

Indeed,  the ‘Limitation Act 1980‘ specifies that a creditor has six years to take action on an outstanding debt in the UK. Yet, unfortunately, it will appear on your credit report or up to six years after the default date.

The period considered for collecting debt is from either the date:

  • On which a previous payment (if any) was made
  • Your last written contract
  • An order was issued for payment

However, the debt isn’t automatically written off after this period, and it’s best to seek legal advice for a clear understanding.

Understanding the Requirements for a Debt to be Statute Barred

Understanding the Requirements for a Debt to be Statute Barred
If a debt may become ‘statute barred’, then a creditor no longer has legal recourse to collect it. For an obligation to become statute-barred, no payments or written acknowledgement of the debt in the last six years should have been made. 

In fact, there are particular requirements for the five- or six-year period for those mentioned earlier to apply.

The statute of limitations on debt collection are:

  • The debtor has not acknowledged the debt
  • No decrees exit for the outstanding amount
  • The creditor hasn’t yet contacted the debtor

Also, remember that different types of debts may have another statute of limitations period. 

What Can the Walker Love Do For Me?

Walker Love, debt recovery specialists, have been mainly focused  on debt recovery services with their expertise to a range of businesses,

  • Financial services institutions
  • Utility companies
  • Professional services firms
  • Public sector bodies
  • Government agencies

Are they only targets for debt recovery from their business strategies?

Walker Love offers more than just debt collection. In brief,

1. Comprehensive citation and diligence services
2. Revenue Collection & Enforcement
3. Summary warrant collection & enforcement
4. fast track bankruptcy and liquidation services
5. Address & Employment tracing
6. Mortgage counselling
7. Accident & insurance investigations
8. Insurance claim validation enquiries
9. Fraud investigations, including the recovery of property
10. Pre-sue enquiries

They abide by the FCA rules, ensuring all vulnerable clients are treated fairly. Everyone’s circumstances are unique, and WalkerLove’s approach respects this reality.

Case study: Walker Love customer

Let’s take a fictional example of a Walker Love Debt customer. Jane, a single mother of two, lost her job and couldn’t keep up with her council tax payments. When she received a collection letter from Walker Love, she immediately contacted them and explained her situation. Walker Love’s professional team helped her devise a manageable repayment plan, thus avoiding further legal action.

How WalkerLove Supports Individuals in Debt Who Are at Risk

How WalkerLove Supports Individuals in Debt Who Are at Risk
Walker Love recognises that individuals struggling with debt are vulnerable. Thus, they offer support by identifying risk factors and providing solutions to mitigate further risks. They follow the FCA rules, which stipulate fair treatment of all vulnerable clients.

Wait, then, who is a vulnerable client? Well, ‘A person who is more susceptible to detriment from a firm that does not act with appropriate care’ according to the FCA rules. 

Let’s delve into what support you can achieve with their guidance.

  • You can Enter into a debt management plan with your creditor 
  • They Create a debt arrangement scheme whilst protecting your assets.
  • You can enter a trust deed as a formal arrangement with an insolvency practitioner.
  • You can apply to the Accountant in Bankruptcy to make yourself bankrupt.

Payment Arrangements

Payment Arrangements should become a more concerning term when you go through your debt recovery journey if you want to avoid ending up in any legal action.

Therefore, one way to avoid legal action is by negotiating a payment arrangement with Walker Love Debt collectors. This arrangement allows debt repayment in monthly or weekly instalments, giving you time to recover financially.

Their qualified debt collectors will provide you with an early assessment of your debt situation and suggest the most effective strategy to repay the debts you owe.

What Happens If I Am Unable to Pay?

If you cannot pay your debt, there’s no need to panic. Walker Love is here to guide you through the process. But first, what does it mean if you can’t pay? Well, let’s break it down.

The Initial Stage: Unsettling News

Receiving a collection letter from Walker Love can seem unsettling. But let’s understand the primary goal of sending a collection letter first. This typically indicates you have an unpaid debt. The consequences can be severe if you ignore these communications. 

Also, Understanding your options and rights when dealing with debt collectors is crucial for safeguarding yourself and ensuring fair treatment. So, what should you do next?

Take Action: A Must-Do

Acting promptly is the best course of action. Failure to address your debt issues could lead to further legal complications. You can contact a consumer protection lawyer who focuses on debt collection tactics if you are overwhelmed or need clarification on your rights and the situation.

The Consequences: Far-reaching Implications

As I have said, this section will surprise you. So, if you hope to avoid repayments repeatedly. If you can’t pay your debt, Walker Love has the authority to take enforcement action to collect the outstanding money. Consequences can include:

  • Earnings Arrestment: Walker Love may approach your employer to deduct a portion of your income directly to settle your debt. Additionally, costs that are included in these deductions will be your responsibility.
  • Bank Arrestment: Walker Love can freeze your bank account until the debt is paid. It doesn’t sound too good. This arrest will remain until you can take the total amount for your outstanding debt.
  • Sequestration/Bankruptcy: This is the last resort for debt recovery. It can lead to the liquidation of your assets to settle the debt. In this case, the debt you owe should be more than £3,000. The main negative consequences will affect your credit history and Employment while increasing the risk of losing your belongings and assistance in the future.
  • Attachment Orders: This indicates the ability of the Sheriff Officers from Walker Love to seize property in your household. Before taking any relevant actions, the creditor should prove they take all reasonable steps to contact you and make payments professionally. After that, the court order will mention only seizing the goods inside your home.
  • Inhibition: This court order will be issued to prevent selling major assets such as your house, business premises, or property. First, you should pay your outstanding debt if you want to sell one of those assets.

It Sounds Scary, Doesn’t It?

The thought of bank arrestment or sequestration can be scary. But remember, there’s always a way out. It is crucial to treat debt issues seriously and look into relief from debt solutions if you find yourself in this scenario so that legal action is avoided.

Debt Management Plan: A Helping Hand

A Debt Management Plan (DMP) is an informal agreement between you and your creditors facilitated by Walker Love. It’s a beneficial way to manage your debt by paying a fixed amount monthly based on what you can afford. Here’s how a Debt Management Plan typically works:

1. Firstly, the debt management company will assess your financial situation and review your details to get a better understanding.
2. Then, the debt advisor will help you to create a budget based on your income and essential living expenses.
3. Thirdly, they will contact your creditors to propose the DMP to negotiate options like freezing interest and charges if possible etc.
4. Finally, after your creditor’s approval, you can make repayments monthly, which will be distributed to your creditors based on the agreed-upon amounts.

How WalkerLove Supports Individuals in Debt who are at Risk

Debt Relief Order: A Life Jacket

A Debt Relief Order (DRO) might be an option or a solution to deal with personal debts you cannot pay. Walker Love can guide you on whether a DRO is a viable solution. But remember, A DRO will stay on your credit report for six years from the date it was approved, which you should think twice.

This eligibility should be fulfilled if you still wish to apply for DRO. 

1. Owe less than £30,000 in total
2. Owe savings or valuable items worth less than £2,000 in total
3. Own a vehicle worth less than £2,000 
4. Do not have enough money left at the end of the month to make your debt repayments
5. Have lived or worked in England and Wales in the last three years
6. Are not currently bankrupt, have an interim order or an Individual Voluntary Arrangement
7. Have not had a DRO in the previous six years

What If I Can’t Manage to Make Payments?

It’s not the end of the road if you cannot make payments. Many additional pathways will wait for you to support you.

What does that mean? Various debt advice services, including charities like StepChange, National Debtline, and Citizens Advice, are available. These organisations can provide valuable guidance and help negotiate a revised payment plan with Walker Love.

Summing up this section, I will briefly describe the above charities to familiarise yourself with them in the future.

1. OStepChange -UK’s leading debt charity that provides free debt, the advice and support you need to achieve long-term financial control by meeting our advisers or using online debt advice tools.
  • Free debt help & advice
  • Breathing Space
  • Individual voluntary arrangement (IVA)
  • Debt relief order (DRO)
  • Bankruptcy Advice
2. National Debtline –  The debt advice charity run by the Money Advice Trust has provided free and confidential advice services for people in England for over 30 years.
3. Citizens Advice – A national charity consisting of a network of local charities who provide advice on consumer rights on our consumer helpline and support witnesses in courts through the Witness Service.

How Can I Lodge a Report or Complaint?

You can contact them directly with concerns or complaints about Walker Love Debt collectors. If you are dissatisfied with the resolution of your complaint, you may also contact the CSA, FCA, or SMASO (The Society of Messengers-at-Arms and Sheriff Officers).

Address: Walker Love, c/o Complaints Manager, 16 Royal Exchange, Glasgow, G1 3AB
Website: walkerlove.com
Telephone: 0141 212 6120

08:30 – 17:00 Monday to Friday

SMS: 07984 435859

08:30 – 16:30 Monday to Friday

Email: complaints@walkerlove.com

Other Debt Collectors

Remember, WalkerLove is just one of hundreds of debt collectors in the UK. Therefore, check your credit report, email, post, court records, and bank statements for other outstanding debts. Other debt collectors can follow you in the UK in the coming days. But If you act wisely, you can overcome these problems easily. So, do not panic at all.
Other Debt Collectors

Getting debt help and advice

Finally, seeking advice when dealing with Walker Love Debt can make the experience less stressful. Reach out to the mentioned charities or engage a professional debt advisor to understand your options better. With the right support, you can navigate the path to becoming debt-free.

Key Points

  • Walker Love is a leading debt collection agency in the UK, providing services for collecting various debts, including council taxes and business rates. Therefore, Walker Love debt collectors will likely contact you if you have any outstanding debts.
  • Upon receiving a call or letter from WalkerLove, don’t panic or ignore it. Instead, confirm the legitimacy of the debt collection request by asking for written confirmation detailing your debt. This will include the original creditor, the amount owed, and any associated fees.
  • Walker Love specialises in collecting council tax debts and business rates. If these debts are not paid in time, WalkerLove may be contacted to collect the outstanding amounts. At this point, acting promptly in these situations can help avoid additional charges or legal action.
  • The ‘Limitation Act 1980’ in the UK stipulates that a creditor has six years to take action on an outstanding debt. So, if you think your debt might be too old, check if it’s statute barred, as this means it’s no longer collectable. However, it can still affect your credit profile.
  • Besides debt collection, Walker Love provides support and advice for individuals struggling with debt, ensuring all vulnerable clients are treated fairly. In a case study, Walker Love helped a customer devise a manageable repayment plan to avoid further legal action.
  • WalkerLove can help negotiate a payment arrangement for debt repayment in instalments.  At this time, if you cannot make these payments, other avenues of support are available, including charities like StepChange, National Debtline, and Citizens Advice.
  • If you fail to address your debt issues with Walker Love, they can take enforcement action, including earnings arrestment, bank arrestment, or even sequestration/ bankruptcy. Without a doubt, this is why seeking advice and paying attention to debt is crucial.
  • Walker Love can guide you through various debt solutions, like a Debt Management Plan or a Debt Relief Order, depending on your financial situation. They can also assist with negotiating revised payment plans if you cannot make payments.
  • If you have concerns or complaints about Walker Love Debt collectors, you can lodge a report directly with them or escalate your concerns through the CSA, FCA, or SMASO if the outcome is unsatisfactory.
  • Remember that there are hundreds of other debt collectors in the UK besides WalkerLove. Therefore, regularly check your credit report, email, post, court records, and bank statements to keep track of any other outstanding debts.
  • Seek professional debt advice when dealing with Walker Love to make the experience less stressful. With the right support and approach, it’s possible to navigate the path to becoming debt-free.
  • WalkerLove is a legitimate and regulated entity in the UK for debt collection. As I have shown, they provide multiple ways to settle your debt, including an online payment portal for convenience.


Do I Have to Pay Walker Love?

Yes, you are legally obliged to pay your debts. Therefore, if you fail to pay Walker Love, they can take legal action against you. This could lead to a court judgement ordering you to pay the outstanding money. However, certain property types and funds may be protected from creditors. It’s best to seek professional advice if you need clarification on this.

Is Walker Love Legit?

Absolutely. WalkerLove is a legitimate debt collection agency. The full company name is Walker Lovell  Limited, registered under the company number 08162638. Moreover, they are authorised and regulated by the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) to collect debts. This makes them a trustworthy entity in the realm of debt collection.

What Can Walker Love Do?

Walker Love has the right to enter any buildings outside of your home. This includes outbuildings, garages, or business premises, even if locked. However, they do not have the right to enter your home to seize any items without an Exceptional Attachment Order.

Can I Pay Walker Love Online?

Yes, one of the easiest ways to pay your debt is via the online payment portal provided by WalkerLove. Also, this service is fast, secure and accepts most debit cards. It’s a convenient way for you to manage and settle your debt.

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